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  1. I got the book "The Thrive Diet", the newer edition, and it is AWESOME. I am so happy to read a book by a vegan that doesn't emphasize grains as the base of the food pyramid!
  2. I actually need to watch EVERYTHING, especially carbs! I'm working on it though =)
  3. I'm terrible at frying anything, it never comes out right. But this picture makes me want to give frying another chance.
  4. I saw it on an Earth Crisis DVD, one of the guys was eating it. It looked too much like snot for me to go that route.
  5. I already told you Happy Birthday today but I'm saying it again! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  6. I'm a fan of the elliptical as well. I can burn more calories on that bad boy in less time than the treadmill or recum. bike. I do like jump rope too although I am so damn clumsy that I can't get through too many rotations before getting tangled =)
  7. HOLY CRAP. It's everything I never knew I needed to know! Thanks!!!!
  8. I actually enjoy having a personal trainer but mostly because she and I gossip the entire time while working out and she never let's me quit. My sessions are coming to an end this October and although I have seen results I will not continue to see her. I think I needed it in the beginning because I had no idea how hard to even push myself. I wasn't even sure what I was capable of doing! I had been out of the gym and away from exercise for so long that I really needed that extra bit of motivation from an outside party. Now that I am feeling better, have lost my fear of being in the gym *alone* and know how to do most of the exercises properly I don't feel like I need to pay for help anymore =) I did have a pleasant experience and my trainer has helped me but in the end she has been like training wheels and I'm ready to ride the bike on my own!
  9. I have the opportunity to travel to Sweden this winter to freeze my ass off during X-mas vacation. My friend just moved there and so a free place to stay has motivated me to look into this whole idea. She tells me they eat strange things like Zebra. Anyone travel to Sweden and have any tales of awesome vegan food? Any suggestions on things to see or do there? I do not drink so bars and the like are out of the question. However, I love to people watch, don't speak a lick of Swedish and am willing to meander around! Suggestions and stories of your visits are welcome!!
  10. Seitan is pretty much the bomb if it's made right. If it is pre-made (like the kind you ate out of the package) then you can really just slice it up and add it to stir frys and things of that nature. Usually it is pre-seasoned so you can know what kind of food it will be good in by paying attention to what seasonings are already in it. For example, if it is listed as "Asian Spiced" I highly doubt it would be good in marinara sauce! When I was in Philly staying at a friends house this summer I had the pleasure of eating homemade Seitan BBQ "Ribs". My friend, Goldie, made the seitan herself, cut it into strips and then we cooked the crap out of it on her BBQ while smothering it in BBQ sauce. I know, REAL healthy, but I was on vacation and a guest in her home so I ate it....without much force =) I suck at BBQing anything (and somehow I was elected to do the BBQing) so some of them were burned and we all agreed the burned ones were best!!!
  11. I can TOTALLY relate to how you feel. I don't struggle with the vegan part of my diet but I DO struggle with the cravings for the not so good foods like white bread, white sugar, all kinds of cakes and other crap that is so good tasting but so not good for me. These foods, even when vegan, can lead to weight gain and other nasty stuff that I now have to face and deal with. I don't have a simple answer since I am on the same path as you but I do recommend that you read the book called Breaking the Food Seduction by Dr. Neal Bernard. I LOVE Dr. Bernard and I find his books to be very informative and easy to understand. Check it out! It might just have some tips and ideas to help you break free from your cravings and make your transition to a vegan diet that much easier! I know the info I have gleaned from his books have helped me move in the right direction. http://www.amazon.com/Breaking-Food-Seduction-Cravings-Naturally/dp/B000GFR9TO/ref=pd_bbs_3/105-5091892-1359605?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1189880448&sr=8-3
  12. So, I was browsing this hippy little bookstore next to Real Food Daily in Santa Monica while waiting for a table to eat dinner with my brother when I came upon this book: Incredibly Delicious- Recipes for a New Paradigm by Gentle World ISBN 0-929274-25-3. I'm a HUGE sucker for little bookstores and I ALWAYS buy something when I go in them so this book had to come home with me. Well, thank god for my unhealthy obsession with books because I LOVE this book! It's a cookbook, all vegan, and has a really decent raw vegan section also. It has some great colored pictures of the prepared food and I find 95% of the recipes to be very simple to prepare without a ton of strange ingredients. Not that I'm dissing strange ingredients but sometimes I want to make a meal that doesn't require shopping trips to 3 different markets to gather the goods, you know? The appetizer section is my favorite so far but I am hoping to try some of the desserts this week! This book also has tons of rad quotes on veganism on every other page, info on feeding your pets a veggie diet, lists of animal products and other info that a new (or seasoned) vegan will enjoy. Hope you can find it, it's a good one!!!
  13. Thanks BRAHHHH!! Don't you wish you still lived in the O.C. so you could say "brah" all the time? Don't lie, I know you do! But seriously, thanks Randall for pushing me in this direction. I'll have you to thank when I'm "Ripped for Summer".
  14. I know all about the busy schedule concept! I go to school full time and I'm a single mom. Keeping up with the kid, doing homework and finding time for friends, the gym and other crap can be hectic. I guess we all find ways to make the things we want to do priorities in our lives. At least that is where I am at in all of this =)
  15. Welcome! I am new to this board also but not new to veganism =) Hope you stay motivated and don't miss too many days of exercise. Being "mad" is no fun! (Ich lerne Deutsch!)
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