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  1. You can buy tickets at the door but you'll save five bucks a ticket buying them in advance!
  2. Thanks for pointing out the website problem! yikes! you know you can always buy tickets at Herbivore. -David
  3. Thanks Robert for passing out cards...i realized i needed to work on my workshops thursday night. I wanted to meet you there.
  4. http://theppk.com/blog/2008/05/29/portland-let-live-conference-benefit-dinner-wed-6-18/
  5. Mentor a new Vegan in solidarity with us. On June 7th to the 14th the Portland Oregon vegan community will be putting on the single largest vegan outreach event ever organized by a single community. The idea is to make hundreds of new vegans! TVW is the best time to experiment with and/or commit to a vegan lifestyle, and a perfect time to mentor friends and family. For one week, the Portland vegan community will be working together to support others in their transition to Veganism. Can’t be in Portland for the madness? While do the animals and the planet a favor and mentor a pre-vegan in solidarity with us. Spend the week eating out, cooking and shopping with your new vegan best friend! Help us make Try Vegan Week an annual event to remember! www.tryveganpdx.com
  6. Three important Try Vegan Week announcements! If you are not familiar with Try Vegan Week PDX, check out our website: www.tryveganpdx.com Pre-Try Vegan week mentor training and potluck! Saturday May 31, 1-3 pm @ People’s Co-Op community room ( SE 21st, one block north of Powell Blvd.) Try Vegan Week starts on June 7th, and we are working hard to create the most friendly environment possible for people to try Veganism. We need your help! We’re looking for Vegan mentors who can support those signed up to Try Vegan for the week and beyond. You can always mentor friends, co-workers or family members. There are lots of ways to get the best possible use of the TVW schedule, and this training is open to new mentors and anyone else with an interest. It’s a vegan potluck, so feel free to come and share food. Try Vegan Week is just over two weeks away. TVW is the best time to experiment with and/or commit to a vegan lifestyle, and a perfect time to mentor friends and family. For one week, the Portland vegan community will be working together to support others in their transition to Veganism. We have thirty-three public events the week of June 7th to the 14th. It includes movie screening, lectures, classes, workshops, grocery store tours, and of course Vegan Prom! http://www.tryveganpdx.com/events.htm Please join us for Try Vegan Week PDX! Try Vegan Week is sponsored by: Northwest Veg Temptation Vegan Ice cream ( www.welovesoy.com) Integrated Medicine Group Food Fight Papa g’s Vegan organic Deli Proper Eats Blossoming Lotus Vita cafe Vegan Prom! Towards the end of Try Vegan Week we want to do something to let our hair down and have fun. So, on Friday June 13th, we’re throwing Portland’s first ever formal dance for the Vegan community. The theme is “Purple Rainâ€
  7. Cool Put up alot of the full color posters today they look super nice!
  8. You don't have to have a date. Good news for everyone...at the meeting tonight we went over the books and found we were doing alot better on sponsorships that we expected and we are probably going to cut down the ticket price to $10 advance and $15 at the door. We also just picked some sponsorships in the last couple days Vita cafe and Integrated medicine center. Cool. Vita cafe is donating a $50 gift card for the winner of the best dressed contest.
  9. Vita cafe is donating a $50 gift card prize for the best dressed contest. Awesome!
  10. The rest of TVW is coming great, we have one person flying in for the week form NY for a mentor. which is crazy awesome. We have new full color postcards we need to get out everywhere! Working on that. Put up two hundred stickers around town in the last week.
  11. Awesome help spread the word tickets are not going as fast as we were hoping.
  12. You can buy them online www.tryveganpdx.com or after Tuesday may 27th you'll be able to pick them up at Herbivore clothing in the vegan mini-mall. Vegan prom PDX Friday June 13th! The theme is Purple Rain and tickets are $20. Remember we are organizing a week of free outreach events and a purchase of a ticket helps us pay for Try Vegan Week. Not to mention the biggest vegan party the northwest has ever seen! Appetizers donated by Papa g's, Blosoming Louts, proper eats, Black Sheep bakery and more to come...
  13. Hey Temptation sales went very well at Vegfest! We made over $1,000 dollars for Try Vegan Week! Despite almost constantly sales all day at vegfest we had a little too much ice cream shipped. It’s ok you came still buy some and support Try vegan Week. Papa G’s organic vegan deli has take 12 gallons of temptation to sell as while supplies last with proceeds benefiting Try Vegan Week. Flavors include: French Vanilla, fair trade Chocolate, and mint chocolate chip. While supplies last. www.tryveganpdx.com
  14. We need speakers and humane educators here in Portland Try Vegan Week Portland the week of June 7th to the 14th. These are open to title changes as long as the topics stay the same. I'm willing to help people research or format the talk. It doesn't have to be one Person. Teams of two or three people could do a workshop. I know many of us have tons of work to do with Vegfest/TVW but it's important to have the educational aspect of the week strong. You don't have to be an expert, just take a little time to research an issue and and become more knowledgeable. Great motivation. This applies to Vegans as well. In the case of lectures on global warming, eggs, dairy, fish There is no preaching to the converted. Vegans could always be better informed on these arguments. Contact me for a list of the workshops still open... PS this is open to non-portlanders who want to come to town. Remember we have vegan prom that week to!
