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  1. so, ive been having tons of trouble today replying on this forum, so this is an attempt to see if it will let me post a topic.

    robert was able to post under my name, but yet i cant. weird.

  2. Im back after months of being a slacker and internet avoider!

    I figured I'd reintroduce myself as I've been MIA since before thanksgiving! I ended up moving to right outside NYC and was without the internet for around five or six months, except for the occaisional kinkos fix.

    I'm back though, with a new motivation, and I've been working in a warehouse for months now, unloading trucks and the like, so Im hoping that with a better diet, and MORE work, I'll be a lot better off.


    Anyways, whats up guys?

  3. I don't have a lot of experience, but I would say focus on one thing. If your goal is to excel in MMA than focus entirely on that. Stretching, bodyweight exercises, sport specific workouts, tons of cardio, tons of live fighting.


    If our goal is to put on mass then do like potter said: eat and lift.


    Do you have any sort of trainer for fighting?

    Down here I do, but in a week when I move I wont.. Just my roommate and I working out together.. Sounds good though... Now all I need to do is figure out some good lifting routines.

  4. I like to take the route of total intensity. This means lift till you can't walk once day and lift till you can't move your arms the next and eat until you can't take another bite but take one anyway. Don't rest until you feel you can't do anything at all. This will slow immediate progress but once you taper and actually rest for a few days the muscle will all of a sudden seem to come from nowhere and great strength gains will follow. Resting is good for gaining muscle and strength but so is excessive fuel for the body. I trained like this for a long long time and it worked quite well for me when I was a shot putter. People really don't know what EATING is...they eat more than they normally do and think its bulking them up but you've gotta eat like you lift if you have trouble gaining muscle. If you lift until you are just a tiny bit sore you'll only make small gains...if you eat until your just a tiny bit full you'll get the same progress.

    Thank you bud... Definitely take that to heed when I get started...

    By the way, glad you got your account unhacked on myspace.. I'm so tired of those idiots..

  5. Alright guys, I hate to be a bother, but I just didnt really grab too much from previous posts...

    I'm trying to create a program for myself, in order to gain as much size as I can, but also strength, and still maintain flexibility and speed for fighting.



    This is what I looked like in April, and I've only served to lose since then. In April however I was doing MMA training about twice a week, plus workouts about 4 days a week, but was only a vegetarian..Ignore the shiny metal hooks, and the slight blood loss. The only pictures I have from that time are from a flesh suspension I did in april.



    I'll take some more of my frame as it is now in the next day or two.


    As the scale says now- I'm 123 lbs in only underarmor shorts, and I hit about 5'10 flat footed. I literally try and eat as much as I can, constantly but with work I can't eat on the sales floor. In two weeks, Im moving, and Ill be joining a gym a block over, and training daily with my roommates, but also doing bareknuckle training on a heavy bag.


    Any help for a completely clueless newbie?

  6. I'm sure this has come up before, so I really do apologize if that's the case.

    I've been on vegan essentials, peta, etc, and I'm sorely disappointed in the lack of vegan friendly shoes. I tend to wear alot of slip ons, as before I went vegan I had a wide selection of Nike Lo Dunks.

    Anybody know of any more aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable shoes?

  7. Just joined this morning, so I thought I'd do the obligatory self-introduction post.

    Guess I'll just rattle off some random facts.. Haha

    The name's Patrick, I've been eating a vegan diet for right around six months now. Used to train in kickboxing, but I lost alot of size after I changed my diet over. I'm 5'10", and stay right around 120 pounds on a good day, with my highest weight ever being about 127. Hmm... not sure what else to say, so feel free to ask, etc..

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