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  1. hi... I would like to combine weight training and martial arts... so-could i do both at one day? for example: weight training at 3pm and muay thai (or anything else) at 6pm... or is that too much at one day?
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    hehe thank you jonzen @JackinForSweets yeah, i´m very motivated, but it`s not easy to combine work (i visit a nurse school + practice in a big clinical centre[traumatic station]) + training + hobbys (cooking,music,social engagement in an alternative youth centre)... but i try to do sport every day [minimum 1 hour] and mostly i find the time to do that
  3. hey boys and girls just start this topic to show you some german vegan/straight edge bands (and let you hear somethin of them... like just went black a great straight edge hardcore/punk band (i think they are all vegan) very simpatico guys from Hamburg on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/justwentblack other great songs: (from http://www.justwentblack.com) http://www.justwentblack.com/mp3/jwb_somelittletragedy.mp3 http://www.justwentblack.com/mp3/jwb_thekillingglance.mp3 I started an own vegan doom-crustcore band with two friends and i let you hear from our first songs if we`re ready (one of these guys is the really best fuckin cook i`ve ever met now somethin from a vegan hip-hop artist called "albino" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCs78PjIWzI on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/mcalbino
  4. thanks for your answer alright i try it in more detail... my goal: -> defined muscles (not too much) -> lower fat everything in connection with self-defense/martial arts (what means to me: not too big, but big enough to kick some meat-eating asses ) How i try to get this: (kg <-- i count with barbell) 10 minutes warm up... bench press 20x(with 30kg)(to get warm) 14x(40kg) (12x(40kg) 10x(45kg) 6-8x(50kg) pull-up (different forms) 10,6,5,4... (recurrences) neck-press 14,12,10,8 (with 30kg) triceps (with curl-both hands and-i dont know-20kg?) 14,12,10 biceps (30kg-long-barbell) 10,6,4 after that program --> protein shake --> 60-90min. hometrainer-bike (regeneration and catabolism of fat) next day: 10 min warm up 5-7 forms abdominal-muscle training back-training with elbow-pushups (2x1min) and other forms (difficult to explain in english) lateral abdominals/back also difficult to explain: with one-hand-barbell and i go lateral down with the upper part of my body(the barbel in direction to my knee) 4xwith 20kg each side legs knee bend with long barbell on shoulder 4x30kg after that --> protein shake --> hometrainer 60min (in general: i always stretch to avoid injury) thats it [i use these two programs like this: mo:"first day" (bench...) tue:"second day" (legs...) wed:"first day" thu:"second day" ... and so on sometimes a break (like sunday)] and to my diet: i think i`ve got a balanced diet with enough carbohydrates,proteines, vitamines and so on... what i want to change: (and here i need your help) i want to get (fast) more muscles cause i think it works relative slow and: should i do more rest-day`s? now i`m ready-hope you understand everything
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    thanks everybody for welcome me but now i have to train a bit before i get a bad conscience (2 days without any sport and i go mad)
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    i live in "Neubrandenburg" a 70.ooo souls city 200 km north of berlin edit:::ahh... just notice that you`re also from germoney
  7. hi... i`ve got a personal question i eat 2-3 hours before i do weight training... * i train 45 min - 1 hours then i take a self made protein shake( soy-milk, a bit cacao, soy-flour) after that drink i use my hometrainer and drive 60 minutes with a pulse of 120-130 sometimes i only use my hometrainer/or only do weight training (i dont have so much time) my question: is that ok? or can anybody tell me what i could do better/different? *my weight training: first day: warm-up, bench press, pull-up, neck, triceps, biceps, stretch (work-out) second day: warm-up, abdominals, back muscles, lateral abdominals, legs, strech (work-out) i train since 8 month... but only 3 month with this program hope you can read my scrawl
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    hi, at first i have to tell everybody that my english-skills are... not very good (!!sorry!!)... i´m a 20years-old.vegan.antifascist.anarchist from germany i do strength training since 8 month; train some martial art skills like boxing/kickboxing and run sometimes into mother`s nature i`ll use this forum to get tip`s for a vegan balanced diet and for training in connection with vegan food and i would like to get some recepies (like d.i.y. protein shake or somethin like that) so... i go into my little training room right now and lift some little weights
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