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  1. thanks willpeavy! and i would be grateful for any links to online shops which sell them with the lowest price... shipping only US-wide is not a problem.
  2. In estonia it's all about bonfires and beer.
  3. I've seen these kinds of things from movies and since then been tempted to buy my own... They are things which go to your legs and have hooks on them to hang upside down from pull-up bars, almost like this picture: http://www.richardpettinger.com/blog/images/upside_down_juggle big thanks for any clues.
  4. say what? fresh raw peas taste really good, and the dried ones can be sprouted!
  5. i wuw bananas once when there was a discount on them i bought about 5-6 kilos... and ate them all in an hour!
  6. Tetsuuuooooo..... Kanedaaaaaa...... Anyone else slightly annoyed by them yelling like this all the time? Other than that - a really good anime. Though Mononoke Hime is also my favourite. That and FMA series.
  7. I noticed there was a similar topic some time ago, but search didn't reveal it to me... I wanted to just add this link - http://funhight.blogspot.com/2007/03/mega-body-builders.html
  8. http://www.japanprobe.com/?p=1414 pretty cool.
  9. Well, the title means "Fit without flesh (meat)" and i guess someone smarter than me could translate the whole video, but I could make a short summary of it in some time.
  10. treeboy and treegirl are the best! the treeboy found a place in my desktop wallpaper.
  11. Seem to me like indian mudras, these particular ones Jana mudra.
  12. That's a super sweet idea!
  13. Hi everybody, I am currently planning on moving to London UK, to live and work there for about 1 to 2 years. There is a small hope of my having already found a flat-mate, so that would not be my main concern, but rather is finding a job. So my question to You would be if You would be as kind as to direct me towards a place I could seek for jobs online (I've come up to http://www.reed.co.uk this far), or what would be perfect for me - do You know anyone offering a job there? Maybe You could PM me and I would send my CV... Preferred fields of work would be general building (construction site worker, etc) Oracle SQL programmer computer graphic designer (logos, web, ads, etc.) Thanks for any feedback in advance.
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