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  1. I am studying to be a personal trainer through NASM. I love fitness and have always been into all that, but I am BRAND new to the training world! I'm not yet certified, but I think I"m a little worried because I'm so new to it all! Oh, some things: I'm female and haven't eaten any animal-anything for 2 weeks. So, I'm new to THIS too! I know that trainers aren't only people who have always been into it, but do you have any advice for a newbie like me?? I'm looking for suggestions and advice from people who know what they're talking about, so maybe you're a trainer yourself. I'm sort of rambling, oy, but I guess I don't really know what I'm asking for! Ah! This is only the 2nd thing I've put on here. I'd love to start chatting with someone who would like to be a mentor of sorts. Thanks so much for reading my craziness!!!! K:)
  2. Hello, I am so glad you all are out there! Whew! I am about to become a personal trainer and I don't eat any animal anything. This is new for me too- it's been pretty easy though. So many people, especially in America, don't really think about what they're eating because they're so hurried and everything is so mass produced, how can they? I love that there is information out there on eating well AND true fitness. I know I will have clients who question my choices about no-animals, not that it worries me, but I'm glad I can direct them to sites like this. Anyway, I'm new and I'm excited about learning about new lifestyles. Thanks so much, Kelly
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