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  1. Nonipwr - that would be so great! I would love to meet other vegan competitors out here. I have only just recently met *A* competitor at all out here.
  2. Wow Arvid, you must be a real warrior! I cannot imagine a low intake of carbohydrates, hee hee. That must take so much dedication. But, I can agree, I have the same experience with cardio... Too much cardio definitely makes your muscles deflated. I am following you on facebook. I am curious, you live in Germany Arvid? or USA? Half my family is German! But I am Finnish, and live in USA.
  3. Too soon to tell so far, but I had a flat stomach to begin with I have never leaned out using fruits and vegetables only. I have always had a low fat intake (not abnormally). Even when I am putting on muscle mass, I have no issues with a non-flat stomach. As part of leaning out, obviously, my abdominals will come out now that I am in season for my competition in 3 months. Arvid - Thank you for your interest! My calorie intake is high in accordance with my amount of activity. I am averaging around 1600-1900 now, as I am no longer trying to put on mass (hopefully enough for this competition!). I am also a dancer, so aside from my weight training, I have hours of dance a day, which definitely uses up the fuel! Everyone is extremely different, so you really have to play around with what works for you. It took me a long time!
  4. I do not find the diet to be harder without fruit. As long as calorie intake is sufficient, I never have any issues with 1-2 servings per day of fruit. Meals look like: 1) brown rice, veggies, raw vegan protein 2) raw vegan protein bar, veggies 3) soy milk, banana 4) wrap with rice, veggies, hummus, raw vegan protein 5) green juice 6) raw vegan protein, large salad and/or vegetable soup with beans and/or rice
  5. Very thankful for everyone interested in my progress! It is a huge compliment and motivation. Since I am "in season now" (and bulked as much as I could!) I am making some changes to my diet now. I have hired a trainer to aid me in being accountable and to give me a second opinion in my progress. Very excited to work with her since she also competed as a raw vegan. I am reducing my fruit intake to two servings per day, as well as reducing my overall fat intake. I also adjusted my macronurients to be closer to what I need them to be. My water intake is very high (over 64oz). I have added some supplements: spirulina, vitamineral earth, vitamin D, and chlorophyll. I am still eating approx. 80-90% raw. Very excited to post progress pictures with my new additions in about two weeks.
  6. Is there a main one on FB that everyone uses?
  7. Adding some nut butter, beans, grains, and sunwarrior raw vegan protein into my diet for the next two weeks. As a raw vegan, my recovery time per muscle group is faster than usual (1 day). Testing to see if the same results are achievable with a larger percentage of my calories coming from protein, though still 80% raw. So far so good. Today’s meals so far: 1) sunwarrior raw vegan protein, rice, beans, corn, onions, almond milk 2) vegan tortilla, mixed vegetables, marinara, peanut butter, cocoa powder, honey 3) vegetable juice, hummus, vegetables, sunwarrior raw vegan protein Today is my heavy shoulder day with 30 minutes of cardio. You can follow my blog if you are interested in seeing my frequent updates. http://porcelain-warrior.tumblr.com
  8. No problem, I love to help answer questions. I find fruit very satisfying. If I am eating completely raw, I am eating around 2500 calories, sometimes more. I expect to be eating far more than that in the last month of my competition. If you are not eating enough, then it is quite possible you are unsatisfied because of that. If you need some reference material, this is what I am following: http://www.everydiet.org/diet/80-10-10-diet Your menstrual cycle will not change if you are eating a sufficient amount of calories. No macronutrients have any bearing on your menstrual cycle. If you are not eating enough, it will stop and you will be damaging your reproductive health. I think most women grossly underestimate the amount of calories they should be eating.
  9. I have no problems with dried fruits, but then it comes down to: are there preservatives in them, is there added sugar? If there is, I wouldn't eat them. I haven't eaten any in years though, I prefer fresh fruit. I don't really eat nuts, occasionally I will have peanut butter but it isn't an every day thing for sure. I was replying to the poster above me when I was talking about peppers (he was saying they are expensive) - I eat them every day They are great!
