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  1. I like the Jason range of products, and the aloe vera body rub, also good for toning the skin
  2. Are there any stores in europe that stock Vega? I just found a UK site that sells Vega. http://www.thinknatural.com/brand.php?selBrand=Vega http://www.gvtc.co.uk/vega/acidophilus.html Any more?
  3. Plyometrics is easy and fun, if you are in a group and do taibo or kickboxing or similar (could I .. dare I .. say aerobics?), even all(?) martial arts (except basic tai chi), although alone its a real bore. Your right that people need to focus on their activity. Flipping thru a mag might give people ideas to do new things, and see what their body responds to indeed. All the gyms push out the same old exercises, so why not?! But gyms don't offer diets, and that is one reason why I think people don't grow. With a concentrated diet - people putting on 1 lb of muscle a month, is what I have read is the going rate. But thats also from a meat eaters point of view. I don't know any points of view from vegan or nonflesh eaters. Can I, for instance, get bigger just flexing my muscles? If I isolate one muscle, and flex it for 15 reps, rest and do two more sets, what will happen? Doing this while bulking say with good food. (I try to stear clear of the word bulking, because so many people get confused that you have to diet afterwards because of fat. Just keep on looking after your body).
  4. That baking soda idea is quite ingenious, although the side effects preempt my immediate dip into it. But its like epsom salts and cod liver oils, is it not? I stretch out my aches and pains whilst breathing, and for me that releases the lactic acid, I believe. When I don't eat for a while, its really noticeable how my energy levels drop. Like it wants to shut down. Is this just from a lack of proteins? Anything I eat boosts me. Fried food doesn't give me the edge that I feel with raw food. Its like it allows my body to do something else, or observe it. Is it because the body must spend more time on digestion and assimilation? The proteins .. acids .. Trying to hunt down the links!
  5. I thought the good ones were in a (..nonmeatfree?) shell that only melted as it got into the intestines. But it looks like I'll be making my own now! Thanks artystik.
  6. Whats wrong with pollen? Enlighten me please. Why isn't it vegan? Bee pollen is bee poo, not of the bee, but passed from the bee, and bees are vegans too. I am a learning and near practising bee-keeper. But I don't understand why you said that Odidnetne or Tasha.
  7. Is there anyone here who believes its possible to get more muscular without actually lifting dumb weights? I only ask, because when working out lifting, sometimes nothing happens, and I believe that this is because we are facing some internal stumbling block, or external. And no matter how much you rep and burn, nothing really is happening because the focus is elsewhere. The Real focus. Or is it something to do with the body readjusting somehow? How? Why?
  8. The allium family includes onion, garlic, chive, leek, and shallot, and all very tasty. And all types of bulbous layered root.
  9. I know that a great man, a long time ago, never ate beans, "preventing acute hemolytic anemia in individuals with a hereditary deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in their red blood cells". So if your anaemic, then find out more. If not .. read on. Pythagoras was heard saying he did not eat beans because they reminded him of human cells,, more exact, "because they are like genitals" which I dont believe, I'm not sure how many of those he has eaten, hmm awareness of beans stemming "from reverence for life", as a foetal nucleus, nah, memories live on regardless of hat we consume. all above quoted from http://users.ucom.net/~vegan/beans.htm I'm not sure, but I think it was a bit more down to earth, and that a bean represented a whole plant, so you could eat 100 beans to fill your belly, or those 100 beans could be grown into plants for another 100 meals. Can you eat a bean plant? Do beans build up muscle tissue, are they just about protein?
  10. sea vegetables?! Is that like sea cucumbers, sea carrots and sea potatoes? Or more like yeah I saw it and i ate it!! Problem!! Naahh, no problem! I sea it and I eat it..
  11. Cosgrove Quote "I think it was Christian himself who once made an excellent point that you can really only gain two pounds of lean mass per month. I agree with that. So what's the best way to max that out?" Christian Thibaudeau "Under the best possible circumstances (perfect diet, training, supplementation, and recovery strategies) the average male body can manufacture between 0.25 and 0.5 pounds of dry muscle tissue per week. That is the amount your natural body chemistry will allow you to build. So we're talking about around one or two pounds per month. It may not sound like much, but that can add up to twelve to twenty pounds over one year of training." Where do they get these computations? What experience of mass building do you have, from your log books of course? While it's true that if you aren't consuming enough nutrients your muscle growth will be impaired, it doesn't necessarily mean that the more you eat the more you grow. Actually, it is true: the more you eat the bigger you'll get. However, this doesn't mean that you'll become more muscular! This will answer a lot of vegan vs. meateaters questions. Does insufficient protein intake will slow down muscle growth? What is it about bodybuilding that causes more lactic acid accumulation and therefore more fatigue? Is this true? Is there a counterbalance? Can you do a detox while building, or 'passify' that acid on the go?
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