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  1. Congrats Simi! Impressive progress!!
  2. Sharing my favorite raw recipe... Enjoy! http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/good-eats/fresh-broccoli-salad-recipe/index.html
  3. Thanks for your support guys. Hope you're having a wonderful christmas too!
  4. Thanks for your advice, I'm gonna think about it. I loved how intense it was but I will need to re-organize my schedule if I join... I can't believe how sore I still am 2 days later!
  5. Today I tried crossfit for the first time and I loved it. I'd like to start doing it regularly but I've heard that it is dangerous... Is that true? Should I keep my gym routine if I start with crossfit? thanks!
  6. Thanks!! I've had a torn ligament last summer and now I'm worried about getting injured again... I'm going to try it. Can I use glucosamine sulfate/msm instead of hcl?
  7. I've never taken supplements before so I have no idea.. Is there anything good to strengthen ligaments?
  8. Really?? Let me introduce you... SOAD
  9. Thanks Robert! This forum is full of useful information and nice people, I'm def enjoying it!
  10. They aren't heavy metal but I love System of a Down and Deftones. Anyone like them?
  11. Beautiful, thanks for share it! Here is a man pole dancing just in case anyone is interested
  12. Thanks for your welcome Dylan!! Yes, it's great to see how pole dance is growing these years. It's starting to gain respect but still has a long road ahead... Usually the strippers are just exotic dancers not pole dancers, completely different.. I wasn't a go-go dancer or stripper improving my skills when I started. I've never been interested in dance before. I found it because I was looking for a new intense workout. One day I watched a video of Felix Cane (world champion) and then I knew that I wanted to do pole. It's a dance (not necessarily sexy) with acrobatics, aerial tricks, handstands... that requires a lot of strength and flexibility. There are male pole dancers too. It's an amazing workout that I'd recommend to everybody!
  13. Hello! Thanks for the welcome msg!
  14. I'm sure I will! Thanks Mike!
  15. Hello everybody! It's my first post after reading the forum for a few days. I'm a 27year old female currently living in Spain. I used to feel guilty eating animals so I became vegetarian 1 year ago. I've been pole dancing for about 4 years, and I started teaching recently. It's my true passion! I also go to the gym 5 days a week & Pilates 2 times/week. I'm really glad to be here, regards to all! And sorry, my english isn't so good..
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