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  1. hi everybody; A friend of mine told me something about "power yoga" and I became interested in it, but I dont know how to incorporate in my working routine. How should I start? Is there any exercise for beginners? Thanks!
  2. Yes, I am looking for strength and muscle gains. I was told during this time I also would gain some fat, because it is kind of impossible to gain only muscle mass. In fact, I have some belly fat, because I used to be really overweight in the past... So, my goal is to get big now and then in the future lose some fat. I drink around 3-4 liters of water each day and since I started to take some creatine I dont drink alcohol at all.
  3. Hello guys; I have been looking for growing some muscles; but I am not still sure if I am eating in the right way. I eat a lot of brown rice and beans and chickpeas, lentils, TVP and peas are quite affordable; I also add some carrots, onions, sweet potatos and vegetables to my meals. Besides breakfast and 3 main meals during the day, whenever I feel hungry I eat bananas, melons, peanuts, soy milk with oats and whole wheat bread. I work out five times a week for the last 6 months, and recently I started to take soy protein powder (27gm of protein a day), creatine and bcaa. I gained some weight (about 1.5kg) so I think everything is going well =] So guys, what do you think? Suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Oi =D Yes, I am from São Paulo, but now I am living in Londrina, Paraná. What about you? I think we are the only brazilians here. quote="dresende"] YAYAYAY Another Brazilian in the VBB!!!!
  5. hello guys; I really like Pain of Salvation, prog metal from Sweden. Lately I have been listening to Death, Machine Head... I also like some Japanese bands such as X Japan (I have been to one of their concerts in São Paulo, amazing!) and Envy. I also enjoy Alcest, Agalloch, Woods of Ypres...nice stuff, but too melancholic to listen while working out haha
  6. I really like Asian food, in my city there are some really good vegetarian Asian restaurants. =D About Indian food, I just know curry =( I have a lot of Asian and Indian friends, I learned to cook from them.
  7. I dont know this Indian recipe but it seems to be almost the same; wholegrain rice is not that popular. I found this beans recipe too http://authenticbraziliancuisine.blogspot.com.br/2010/02/rice-and-beans-of-brazilian-food.html Of course we are not going to put bacon in it So, beans have a lot of proteins; try them with rice.. it s delicious
  8. Welcome! I like your reason for starting hitting the gym. I felt the same, in a way that I want to have a body that is strong enough to do whatever I want. Years ago I met some girls from Norway, I remember some pictures that they showed us, beautiful country, man.
  9. Hi, Here, we usually cook long grain rice in a very different way compared to the sushi way, which rice seems to be a different kind, the grain is shorter, it wouldn´t be good with beans, haha. If you find long grain rice you can try this recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/brazilian-white-rice/ If you can get me to like a type of rice that isn't sushi rice then I will be in your debt
  10. Hello; Beans are really good, if you like rice you should try to eat it mixed with beans, it is really delicious. Here in Brazil we eat it everyday, I can send you a recipe, if you want to try!
  11. Hi everybody; http://www.onearabvegan.com/ - arabic vegan food!
  12. really? they still living here? Londrina is a nice city, but it is too hot, like +35c or even more, and in winter it is around +10c (quite cold for us, for you, Im sure, it is not that cold haha)
  13. Hi there! Welcome, hope you learn a lot here =] Lentils are delicious!
  14. Hola; I am from São Paulo, but now living in Londrina, 6 hours by car from Iguassu Falls (Paraguayan & Argentinian borders). I have never been to Pelotas, actually you´re near Pelotas than I am haha A friend of mine lived one month in Montevideo, she said it is a beautiful city =]
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