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  1. looks awesome... i'm planning on going to WWOOF this summer and any comments and suggestions about any WWOOF places are welcome.
  2. http://www.wwoof.org/ anyone heard of it? or even been in one? thanks to Merched Figan for sending me these links:
  3. Since summer is nearing at full speed i thought i'd up this topic a bit.
  4. I have noticed a lot of people here are from Portland, and i found this clip: http://www.break.com/index/icy_roads_in_portland.html . Is the situation actually that bad?
  5. i'm gonna have to get off my ass and start training at last.. the whole holiday period has messed up my routine pretty badly and i've just done nothing for 2 weeks...
  6. Hi sina94, my own personal experience is that upper body muscles also contribte to posture, and the most effective way (to me) of improving it is just hanging from a pullup bar and also to strengthen the muscles by doing pullups.
  7. Is a lot of taurine synthetic? it is in the muscle part of meat, but synthetic is in things it normally wouldn't be, like energy drinks (red bull).
  8. It's the vegan conspiracy! Vegans just want everyone to turn gay and become extinct! Well, yes, that is what i try to do in my own lifetime, but one also has to think about the future.
  9. i found their page ( http://vhemt.org/ ) quite some time ago and i must say i agree with almost every single bit of it. so i'm in. let's become extinct.
  10. http://media.urbandictionary.com/image/large/buddyjesus-41418.jpg
  11. Who cares about proof when you have FAITH. You shall be sent to hell for an eternity for conspiring about taking love and compassion from their lives. I am now more convinced than ever that religion is a mental illness with the only exception that religious people share their illusions while crazy people are more creative and original. What they do in this film with the children is just bloody insane, all of the parents should be institutionalised and sent to prison and the custody taken from them.
  12. newsflash? it is only logical that any person with the slightest ability to reason and think, gives up eating corpses of animals...
  13. There isn't even snow in Estonia right now (usually it starts to snow in november), and the degrees area as high as +7 C during days, while normally it should be -10..-20 C...
  14. Thanks andgbr. Hmm... Dubai... it's a bit too far but sounds nice. I guess an option would be just to go there and find a random job at the spot, for i don't have a clue how to find one now, but a good idea would be to go with someone i know, so there's less chance getting kidnapped or enslaved. No-one in this forum needs a helping hand painting the house or an sql programmer or a designer?
  15. i'm officially in no more excuses for not working out. let's grow
  16. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback! I hope that it reaches out to estonian people also and it will grow to be popular in time helping lots of people make their choices. Although it might get tough then to satisfy everyone's needs, since the whole project is a non-profit one-man-band which i do in my free time. Yeah, Robert, that's Tallinn all right, quite a nice city, but Tartu is still better. I've counted 2, including me. Everyone can also vote the first option on the poll which means that you are a veg*n.
  17. After many sleepless nights of design and coding, preceeded by a month of constant e-mailing to different authorities to allow the registration of the domain, i've come up with a site and forum to unite all estonian-speaking veg*ns! Althought it did affect my already-low-grades at school, i thought that it's time to set my priorities straight. This is more important than school. Basically, the idea was to explain people about veganism and its benefits in their native language, and also to serve as a place where different veg-related news could be posted. And of course a forum for like-minded people. The site itself is at http://veg.ee any comments are welcome.
  18. Call me a weirdo, but i'd like to visit Chernobyl. Inspired by this.
  19. Yeah, the EU is good for at least one thing. Going to the US might get tricky since all the visas and work licences and whatnot. Although I don't have the faintest idea even how to get to sweden and how to arrange a living-place, i guess it will be arranged by the firm. The trick now is to find one which doesn't turn me into an immigrant slave... And i am still hoping, until i have time, to find a bit more, hmm, intellectually demanding job. Or somewhere with great nature and scenery so i wouldn't have to be so profit-orientated.
  20. That`s great! But do not eat too many beans because maybe you will soon have no more friends if you do. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables as a basis and of course: Eat enough And most importantly (I repeat myself very often ): Stop worrying about protein. I agree. It's like everybody 'knows' you need meat and milk, but when you ask them why no-one can give an adequate reason. Symptoms of some kind of a brainwash. btw, i'm currently working on a project of a website and a forum joining estonian veg*ns. if it's nearing its finish, i'll let you know and you're welcome to join.
  21. Every soy product here has a sign on it saying whether it is or is not GMO. Thankfully, most are not.
  22. Thanks potter, i know that construction work is paid well in almost all places nowadays, even better than some scientists or doctors... so this currently tops my choices. So far i have thought about Finland or Sweden as they are the closest to me. Any more comments, anybody?
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