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  1. Good! you're fast!!! You're training plan looks good to me now. Sounds like you have plenty of expericence. Good Luck & Have fun!
  2. This sounds better I think. Your legs will like the break after your 30K. But if you start to burn out, don't be afraid to cut back a little more. How long do you think it will take you to finish the marathon?
  3. It looks agressive to me, but I'm very conservative. What has your running been like up until now? I'd be careful not to go all out during the races & switch weeks 3 & 4 I think.
  4. wow I really crashed & burned!!! I think my training paces have been too fast. I jogged a couple miles with the dogs saturday, then swam at the gym for a half hour sunday, but other than that, just took some long walks and caught up on sleep. I relaly needed it. I'm feeling much better today & am going to run 1600s at a sensible pace after work instead of killing myself!
  5. Wednesday I biked for 45 minutes. Yesterday I ran 1M warm up, 1X 1600, 2X 800 with 1 min RI & about half mile cool down. I felt really tired afterwards so I'm taking today off & I'll see how I feel tomorrow
  6. Monday the pool was full so I used the row maching for 15 minutes, boy is that thing boring!!! Especially since I didn't have my ipod with me & the gym plays crappy music. Plus the row machines are in the corner & you can't look around as much as when on the treadmills or bikes. Then I worked my abs, chest, and biceps. Yesterday I had a good run on the 'mill. One mile warm up & 4 tempo.
  7. The chef is never supposed to do the dishes!!! Thats a rule at my house, we take turns cooking & whoever doesn't cook has to clean up after. Since I quit the seafood, the smell kindof grosses me out. I'm fine with faux chicken, turkey, or beef but I think it will be a while before I try fake seafood. What kind of truffles are you enjoying so much? I need to get some!
  8. Saturday I had a really good run: 8 miles outside. I did the first two at a slow pace with my dogs, the next 4 comfortably on roads & a dirt path, then the last 2 I did on the track and really pushed the pace. It felt really good. Then in that afternoon my husband & I went to this wildlife refuge in my town. I've been wanting to check it out since I moved here. We "adopted" a fox, basically paid for his food & care for a year & we will get a photo & certificate in the mail. And in the spring I'm going to sign up to volunteer Yesterday I did weights for my legs & biked 35 minutes. Today I'm going to swim or row and do chest and biceps.
  9. hmmmm Sounds like a big meanie. Write something back. Like, "No I'm not embarrassed. I never claimed to know everything. If my emails waste your time or bother you in any way, feel free to delete them without reading them from now on. Other members of this group were very helpful and didn't seem to think my question was stupid. Maybe you should be embarrassed for giving such a mean response."
  10. Yesterday I biked for 40 minutes and did abs, back, and shoulders. I finally went up on the weights for my shoulders a little so that made me happy. But I weighed myself for the first time in a while & realized my weight crept back up a little. I have been eating a lot of junk lately going to parties & snacking here at the office. I'm going to be better about that. I think weighing myself frequently will make me more accountable. Today is my day off. My legs feel good though. I find it interesting that biking on sore legs tends to make them feel better the next day. I think it helps them recover more than complete rest. I have my work Christmas party tonight. I already know I can get a salad & spaghetti marinara, but I'm going to have a healthy snack before I go to curb my appetite. Tomorrow I may run a 5k or I may do the 8M run that I should have done Wednesday.
  11. Are you sure you weren't on the Runner's World website forum? People are like that on there too.
  12. It's always best to listen to your body when it tells you to back off a bit. You put up some big milage weeks and your legs could probably use a cut back week right now. I'm glad you didn't get hurt when you slipped on the ice!
  13. I like reading your food journal because you eat mostly healthy, but include some treats too. I kindof fell off the wagon lately & ate like crap for a few weeks, lots of processed carbs, but I'm making a comeback. I got a ton of fruits & veggies yesterday. Do you buy your peirogies or make them? I've been having a hard time finding vegan ones.
  14. Tuesday I swam for 30 minutes, 10 minutes warm up then 10 X 100 m with a little over a minute rest. Then chest, biceps, triceps. Yesterday my legs were still tired from Monday, so I only ran a little over three miles at an easy pace at the track. Today I should bike.
