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  1. sosso and vivalasvegans are right. People don't squat because it exactly mimics an activity in sport, they squat to get strong. And squats need to be deep to serve that purpose. Be careful with the idea of alternating half and real squats. At the very least don't consider what you half-squat to have any bearing on actual strength levels. You'll find that you can squat a LOT more high than you can to proper depth. The ego boost of the heavier weights will also probably make the idea of squatting less weight to a valid depth somewhat distasteful.
  2. Cool cubby, thanks for doing this. Can I get my squat to 425, bench to 255, and dead to 525? Thanks!
  3. I'm not much of an expert on weight loss, especially after heart surgery (!), but I can say with about 100% certainty that lifting 15lb weights for about an hour is doing exactly nothing for you. Once you're cleared for lifting, sometime in the future, Starting Strength or some variant of a progressive 5 X 5 program (ask or check Google if you don't know what those are) are extremely effective. But for now, 15lbs for an hour, is next to worthless. Sorry to only have negative input... possibly, until lifting heavier becomes an option, you could replace the current lifting with more cardio? Strength training is absolutely great, no question, but with the current restriction on your exercise and your goals, sticking to cardio might be your best option.
  4. People charge money for custom meal plans. I'm sure there's lots of people who you could pay to write you a vegan meal plan. Or you could use my Open Source Vegan Meal Plan: Breakfast: 1 Lb Tofu 1 Lb Broccoli Garlic Lots of nutritional yeast Second Breakfast: 1 Loaf Vegan Bread 1 Lb Peanut Butter 1 Quart Soy Milk Lunch: 1 Lb Tofu 1 Lb Broccoli Garlic Lots of nutritional yeast Second Lunch: 1 Lb Pasta 1 Lb Broccoli 1 Lb Tofu Sauce as desired Dinner: 1 Lb Tofu 1 Lb Broccoli Garlic Lots of nutritional yeast Dessert: 1 Quart Soy Milk 3 scoops Vegan Protein Powder 2 Bananas 2 spoonfuls Peanut Butter Works great. Just make sure to eat lots of snacks in between the meals so you don't go into a caloric-deficit.
  5. Looks like the routine is working really well for you, xphilx. Those squats numbers are looking good
  6. Thanks all. xphilx - yeah, her last deadlift was a little too light. Her goal for the next meet is to open with 225 (her last attempt at this meet). All three of us got first place in our respective divisions. But, we were all lifting unopposed As for the squat depth, well, I can't really help it. But it's nice not to have to worry about getting called on depth by the judges
  7. Happy birthday Crystal/Frostfire (assuming Robert knows what he's talking about ) That is a damn good overhead... ever given any thought do doing a strongwoman meet? You've got a great deadlift and good overhead strength, I think you'd do well
  8. My wife (vegan), her training partner (recently converted to veganism), and I all competed this weekend at a local powerlifting meet. It went extremely well, with lots of PRs set by everyone. I don't have video of my wife's training partner, but I do have our lifts up online: Me: Emelia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3w5eriigTs I'm especially proud of the progress my wife has made in the last couple months.
  9. Meta keywords are actually largely useless as far as search engines are concerned. But it's still not a bad idea to include some. Interesting overview of the topic (I thought so anyway) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meta_element
  10. Robert, are there going to be any sample chapters available online besides the About the Author section?
  11. I have to say that, during a particularly rough squat routine where I typically needed 8-10 minutes rest between sets, I have read the newspaper while I was resting One time I even brought in my math text book to read... I did make sure no one was around to see, though
  12. I've got one training partner who seems to like the five-fingers... but for a much less expensive, and probably better, option, squat in a flat-soled shoe like converse. Barefoot works OK as well, but isn't an option in a lot of gyms. Converse are perfect for squatting, and they make a big enough difference it's worth dropping $30 or so on a pair. Some people get by ok squatting in running shoes, but the fact that they're "squishy" is not ideal for squatting, or any weight-bearing standing exercise (like deadlifts). Marcina - any chance of getting a squat video up? Shoes might help, but it's a lot easier to give advice if I can see what's going on. - Eric
  13. I competed yesterday down just south of Fresno, CA. I weighed in about 270, putting me solidly in the Heavyweight Division.
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