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  1. Treadmill, 3 min jog, 17 min walk, 1.2 miles total Squats, 5 x 8 Leg Extensions, 5 x 8 Seated Leg Curl, 5 x 8 Ab Crunches, 2 x 50
  2. 5K on treadmill, 60 min. Bicep Curls, 5 x 8 Seated Row, 5 x 8 Lat Pull-down, 5 x 8
  3. Currently fighting off a really nasty sinus infection of some sort. I'm sure I caught it at the Spa Expo somehow. Also injured my wrist at work yesterday. If my congestion eases up a bit more tonight, I'll hit the gym then. I have until 22:00 (the gym closes at midnight). I also can go before my shift tomorrow. I can't wait to get back.
  4. Thank you so much. Thanks! I'm up north in West Milford now. When I joined last year, I lived in Roselle and went to school in Edison.
  5. Lots of walking in NYC: -From Port Authority to Jacob Javitz Center (.8 miles) -Throughout the Javitz Center while attending the Spa Expo (N/A) -From the Javitz Center to Port Authority (.8 miles) -Across the Willowbrook Mall parking lot. (.1 miles) Not exactly my ideal workout, but I'm still sore today (probably from walking with the added weight of booklets, samples, and products). I didn't hit the gym but I did get much needed sleep. I woke up feeling rested and ready to tackle the loads of chores that have to be done. I'm pushing to get to the gym today. I should also start organizing a more thorough workout schedule.
  6. I have thought of lifting, but honestly I'm stocky enough as it is right now. I'd rather lose some weight first and watch what I eat until I feel comfortable enough just lifting.
  7. That's too funny. Welcome back. I'm learning to try and laugh at the situation; it's just best to try and keep positive so what's better than a little humor? And thank you! I hear you on that one! That little axis of evil you just mentioned just buried me in excess weight. But I'm confident that this won't be the case forever.
  8. Goals - To reach a healthy weight and/or size - To keep learning to accept my body as it is in order to further appreciate and improve it - To increase flexibility and strength - To be able to do unassisted pull-ups - To run and/or bike a marathon (or be in the physical condition to) History Weight has been a struggle for me most my life. My lowest weight and size was 140 lbs in a size 8/10 at the age of 16. My average has been been about 170 at a size 14/16. Despite being a full figured girl, I've always tried to remain active. I'm fortunate to be the type of person who gains muscle easily, but unfortunate to be the type of personality that's easily discouraged. After nearly six months of returning to lacto-ovo vegetarianism, I returned to veganism on August 5th; I was tired of abusing my body again. I joined and began attending a gym on August 27th. In a month, I've lost 8 lbs. Beginning September 1st, I experienced health problems regarding my stomach. I'm currently on medication to heal my stomach lining and will have to undergo a number of tests in order to receive a definite diagnosis. Plan Overview - Definite Gym Days: 3 to 4 days a week - Home or Optional Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Cardio (minimum of 20 minutes, maximum of 60 minutes) - Weight Training - "At Home" Activities: Yoga, Dancing, Biking, Walk/Jog, Resistance Band, Hiking, etc. - Avoid fried foods, and foods with stimulants - Focus on eating fresh foods and drinking juices without additives - Keep hydrated My plan goes into effect officially on September 8 (today) and will remain so until Mid-Term Goals are obtained. Stats Weight & Size High for 2007: 230 lbs, Size 20/22 Weight & Size as of 09.08.07: 220 lbs, 18/20 STG: 200 lbs, Size 16/18 MTG: 170 lbs, Size 14/16 LTG: 130 lbs, Size 10/12 Let's do this.
  9. Thank you and thank you! How've you been? Thank you. Thanks so much! Thanks.
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