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  1. Hi Flanders! Your Avatar is precious!!!! Of course...we're trying to make a baby over here so anything like that just melts me... nice to meet you
  2. hm...these things might actually help with regulating your cycles, if you decide to give it a try. at least, i hear they're known to. i used to use the cream every day just starting out, so you wouldn't have to keep track. i guess it's a tradeoff ay? your cycles are irregular, but your periods are short and painless. i'm the opposite! funny about the printer...see that's what i mean! when you give over to those...uh...PMS impulses, sometimes it's for the best! ha, no seriously...the times i had the WORST pms was when I wasn't being totally honest with myself (like when I was in a bad relationship, or hated my job, or whatever). that's just me though, and pms is what it is! we all have our moments...hee...at least your darned printer is working!
  3. I hear you SeaSiren! I sometimes PMS two weeks prior too, but I can usually link it to having consumed too much caffeine, or some other such thing, and usually because I wasn't consistent with these things which have literally worked WONDERS on my PMS: 1. Vitex (Chaste Berry) tincture: you know in those dropper bottles 2. Dong Quai tincture: same as above I put about one and a half droppers full of each in a small bit of water and drink it in the morning every day. Some people recommend that you take the Dong Quai during the first half of your cycle alone ( like from the second day of your period to ovulation) and the Vitex during the second part (from ovulation to first day of period) and then repeat, especially if you plan to become pregnant, because Dong Quai is contraindicated during pregnancy. But for now, I just take them both together. I think there are even proprietary blends containing both, but usually in a capsule form which is prob. gelatin so I stick w/ the tinctures. 3. PROGESTERONE CREAM - OMG, this has been such a lifesaver. Emerita makes a good one and is largely available at health food stores, online, even at the Vitamin Shoppe. You apply it topically during the second half of your cycle to alleviate PMS symptoms (so for example, if your cycle is 28 days, you would use it from day 14 to day 28 only). They say to give it a couple of months to notice the difference but for me I noticed it right away. Let me know if you try it and if they work! And like I tell my husband, if I seem less tolerant during PMS it's because as a woman, I'm simply more in touch with my truth during this time. So I don't have my "nicey nice" filter on! And I embrace that, because I love being a woman and it's taken me a LONG time to get to that point.
  4. Yes bitches do rock! HAHAHA...cute.
  5. Hi Compassionate and SeaSiren! I've read LOADS of your posts on other threads (I've been lurking for hours now, ha) and I'm so glad to meet you both. Yeah, my Lulu dog (the black and white one) always sits on Bu. She's totally the alpha dog, even though she's much younger and female. They're so great! Thanks for your compliments, CG! Whenever people ask my husband how he "does it" (the vegan thing) he always says it would be totally impossible without me preparing all our food, since he doesn't really cook or have an interest in it at all. I'm still SO proud of him though for going veg/vegan without me even asking him. We went to this INSANELY wonderful vegan restaurant on our honeymoon in Kauai (The Blossoming Lotus) and he just decided then and there that that was it, and he went vegetarian that day in August, and then we both went vegan in November. Big deal for him, a kid who grew up in Houston TX and was raised on BBQ! Being animal lovers, and learning about the environmental impact was what really did it for him at first. And once he saw that there was another way, and learned more thru PETA and just educating ourselves by watching documentaries like "Earthlings" and such just locked it in for him. Now he doesn't have a taste for meat AT ALL, and we even go out of our way to avoid the meat counter when shopping at whole foods because the smell nauseates us now. It really trips him out to think that it was not that long ago that he was omni, when he can't fathom it now. He's so passionate about being vegan now, and in a lot of ways much more outspoken about it than I am, because it's had such a positive impact on his life. And being with someone who eats the way you do really brings you closer - a couple of my clients are married to omni's and it's very difficult for them. Speaking of awesome vegan cooking and the Blossoming Lotus, if you don't know about that cookbook, then you NEED TO!!! (The Blossoming Lotus: Vegan World Fusion Cuisine). My copy is totally beat up from getting so much love! It is amazing, and all your omni friends will be blown away by these recipes. They might not ALL be body building or fitness friendly, but they're vegan, and that's the important part!
