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  1. sorry for the late response... i canceled my plans for the last contest caus i wasn't 100% satisfied with my shape. now i'm starting to prepare again for spring, so probably i'll compete in april or may!
  2. @HIT Rob: yeah, i think so as well... and thx by the way! 4 weeks left till my next competition! preparation is working quite well... still on my 80/10/10 diet. in contrast to the my contests in the past, i do a lot more cardio at the moment. i go to the gym everyday, alternating between cardio and weight training days. hoping to get really shredded over the next weeks... just check out my facebook site to watch my progress!
  3. training and diet are working out quite alright at the moment... here's my shape at the moment: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=496642523752962&set=a.398859100197972.96390.381381815279034&type=1&theater still over two months until my next contest...
  4. Trained with very high rep ranges yesterday... gives me some nice muscle pain today B-)
  5. Feeling good and looking forward to a nice full body workout tonight! I reached my goal not to gain too much weight after my contest... at the moment it's around 83kg, which is only 3kg above my competition weight from spring I'm quite confident to get in top shape for autumn!
  6. hi there! just wanted to report to you guys again, after a while of absence... i'm planning to compete again in october/november, so i'm slowly starting to prepare. but beside preparing i just started a new nutrition experiment. after reading dr. grahams 80/10/10 diet, i decided to give his raw vegan approach a chance. i started a few days ago, so i can't say too much about it yet... but it seems i'm getting leaner. i'll keep you posted!
  7. wow, thanks a lot! great to hear that! if i really inspired you that much, i reached my goal...
  8. @SunWarrior & Marloon: thanks a lot guys!! i wanna take part in a natural contest in october... until then i'm working hard to get even better!
  9. thx! well, it was a "normal" contest, not especially for natural bodybuilders, so my opponents were quite hard to beat. 6th was really okay for me, caus i wasn't 100% in top shape... next time i'll be better!
  10. started to do some superslow training... actually i only wanted to one workout in superslow style to shock my muscles, but i decided to keep going on with it. get only very little pump during the training, but my muscles seem to react rather well...
  11. i placed 6th out of 20... you can see everything in my old log: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=34584&start=165
  12. by the way... my posing routine... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyVRJt_y6M8
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