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  1. Magnus, you are a: Capitalist, Fascist, Imperialist, Hegemonic, Patricarchal.....pig
  2. Well, I think we all agree on two things: 1) Say anything awful you like about stripping and its impact, but I doubt anyone on here wants this to be regulated by the state with a law that outlaws stripping. 2) We all wish the world were a place where we could have pleasant occupations, but unfortunately we don't live in that world yet. Potter isn't delusional in thinking strippers are happy with their jobs, but he doesn't think the government should outlaw stripping. You can whine all you want about power and oppression, but you must either think people should be able to do what they choose, or you think the government should outlaw the activity. We all wish the world was a place where stipping didn't occur AND it wasn't outlawed - meaning that everyone lived such nice, comfortable lives that nobody wound up in a position where they even consider being a stripper. Further, just because someone like potter says strippers can do what they please in the current world doesn't disqualify this person from wanting positive societal change too. Women (and men) end up doing stripping because they weren't able to do the job they really wanted at that time. So why don't we just argue about how to fix that? Why don't we argue about something like the estate tax instead.
  3. Robert told me about this thread and I figured there would be a lot of arguing, but it seems like just about everyone here is in agreement. At the risk of being unpopular, I am not so sure that vegan is an adjective that someone is or is not. This is the opposite of what potter wrote at the beginning where he said that there is clear division between vegans and non vegans. "Vegan," as other have already stated on this thread, best describes an ideal of ethics and values, and people who call themselves "vegan" try much harder than others to live up to those values, but we all know that there there is ALWAYS something else we could be doing to be less hamful to other beings on this planet. Maybe non of us are vegan. Maybe we just try to be vegan. For example, can you call yourself a vegan if you burn fossil fuels? That is harmful to the planet and it's creatures, but almost all people who call themselves vegans drive cars. I guess my point is that it 1) don't be too judgemental of non-vegans because even vegans engage in activites that could be harmful 2) This principle is also why Vegans shouldn't be too judgemental with eachother about who is a better vegan.
  4. Yikes. Did you have a bad experience with the police at some point in time?
  5. My avatar says one thing and one thing only: "I am too lazy to properly resize my picture."
  6. I can't handle Potter calling me weird. I mean, couldn't it be Flanders or DV or Michelle that call me weird. I would even be able to deal with Zack or Odidnetne calling me weird. BUT POTTER!!!!!! Oh no. Too much irony. My head is going to explode.
  7. When a person or group is doing somethng that is not well supported by evidence, they will usually try to support their decision by trying to poke holes and find gaps in what another person does or beleives. They know their diet is unsupportable - or maybe they just haven't thought about it that much - so rather than arguing why their lifestyle is better, they resort to trying to find holes in your lifestyle. Noticed how biased this logic is. "I can find something the least bit unexplainable about what you are doing, so what I am doing must be right." When you find yourself not being quick witted, remember that they have given no argument or evidence of their own, and their burdon of proof should be just as much as yours. Their support for their lifestyle is simply the weeds that grows in the few gaps that you may still have in explaining your lifestyle. -- I read this argument recently and I thought it was really good.
  8. Just out of curiosity, what is the lineage of your Senseis back to O'sensei.
  9. Yeah. I don't have much to add. Kalozojo pretty much has it covered. What has struck me as so interesting about Aikido is that, depending on what is being studied on any given day, training session are so varied. A visitor to our dojo on one day might think Aikido is about spear fighting. A visitor on another day might think Aikido is about perfecting somersaults. But it all fits together in the sense that, among other things, Aikido is about educating the body.
  10. So I have a good bottle of red wine I received back in 2002 as a going away present when I was leaving my job at whole foods market. It's definately time to drink it this year. If I wait longer it could start to deteriorate. What are good vegan foods--BESIDES PASTA AND MARINARA SAUCE (which I don't like)--that goes well with red wine. To be honest, I don't know any. Seems like most Vegan food is made for white wine.
  11. Oh. Hi. How's it going.
  12. Do we know the exact dates of the official vacation? is the 26th going to be part of the standard vacation or is it going to be a bonus day.
  13. If anyone can get out here by the evening of July 26th (which I guess would be a day or two early) we can go to "last thurday." It's a big monthly community event thing in Robert and my neighborhood. Just trust me. It's cool and you should think about making it. Basically thousands of hippies out all evening on the street doing crazy things and selling weird stuff.
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