  10. Steering clear of red peppers......... hahaha. If I can't buy organic, I buy frozen - the next best option. I'm quite happy to be able to buy shredded onions, peppers, etc. for 4 lbs/$5 from Safeway. Unfortunately, no markets out here in DC. But back in Vancouver, it's a lot cheaper to be Vegan. So far my groceries are literally about $40 a week - a $70 difference from when I eat dairy or meat products, with lots of starches and fats as well. No complaints here! I feel way better. I haven't gone completely raw vegan yet, as I do like to have a cooked lunch. I juice a LOT of my food. I also love Odwalla, that makes organic, not-from-concentrate juices. Some of them have added sugar (natural sources), so I steer clear of that. The Super Green and Mango Tango are awesome. You can pretty much find them anywhere, if you're on the go. They have them at Starbucks too (which are everywhere)! My meals are looking something like this - morning - as many fruits as I want up til lunch time - usually 3 bananas, couple apples, some in season fruits, some fruit juice (mango) lunch - huge salad for lunch (spinach, lots of different fruits and vegetables) snacks - lots of vegetables and fruits toward dinner dinner - big salad or spaghetti squash with marinara sauce and raw vegan rice protein powder as needed (usually after workout) - may drop the protein powder soon as it isn't really needed I find with the mass amount of vegetables and fruit I eat, my protein intake gets surprisingly up there! I have a HUGE amount of energy, which is making my workouts kick ass. Jump squats have never been easier, haha. I should mention I eat low-fat vegan as well; I don't really eat nuts at all, except the occasional treat. I do eat hummus most days to get some in, but I find that through all the bananas and avocados I eat, I get a decent amount. My strength routines are high intensity 3 days a week and lower intensity 2 days a week. I don't do standard cardiovascular exercise, as I am a dancer - so about 30-40 minutes varied intensity 5x a week. I should also mention - I had some cystic hives left over on my neck/jaw from when I accidently ate some dairy. They have completely healed up since I started eating 80% raw - when they usually take weeks if not months on an omnivore diet.
  11. I am totally surprised you said that, haha, I found that eating meat and dairy was so much more expensive! One thing that is awesome is when you go out to eat, is that your bill is going to be significantly smaller than a non-vegan, at least! I have been a vegan my whole life, except the last two years (on and off, biggest mistake ever). I am definitely going to do a price comparison now and I'll report back my findings too.
  12. Thank you and to everyone else for their interest and support. I think it was the best way I ever ate, to be honest. I think the best part was the complete lack of deprivation. I could eat when I was hungry; I could eat until I was full. I was the leanest I had ever been (though not as lean as I can be, due to too much cardio!) and I had the most energy I ever had. The added pluses were the fact that my skin was fantastic and all allergies I had ceased - really quite a huge plus for me because I get cystic hives from pretty much everything not vegan and organic. It kind of makes me wonder why I ever stopped! I know for a fact I did not eat enough, so with all the knowledge I have gained in the last while, I am really excited to see what will yield from it. I would definitely try it out!
  13. I am wondering if anyone knows off hand if there are any certifications for vegan nutrition for athletes out there? I am a dietitian and looking to get some certificates so that I can master my area of vegan competing. Specifically, an online and reputable certificate would be best. Please let me know! Thank you.
  14. I don't really know what else to call the thread. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mekga8jsAm1rdqkmyo1_r4_500.jpg This is kind of my starting point. I will be experimenting with several competition diets in order to see what really makes me feel best up to my competition date, the first one being April 13th. I will be experimenting with high protein intake vegan, raw vegan, and low-fat raw vegan nutrition. I have had very little success with a regular competitor diet and my skin and energy quality has suffered greatly because of it. I am 5'6" and my intake is around 1800-2000. I am actively building muscle until January, when I will start my "in-season" training. I change my training up every four weeks, always including a combination of heavy lifting with lighter training that focuses on flexibility so that I am hitting all my muscle fibers. I have had a lot of success in the past as a low-fat raw vegan, so I am heavily considering moving back into that to compete. I previously didn't think it was possible at all until I found Erin Moubray. I am wondering if there is any other people in the DC area OR Vancouver, BC that compete in bodybuilding, fitness modelling, etc? Is there is anyone going to the OCB Baltimore show (April 13) or the WBFF Vancouver (June 13)? I am definitely looking to meet people of similar interest - it is very hard around here in DC, I find! Back home in Vancouver, though, I feel like all the WBFF competitors that are vegan live there!
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