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  1. Oh! I think I lied. It's ABA. I'm not super familiar with all of these acronyms yet:)
  2. Yes, it is. I'm looking at one that's with NGA in September. I just don't really know what to do for my diet and training. I've only been eating a vegan diet for 7ish months now and haven't tried to do anything so athletic yet. I just need some direction.
  3. Hey everyone! I'm planning on doing my first bikini comp this year! Booyah! Any information resource suggestions? I need help with a diet plan for about 4 months pre comp and also exercise routine. I've been finding things for bodybuilding/fitness comps, but not a lot for bikini comps! Can anyone out there help a girl out? Thanks!
  4. Is Robert's book a good one to read for bikini competitors?
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    Hi! My name is Charlotte and I'm so happy to have stumbled on this website! I've been on the vegan train since I finished reading The China Study in August of this year. It's such an amazing book! Definitely a life changer! I wanted to learn more about how to keep up my athletic lifestyle while eating a plant based diet. I've had lots of naysayers tell me it can't be done. So, of course I had to prove them wrong;) One of my good friends is inspiring me more and more to try a body building competition. That's definitley not something I had seen myself doing and it scares the heck out of me to even think about it. But! Do something everyday that scares you, right? Right:) I'm so happy to be here!
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