  15. Reading event at Red and Black in PDX! Featuring four Vegan authors from the northwest! Gina Ranalli Seattle based Author of 13 thorns and Suicide Girls in the Afterlife “There are some very funny—and sacrilegious—moments (and) the author has serious things to say. But that doesn’t stop a lot of it from being irreverent and tongue-in-cheek…it’s certainly a fascinating—and for this reader, successful—experiment.â€
  16. Thank you to everyone who supported the Try Vegan week Karokee fundraiser. If you were there and survived Robert Cheeke's history making take on Kiss and seeing Peter from NWveg sing Billie Jean you'll know it was fun and we made over $300. So Yeah thanks! Now the bad news...The temptation Soy ice cream has been shipped from Chicago but it will not be here in time for the event this Saturday. We're calling Saturday off but don't fear we will be selling temptation at both days of Vegfest! Proceeds going to Try Vegan Week. So head on down to Vegfest May 9th and 10th and Bensen High school and pick up all you can eat vegan ice cream! Prices: $5.00 Waffle cones with toppings. $3.00 a bowl $10.00 all you can eat. www.portlandvegfest.org The Try vegan Week reading event fundraiser is still set for Sunday night at 7 PM at the Red and Black Cafe. Help us Spread the word!
  17. Robert something is wrong with you if loved high school.
  18. Portland Vegan Prom Friday June 13th 8-11 PM (note date change) Theme: Purple Rain http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R72fObmNuPA Tickets:$20 (sorry 18 and up) Dress: 70’s and 80’s formal. Food: Restaurants around town will be offering vegan prom specials. Locations TBA. Appetizers donated from local restaurants As proceeds benefit the massive TVW outreach campaigns for the next year! Location: The secret society ballroom at 116 NE russell. This place is gorgeous. Imagine a 1940’s jazz club – red velvet, velvet furniture, parlor lamps, old church pews – very cool place! There will also be a bar in the next room available to those who wish to endeavor cocktails, while keeping our event alcohol-free.
  19. Try Vegan Week karokee fundraiser in Portland, Or. April 28th 6:30 PM Robert Cheeke – Rock and roll all night by Kiss with a $40 pledge. (oh by the way robert that's your pledge song...your free to do more Randall might try and stop you!) Charley Korns Former president of NW Veg - Hit me baby by Britney spears for a $100 dollar pledge. Randall Perez – Welcome to the jungle by Guns and Roses for $50 pledge David Agranoff - Private eyes by Hall and Oats for $50 pledge More singers TBA How it works: These members of the Portland vegan community are willing to embarrass themselves in public and on youtube for your generous donations to Try Vegan Week Portland. Help us pay for the largest single community vegan outreach event ever, and vegan prom. When we reach the pledge totals for each person they will perform their butts off and we’ll film for those of you out of towners who might still want to pledge Donate at www.tryveganpdx.com and drop us an e-mail telling who your pledge is for. Remember a $5.00 pledge may be all it takes to make the song and try vegan week happen.
  20. The final skinny on prices... $5.00 Waffle cones with toppings. $3.00 a bowl $10.00 all you can eat Diabetic shock treatment is BYOS
  21. It's on! I found the cold storage for a pretty small price Not free. Still raising money for the shipping, So keep that in mind. Washington,oregon peeps were getting temptation! I'm still working the details So these prices are not set in stone. $5.00 Waffle cones with toppings. $3.00 a bowl $4.50 a pint. 1).Expensive but we are renting cold storage and having it shipped here by freight, it's cheaper than flying to chicago 2). This is a fundraiser After Vegfest if we have any cases left. We might sell whole cases for a hell of deal. That is if we have any left after all is said and done. That is a big If.
  22. Papa G's vegan organic deli will have their official grand opening Earth Day Tuesday April 22. We will offer free samples of all kinds of food as well as house made bakery goods and organic fruit. We have Joe Myshkin, balloon artist/ people entertainer from 3pm - 6pm. Joe will be entertaining kids of all ages with a variety of talents, from juggling fire?? to balloon creations unseen previously on this planet. So kids of all ages make plans to receive your special Joe creation. We also have the local Jimmy Boyer Trio from 6-8 pm at our new outside seating area weather permitting. The trio consists of Dave Reisch (Holy Modal Rounders, Golden Delicious, Freak Mountain Ramblers), Jessi Spiro (Golden Delicious), and Jimmy Boyer (Freak Mountain Ramblers). Jimmy's music is one of the things that makes us feel fortunate to live in Portland. We will also be offering an array of new daily plate specials featuring an Indian special that contains our cucumber raita (made with our house made cashew yogurt), as well as a carribean special and a few home-style specials. So please tell all your friends, neighbors, and strangers to come join us in welcoming another cog in the wheel of the vegan, organic, sustainability movement. Papa G's is working towards becoming a resource for the Portland community for years to come. Please come join in helping us get the party started right on Tuesday April 22. You can download coupons for the days event on our website. Thanks for spreading the word and we look forward to seeing you all at our grand opening. Peace, G
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