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  1. Um, almost anywhere in the US? Here in Estonia we don't even have soymilk almost nowhere. ayways, thanks for answering.
  2. on the topic of the artificial sweetener, aspartam - http://www.nexusmagazine.com/articles/aspartame.html
  3. i know many of you people think lacto-vegetarians as not-vegetarians, but as you can read from my emo story in my intro, i am living with people who do nut understand why it is necessary to be a vegan, so i must accept the things they buy without the meat. i never drank much milk/milk products until some months ago i decided to give it up completely. but i was wondering if in my case when not eating special healthy vegan foods it might be bad for me to just quit and not substitute it with anything? thanks for listening.
  4. i was wondering that if anyone has found out what causes dark circles to appear under the eyes... even if i sleep enough, i have them, so i can't say why is that, maybe some vitamin deficiency? and also i have red eyes which get watery very often... again some deficiency except sleep?
  5. How to eat vegan for a very little sum of money is a big problem for me too, and i can't say that in any ways (at least here in Estonia) veganism is cheaper... rather it is more expensive... for example Soy Milk (which is the only vegan product sold here :S) costs three to four times more than regular milk...
  6. i was just wondering... how long does it take approximately for someone that never has gone to a gym to see some results when training, and how often and how many hours a day is optimal to train?
  7. omigod bigbwii yuo is teh my idol, lol.
  8. i would prefer sugar instead of aspartame, which they use.
  9. Okay, i'm back from my vacation and feel that now is the time to start going to the gym, and i had some more questions about it. First - how many days a week and hours a day would be enough to trim the body and build some muscles? During the summer i did some bodyweight exercises - 3 times a day, 20-30 reps each (pushups, crunches, calf raises, neck curls, squats and bench dips), and maybe did gain some muscle but not really much.. so was that because i trained too little or is 1.5 months too short to see some results? I'll try to google the answers for the other questions i had but if that doesn't help... I'll be back!
  10. Thanks everybody! And i had some questions which i wasn't able to answer by googling concerning specific sports terms like... i mean, what are they? i know that shoulder presses can be done in a gym, neck curls need some weight things but how can i do them without a gym?
  11. I know first-hand that living with carnivoures when you yourself are a vegan is not easy - especially when others don't understand your choice... Due to circumstances i am not vegan but and ovo-lacto vegetarian, i just eat everything i can without the meat... It's just one more year until i can do the shopping and cooking for myself... Hope it will be easier for you too when you're on your own! Stay strong in will, that's all I can say! It will be easier in the future!
  12. I can also help with the website, and maybe even with the design if i find a free moment.
  13. hi, it's summer holiday for me, yey, and i've been thinking on really getting myself in shape during the time. the point is that the place i'm probably going wont have any gyms, and i'd have to rely on regular exercises like pushups or stuff like that... so if anyone knows the best exercises to build (all of the body's) muscles without any gadgets, i'd really be grateful.
  14. nettles, yes, they're good (boiled and the liquid rubbed on your scalp) also onion juice (freshly pressed, use the same as above) and the best of all, the boiled roots of the Burdock plant (picked in spring or autumn when there are no "flowers", 'cause they will get the "good stuff" away from the roots, also rub on your scalp) hope this was helpful.
  15. lol, unbiased and uncensored the articles resounding the ideas of the mainstream media are shown in a good light and alternative point-of-views are poured with adjectives like "supposedly" and "is claimed". Example: see what i mean? that's why they deleted the article. it was unbiased, in support of veganism. which is, according to them, biased. wikitruth
  16. 1) - 189 cm, 75 kg 2) - average from fitday results: 2698 [24% fat, 63% carbs, 12% protein], some days just 1000, other days up to 4000. depends on my mood. 3) - the regular stuff minus the meat, no special fortified thingies, no extra nuts or fruits. i just eat what i get my hands on. although i should (?) start to worry about some extra protein when i start going to the gym.
  17. Thanks for the welcomes. Sweet, i'll start by following that. currently none (well, a few lifts of dumbbells a day which clearly isn't enough), but maybe after, maybe during the summer i will try to find a gym. I just wanted to make sure that i wont just waste my time in the gym because of not having the right prerequisites to gain muscles. And any comments on the nutrients (zinc, vit.D and K) i seem to be lacking? Guess the zinc pills i eat make that up, but D and K?
  18. First i'd like to say hello and introduce myself. I am male, 17 years old, almost 2 metres (6.5 feet?) tall and I weigh 75 kilos (165.345 pounds?). I live in Estonia and am a lacto-vegetarian for the fourth year (hoping to become a vegan in a year when i'm off on my own...). EDIT: If there are some professional bodybuilding trainers or other skilled people, maybe that'd help if i'd put my fitday reports for the past few weeks here which i had questions about. nutrients: (the numbers are how much percent i take from the RDA(100%) ) Vitamin D 84.78% Vitamin K 78.98% Zinc 79% I take B12 supplement daily, and recently started taking zinc and quit the FERROMAX iron. Average Calories grams cals %total Total: 2621 Fat: 64 578 23% Sat: 24 220 9% Poly: 14 124 5% Mono: 21 188 7% Carbs: 454 1646 65% Fiber: 42 0 0% Protein: 80 322 13% Alcohol: 0 0 0% (as you can see i also don't use any alcohol ) /EDIT Recently I've had some thoughts on putting some muscles on my skinny body. (twice a week i do some tai chi, and i'm planning to go a gym maybe 3 times a week + the tai chi...) I'm currenty in the process of finding a gym nearby and I had some questions about nutrition (like all newbs...). I can search the web on all kinds of vegan bodybuilding recipes with strange foreign names in them, but the point is that in my country, there are about zero of them for sale. So I just have to accept the regular stuff minus the meat. And acknowledge the fact that i don't do the shopping nor do i cook. It's a rather challenging experience to be surrounded by meat-eaters and being dependent on them. Didn't expect the intro to be that long, just wanted to say hi. Peace, k.
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