  15. I'm starting to really enjoy the treadmill, the only trick is picking out the correct pace! I don't know, I guess I am a weirdo. But my mileage is only at 16 miles per week right now, so that could have something to do with it. 40+ is pretty impressive, I only hit mileage like that when training for a marathon! So yesterday I did 2X800s before realizing they were too fast, then 5X400s, all with 400 RI. Today is my swim day, then chest & biceps, maybe a little more if I'm feeling ambitious.
  16. It went well! I really only treated it as a tempo run, but I got a medal for being third in my age group! I think there was only three women in my age group there, but hey, it was still cool! I averaged a few second more per mile than the 3 mile tempo run I did outside about a week ago, so I think my theory about running indoors on the treadmill being harder is right. Yesterday I biked for 30 minutes & did abs & legs. Today I'm going to do my speedwork, probably 800s.
  17. Wednesday I swam 3/4 of a mile in 29 minutes. Felt really good, I haven't swam in a while. I could've kept going, but I didn't want to push it, my shoulders were starting to get tired. Then I did weights: back, shoulders, triceps. Yesterday I ran 7 miles on the treadmill. The was really slow, but my effort felt right, the las tmile was challenging. I didn't mind the treadmill as much as I thought I would. No workout today. I have a 4 mile race tomorrow.
  18. Nice outfit!!! Very cool! It will be nice to run in during the summer. Are you planning on entering any tris?
  19. WOW! You make me feel like a complete wuss for treadmilling it!
  20. Yesterday the idea of running in the cold windy weather in the dark by myself just wasn't appealing, so I went to the gym for the treadmill. My plan was to run 7 miles at the same pace I ran 6 miles one day last week. 2 miles in I realized that wasn't going to happen, I felt like I was racing a 5K! I checked my heart rate, just because I could on the treadmill & it was 180. I don't know much about heart rate training, but since it was off the chart printed out next to the screen, I figured I was justified in stopping after 3 miles. I walked for 400 meters, then I did two more 1 mile repeats with 400 m walk in between. I remember this happening to me trying to run on the treadmill last winter. I think it feels harder to me because it is warmer inside than what I am used to running in. My favorite weather to run is around 50 degrees, so if it's closer to 70 inside the gym I would think that would impact me. I'm going to look up the pace I ran yesterday as a short tempo or even 5K pace and see what kind of long tempo or distance run it cooresponds to & run 7 miles at that pace tomorrow. Today I'm going to either swim, row, or bike and train back shoulders & triceps.
  21. those yax trax sound like what I saw. That was at a race in Reading, PA. It doesn't relaly snow much here in NJ. I've thought about getting snowshoes becsuase they look fun, but I can't justify spending the money on something I might use a few times a year. IF we get snow on one of my shorter running days I'll probably just hit the treadmill at the gym, A long run on a snowy day might mean a trip to Atlantic city, where they plow the boardwalk.
  22. I second pamela's suggestion to sign up for a race (and telel people about it!) and set a training plan that you feel like you HAVE to follow or else you will look like a fool come race day. This keeps me motivated. As for the morning thing, it worked out fine for me in the summer because I would tell myself, "if you don't run now, You'll have to do it after work and it will be hot". Now that It's winter out, I only run in the morning if I know I have something planned for after work & I won't get my run in. So the one or two mornings I get up early during the week is to swim because It's the only time the gym pool doesn't have a ton of kids in it.
  23. Pamela, I don't know what kind of sneakers you run in, but if I run in the snow I wear my trail shoes, they give better traction & are water resistant. In a race that I did last winter where the trail was covered with ice & snow, a bunch of people had these gripper things that fit over their sneakers too. Sat morning was the first group speed workout in a while. We ran 6 X 400s with 2 min rests. I ran them faster than expected, which made me happy. It was nice to run with other people. Sunday I went to the gym. Did 20 minutes hard on the bike and did all my weights for my legs, abs, biceps, and chest.
  24. You can always check here: http://vegans.frommars.org/wine/
  25. That's funny, I realized I tend to go slower when running in a group, or else too fast. I think I'm going to stick with the training schedules outlined in this book, it expalines why going at different paces are good for you & what each type of workout does. It's only running 3 days a week, so its not hard to get motivated. Last night I ran by myself again, 6 miles at the Long Tempo Pace. It felt really good & I was actually a little faster than I planned on. Only bad thing was I think my shoes were already shot, my ankles & my left calf were pretty sore afterwards. I knew I should have tried out my new pair!
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