  6. again, since i'm new, this is a delayed response! I think the deal is that since PMS is usually caused by an excess of estrogen circulating in the body, and that soy and soy isoflavones are plant based estrogens (phytoestrogens), that there has been speculation that soy can EXACERBATE symptoms of PMS. I have tried to reduce my consumption of soy products for various reasons - you know, since there are other alternatives for say, soy milk, I use almond milk instead. But I'm not cutting soy out altogether - just using alternatives when available, mostly as an experiment to see if I notice a hormonal effect. My husband and I looked into this because as fairly new vegans, and because he went "cold tofurkey" (har!) from being omnivore to vegan, we used a lot of fake meats and such that were soy based while he was transitioning. Then we heard about this news about how soy might not be as good for you as previously thought, and possibly even bad for you, blah blah, so he was concerned. A couple of things we came across and to consider: 1. Who funded the study (it appeared that it was funded by the meat/dairy industry - !! - go figure) 2. the amount of soy you would have to consume to have these so called side effects is ...well, crazy. I doubt you eat that much of it for it to have a direct effect on your PMS. I do know one thing: my cycles are much more manageable, even to the point of being able to embrace the process, since I went vegetarian and then vegan. I think the amount of hormones that was in the meat and milk I was consuming before DID have a direct effect on my PMS. So the short answer is, don't worry too much about your soy consumption...if PMS is really bothering you, I have some great herbal suggestions that have worked really well for me!
  7. I know this is an older thread, but I thought I'd throw in my two cents. compassionategirl, I can relate to your menstrual pains. I do agree with a lot of the other posters here that the pharma-hormonal approach is not the way to go, except in extreme cases....if you are having ovary issues, maybe a form of birth control like seasonale (the 3 periods a year thing) might be good because you wouldn't be ovulating and therefore not creating cysts, which tends to be a hormone related issue. The thing about it is, there are varying dosages of hormones and that particular hormone or dosage might worsen the problem, not alleviate it. (Speaking from veteran experience!) Not having cramps on birth control is one of those widely accepted myths, like getting skinnier on birth control or skin clearing up. Let me just tell you that for me, it was pure hell. My skin broke out so severely I had to take Accutane for a year AFTER getting off of birth control, my breasts exploded, I gained 15 lbs in 3 months, and was an emotional wreck. It wasn't worth the so called "payoff" at all. It took a long time to feel like I got back to normal with my natural hormones, taking a natural approach, and I feel like I haven't been the same since. For this, I'm definitely in the school of thought that vehemently is against fooling with the body's natural rhythms, instead embracing them and bringing them into balance (see below). I recommend trying Dong Quai and/or Vitex (Chaste Berry) in a tincture, a female balancing herb, and topical progesterone cream (Emerita makes a good one). These balance out your hormones, usually making symptoms of PMS and all cycle related issues (including OVULATION!) less of a painful experience and more the natural one it should be. I know you probably feel like you just want something to numb the pain, but it's important to get to the root of the problem, not just cover it up, yes? Hope this is somewhat helpful
  8. Hi Robert, thanks for the reply! I had no idea before I posted of the wealth of info on this site! I came across it by accident when I googled "wholesale vegenaise" - how random is that????? I'm so jazzed to find this...I've been reading threads for the last hour and a half.
  9. Hi, my name is Liz. I'm 31 years old, vegetarian for 5 years, vegan since November and LOVING IT! My husband went from omnivore to vegan in November too and he too is loving it. Feeling great. I even do vegan personal chef/consulting for 3 clients currently. I've always enjoyed cooking and vegan cooking is a wonderful adventure with numerous rewards! I've been a yoga instructor since 2003. However, I just joined a gym yesterday because I have never (that's right, I said never) done any cardio consistently and I feel like I better get started. I think my resting heart rate is a little high due to this. Before I started doing yoga in 1997, at the age of 22, I didn't exercise AT ALL. I've always been blessed with a small frame so it looked like I was fit, but got easily winded, etc. Still do. Though I have lots more lung capacity and muscle definition from my yoga practice, I KNOW I need to also do cardio and possibly light weight training. I kind of don't know where to start! A little nervous because the couple of times I've done things like elliptical trainer or spinning and exerted myself, my heart pounded SO HARD it freaked me out...and I got a bit light headed. Any suggestions from trainers would be appreciated! Or just say hello.
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