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  1. Hey Joel, welcome and u look awesome!
  2. Hey Joel, good news to hear u been a vegan for 6weeks now. My dad was atking pea and hemp protein, and he has been making me these smoothies in the morn.and I think he was putting it in them which is good. I don't fink my mum and sister think I have been a truthful vegan though coz things in the house like dairy products are going missing (as they just veggies) but they 4get my bf is no vegan so I feed it to him, so it annoys me coz don't fink they taking me too serious- But I guess aslong as I know I have touched no dairy that is all that matters! Even bought non-leather shoes, belt, sandals, and wallet- I noticed on the internet the other week some vegan dance shoes, as I am a dancer and so need them, but I didn't see the price, I'm guna have to go check it out though! Take Care anyways. Remember stay Vegan!
  3. Welcome Meg, glad to hear you proved all of those people wrong
  4. Hi sugarmouse, me new to this place and was just wandering around the introductions and thought would say hi, I live in the uk and I have the same goal as u really, to lose fat and get fitter, I am also toning my body up, and one day would like to be a fitness or muscle model. So maybe we could share tips! I have been a vegetarian all my life, as was brought up as one and finally took the plunge 6days ago and became a vegan as my dad has been one for 26years, veggie 10years prior. Hope u r well!
  5. Welcome2da group. I've been a vegetarian all my life,was brought up as one, but like u have been consideriing becoming a Vegan, and then on Friday 26th of May I did it, so for nearly a week now I have been a Vegan. Maybe one day u wil too but it's great that u r a vegetarian.
  6. Hey and fanx u for welcoming me. My dad raised all three of us as veggies, and I'm so glad he did, people r always saying-'well I think that's cruel that ure mum n dad forced Vegetarianism onto all three of u'-it drives me n my sister maddddddddddddddddddddddddd so we always say back-'well it's just as cruel as ure mum and dad forced u to be a meat eater ain't it' and then they shut up-lol! I'm not sure about whether he gets injections or not, I don't ever hear about him getting them so maybe not ahy!!! I'm always talking to my bf about when we have kids what we guna do-well 2be honest I've made my mind up and I have told him-I'm raising my kids up as veggies too, my dad said we veggies till we 16 then it is up 2 us what we wanna eat but if u turn to meat u cannot eat it in my house which I think is totally fair, my brother much to our disssapointment turn to meat but me and my sister r still going strong-BUT Veganism has always been something in my mind, and lately I was thinking about being Vegan, well I eat no dairy through the week anyways just because of the healthy diet I eat, I just had a treat day on a Sunday which would include milk chocolate etc, but I have never drank milk or had on my cereal as my mum n dad brought us up on Soya Milk so it's not a big issue but anyways to cut a story short-lol I have now been Vegan for 6whole days and now on my treat days I'll have sommat else-sorry I blabbed on a bit there didn't I-lol, well I know for a fact I'm guna bring my kids up as Veggies but also give them soya milk and try and introduce Vegan chocolate and treats, I knew all this from the age I knew about kids! I'm guna be brought up the way I was, we always had a healthy meal, was always given fruit on the way home from school instead of a choccie bar or sweets-I find it so irritating the way mums n dad bring there kids up these days and the way they take there kids to Mcdonalds about twice a week, and I hate seeing babies in there, there too young in my mind to be eating all that fat! But that's just me and my healthy ways-lol, probably boring to other people but I want my kids to have a long life not cut short coz of all the fat and cholesterol from fatty foods and meat and I think my dad wanted the same! My dad is my hero in a way, what he eats I will eat because I know it is safe! Have u ever heard of Dr Mcdougall? Well that is the diet I follow with my dad, it prob.a little extreme to others because it cuts out all oils and fats, because all u really need is the natural fats and oils from the foods we eat-his website is-www.drmcdougall.com although I have read that this man has been caught out I restaurants eating meat on occassion-tut tut tut. I'm not as strict as my dad, I do have my treat days, which will now be dark coccie and vegan ice cream-yay-lol, but my dad has the mcdougall treats which I have to admit r yummy! Well I think I have blabbed on now a little too much-lol. Sorry to have bored u-lol! Take care.
  7. My dad I think has been a vegan for 26years, and was veggie 10years prior,I'm not sure how it was for him, whether he thought was hard back then but now he says its not hard, there is always a substitute for everything just people don't wanna look.
  8. Hey it me kat, well after telling u all about me n that I was raised as a Vegetarian n never touched meat or fish n was considering becoming a Vegan well as from last Friday (26th of May 2006!) and a long chat from my dad, I cut out dairy, which was never much anyway, just on a Sunday so for four whole days I have been a Vegan-woo! Hope u r all well, and I will be asking for advice not just from my dad but from u all aswell. Hope u all can help:D Take care all. X
  9. Yeah I live bout 20mins away from Liverpool. I just think my brother was led by all his mates, that it wasn't 'cool' to be vegetarian! Anyway I was up late last night, looking up Vegananism and thought about it all day 2day, I even re-visted the peta website to see if it had anything on there about dairy farms, because believe it or not even though I was brought up as I vegetarian I didn't know much about the 'behind the scenes' in dairy farms, and it wasn't pleasant when I found out. I was brought up on soya milk though so I have never drank milk, as I was allergic to dairy when I was younger, so I have always had soya milk, I think just on my treat day (Sunday) I have a chocolate bar and other things but I'm pretty sure that I can cut that out, because I was speaking to my sister today and was explaining that I am considering becoming Vegan she said-'well you don't eat much dairy anyway', so therefore I don't think it would be hard for me, and if I did become Vegan and I went ot eat milk chocolate or sommat I think I would automatically have visions of the poor cows in the dairy farm. Like I said though I am practiaclly Vegan now, I won't call myself vegan just yet because I do have dairy on occasion, but through the week I eat like a Vegan, have any of you heard of John Mcdougall? Well that is the type of diet we have, it's such a healthy way to live, you should go check his website out...www.drmcdougall.com Hope u r all well by the way! X
  10. Hey all, I live in the North West of England, I know I'm so made up my mum and dad brought all three of us as veggies, although my brother who is now 26 has turned meat eater much to our dissapointment. My dad is my hero in a way, I think I take after him the most when it comes to food, I like to know I'm being healthy, and have a love for the gym, he was a professional football (soccer) player when he was younger and was a vegan whilst playing, I think he been vegan for about 25years, he was in the Vegan Society magazines last issue! I'm defo.going to consider being a vegan though, my dad said when I was little he could see me being Vegan when I grow up and I think he is right.haha How long you all been Vegan then? What made you turn Vegetarian and Vegan, apart from the fact that is is cruel to animals, well that could be the only fact!
  11. Hey, I am 21, 22 in 4days I am a vegetarian, have never tasted meat or fish as I was brought up as one, my dad is vegan though, but I am considering turning vegan aswell, I know this site is for vegans but I am near enough one anyways as eat no dairy through the week and just have a treat day, but as I said I am considering being vegan. I am currently studying dance at college, and hope to go to uni, I also work out and have been for 4 years.
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