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  1. strive for BALANCE when looking for Vegan Proteins. Non-fermented is where most of the studies are showing the health concerns and risks. But fermented soy like non-GMO tofu provide the good microflora to the intestinal tract that can help with digestion and assimilation of nutrients, and boost immunity. So one meal have some brown rice protein, the next have some seitan, the next have some tofu, etc, the next a Vega shake. Balance is what we should be striving for to be healthy Vegans!
  2. Gotta admit, I'm kind of in love with these now... http://vegasport.com/recover/performance-protein The packets are a lifesaver when I'm in a hurry. AND... I've always had a problem with the price of Vega (even though I know they are very high quality ingredients... blah, blah, blah ) BUT.. having said that, I now find the price a tad justifiable for this product because... 1) I don't have to buy Glutamine anymore if I'm supplementing with these. Since 2 servings daily utilizes 10 grams of glutamine (which is what i aim for), I'm getting it all in one 2) The convenience of those little packages when I'm in a hurry is a lifesaver. I just keep several in my glove box so I can have it as my protein in a pinch. 3) Mixes SO SO easily with water. 4) They have improved the taste of Vega protein tremendously. Can't speak for the other varieties but the performance protein Berry flavor tastes really good; much better than I remember it tasting. So I am going to be supplementing with this regularly now... Great product!!!!!!
  3. I also use it for 1 of my meals daily. I eat half a package of Trader Joe's beefless or chickenless strips which yields 28 grams of protein for that meal and very minimal carbs. I find it to be one of the best tasting seitans that doesen't add alot of extra stuff that makes the carb content go up. For chickenless strips, I will often turn it into a chicken salad by adding red onion, vinegar, salt, pepper, onion powder, a little sweetener and a small amount of veganaise and putting it in the food processor. For the beef I take some grilled onions, a little liquid smoke, pepper and onion powder. Since I eat alot of vegan protein, I try to BALANCE out my protein sources choosing different ones at each meal. One meal brown rice protein, the next high protein tofu, then next seitan, the next hemp protein, etc, etc.
  4. Sigh... I wish that some people would realize that when a new Vegan comes to a board like this and the 1st post he gets is to eat tree bark and aim for zero calories... you make us all look bad! Are you entitled to your opinion? Yes, but you hurt more than help when someone comes looking for solid advise on their Vegan PERFORMANCE diet and you tell them to eat tree bark. And to say that most Vegan dietitians would back your statements??? I'm not even going to respond to that hoping that most people will just know that is ludicrous. willisamsvk... follow the advise of junkinthefrunk. As far as performance, the diet advise would depend on what you are trying to increase performance FOR (sports, increasing muscle, losing fat?) but assuming you are trying to build muscle, switch to stevia for pudding if you like it sweet, increase your protein a bit and also try to increase your water intake as she previously stated.
  5. I'll be on the cover of the Fall issue! So excited and honored to be a part of this awesome magazine. You are so awesome for always sending opportunities and great people my way Robert. This mag is going to be a great success with Brenda behind it.. she's such a go-getter!!!!
  6. yes it's a bit harder but its absolutely doable. But I can't guarantee it if you do zero powders. I'm sure some people can... it's just not the "norm" that you can get a defined cut look without protein supplementation.
  7. I'm not around here as often as I used to be so I'm bumping this old thread here, particularly to RE-EMPHASIZE everything Vegan Essentials (Ryan) said and add a bit to it. I am currently following a Vegan Cut Diet to prepare for a photo shoot. It is not fun, I hate it... and SOMETIMES I experience low energy. It's something extreme intended for a short period of time to ellicit a specific physique result, but I feel its ALOT healthier on it than I would on 80/10/10. I'm comparing the two because they are both extremes IMO, not intended to live on. Point it, the higher protein, higher fat is ridding my body of excess fat but I still have enough energy to endure tough workouts and long cardio sessions. I do look forward to carb refeed day each week though. Anyone considering following this, I want you to consider this... Do you want to look young, healthy and vibrant??? Following a diet with this low in fat content is very bad for your skin and over time your skin will age faster. A good dose of healthy fats throughout the day are ESSENTIAL for the health of your skin. Even more important as we age! Your body needs FATS! Healthy fats are also great for fat loss! I just had my 43rd birthday. My skin looks awesome and I'm humbly proud of this, but it wouldn't if I was eating 10% fat for the past few years. I would start to look my age on that type of plan. I firmly believe that a Vegan diet can start to age you backwards WHEN DONE PROPERLY (healthy fats, healthy amount of protein, fruits, veggies, legumes and small quantities of grains)
  8. I work for a worldwide Vegan food delivery service, do one on one personal training and own an eco-friendly personal training studio. I always knew I would be happiest working for myself and not directly reporting to someone. But the truth is, there are challenges being self-employed as well. If a client is unhappy with me, there is no one but ME to fall back on and answer to. If my studio goes under, it was because I didn't promote it enough, no one else is to blame. But would I have it any other way? No. I love being my own boss.
  9. In love with PureFit Bars. My favorite. http://www.purefit.com/
  10. Yes. See my post #2. I had used this one as an example for the OP I'm also a big fan of PureFit Bars. Those came out after my post
  11. thanks everyone! Yes pazios, there will be training DVD videos on the site in the next couple of months for purchase. There's an intro video on there now talking about the program and we filmed some informational videos as well that should be available in the next couple of days on gobblegreengym.com or melissabrey.com Excited to be working with them...
  12. Hi everyone; I've had such a busy month my head is spinning. I'm opening an Eco-Friendly training studio July 5th but if that weren't enough.... I am phasing out my Online Training and Diet program BECAUSE........ I got an offer I couldn't refuse from a worldwide Vegan food delivery service called Gobble Green to be their spokesperson and diet consultant. It means quadruple the traffic to my website... DVD sales... media appearances and more... BUT.... part of the deal is that I no longer offer my online training and diet program. I will have a service that offers Food Log Assessment though for those who just want tips on what they're currently eating but that is all. SO... I've gotten hundreds of emails in the past 6 months of people interested but never signed up so this is probably the last chance. I think the new website will probably be up in 2 weeks under veganpersonaltraining.com and then I'm legally not allowed to do my diet and training programs anymore for the time being, so sign up now or forever hold your peace jk Love you guys and thanks for the continued support
  13. lobsteriffic; You will LOVE it. Like no other Vegan cheese they've ever put out. Call the company direct and maybe they'd be willing to ship you a smaller sample first. Order the cheddar though. That's the only one I can vouch for. So flavorful!
  14. Just a suggestion. Trick him. Buy some Tofurky Italian Sausages. Saute them with onions and peppers then slather them in a rich tomato sauce and serve on top of spaghetti. Serve it with a side of garlic bread Then say, "Hunny, I decided to make something Non-Vegan for you tonight just for a change of pace. He will LOVE it so much and so will the kids. Wait until they've cleaned their plates and tell you how good it was and then tell them "Uh-huh... that was Vegan" with a smile of course. I've done this several times... fooled people with foods they thought weren't Vegan and told them after. You just gotta find the right dishes to "fool" them with a couple times and I think they'll come around Good luck
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