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  1. Tetsuuuooooo.....




    Anyone else slightly annoyed by them yelling like this all the time?

    Other than that - a really good anime. Though Mononoke Hime is also my favourite. That and FMA series.

  2. Hi everybody,

    I am currently planning on moving to London UK, to live and work there for about 1 to 2 years.

    There is a small hope of my having already found a flat-mate, so that would not be my main concern, but rather is finding a job.


    So my question to You would be if You would be as kind as to direct me towards a place I could seek for jobs online (I've come up to http://www.reed.co.uk this far), or what would be perfect for me -

    do You know anyone offering a job there? Maybe You could PM me and I would send my CV...

    Preferred fields of work would be

    • general building (construction site worker, etc)
      Oracle SQL programmer
      computer graphic designer (logos, web, ads, etc.)

    Thanks for any feedback in advance.

  3. When I was younger I felt chronically tired all the time and I couldn't figure out why so I went to a doctor and he said, "I'm not giving you any drugs! There's nothing wrong with you". That's the answer I got. That always bothered me. I couldn't figure it out. I tried multivitamins, exercise, ginko and nothing worked. So I continued to eat poorly, drink too much and ignore my body. I felt like I had a cloud in my brain and knew how forgetful I was.
    That sums up my current situation and the main reasons for me to be interested in raw veganism.


    It just doesn't seem right that people who are 30 are getting weak and saying they're too old for sports etc, and 60 being the average life span...

    Although the quantity of years is not important to me, rather is the quality. I want to be running and weightlifting 'til my last years, not lie in a bed getting fed from tubes and not be able to go to the bathroom or so...

  4. Hi,

    i am looking for articles or news items (and places i could find them) which deal with the various issues related to veganism (promoting it) and would be very grateful if you could point me towards the bestest of them...

    the plan is to translate them, and put them on the estonian veg website, so they shouldn't have a copyright. (although if the original writers name is mentioned, then it is legal?)


    edit: i'm also looking for blogs/websites/etc which update daily/weekly and add links to these kinds of news etc.


    Thanks in advance.

  5. Ruggero Deodato later on admitted to being a fool for making this movie, especially because of all the unnecessary killings of animals (but now I'm not so sure any more, as there seems to be a sequel coming out in 2009, according to IMDB, who knows if he ends up leaving them out, but I think the law - or some company like PETA - wouldn't let him go his way). Even though I have only seen CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST once and don't agree with its gratuitous violence towards animals, I think it brings out an important message about our culture: are we the savages or are they, who kill for food? Of course, this might sound like an old-fashioned maxim but, somehow, it remains relevant. Also, at some point in the past, the same director was asked to present his own defense by reproducing the major gory effects before a court, because some people actually believed the human massacres were real.
    I thought the movie "Cannibal Ferox" was its sequel or some other way related to it. But maybe there will be yet another one...

    But otherwise, i agree with you. And this time i'm happy to have downloaded the movie illegally so as not to financially support the makers of these films.

    Btw, it has a really catchy soundtrack!


    edit: I actually saw this movie a while ago and even did a search in this forum to see if it had been discussed but didn't make a topic that time.

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