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  1. We'll see who's insane after I show you study after study, all independant, proving every single word I said, here we go: Why Soy Can Damage Your Health http://www.mercola.com/article/soy/index.htm (there's even a video on that one) Soy Myth Exposed: Soy is Not a Health Food http://www.mercola.com/2005/feb/26/soy_myths.htm The Dark Side of America's Favorite Health Food Revealed http://www.mercola.com/2005/mar/23/soy.htm Soy: For Your Health or Their Wealth? http://www.healingcrow.com/soy/soy.html The Dangers of Bread (and all grain products) http://www.mercola.com/2001/feb/28/dangers_bread.htm Bread: The Half-Baked Truth Revealed http://www.mercola.com/2005/mar/30/bread.htm Break The Bread Trap http://www.mercola.com/2006/dec/5/break-the-bread-trap.htm I'll limit myself to Mercola for now but if you want thw raw scientific studies they are all available also, I didn't just invent this out of thin air. I knew most vegans knew nothing about nutrition but geeze. When people think bread is healthy, they have a serious lack nutrition information. Bread, and grains in general, do nothign other than accelerate disease and death, they are incompatible with the human body, they are 80% sugar and have the same effect as eating white sugar, the exact same effect. The reason cats and dogs have so much diabetes is that rice, a grain, is used as the main filler ingredient, giving the animals diabetes from the tons fo sugar found in rice and any grain. Again, I'm going to find a forum where people know what the human body should be eating, because not many people here do. Anything cooked is recognizerd and treated as poison by the human body. Don't beleive me? Go have your blood test after eating raw food, then test it again after eating something cooked, the doctors will see a severe immune response lauched against the cooked food to destroy and eliminate it because it is poison, all protein turns to poison as it reaches about 200*F and triggers this immune attack. No to mention, eating 3 cooked meals a day requires as much energy as 8 hours of intense physical exercise, that's why people eating cooked food have much less energy. By eating raw food, I can use that 8 hours of intense energy to workout for real rather than trying to eliminate denatured/cooked food which is as hard on the body as a full day of non stop workout, it also obviously dramatically accelerates the aging process from stressing the digestive system so much every day (people eating raw food live to 100-120 without having a signle disease or health problem of their entire life, no one eating cooked food can live in such health, it's impossible).
  2. What about the baby that died due to their vegan parents that fed their baby just apple juice and soy milk? He's dead. Of course this has nothing to do with vegan and everything to do about the stupidity of the parents, anyone thinks a human can live on apple juice and soy milk is an idiot. About soy, the evidence against it is overwhelming if you do the research. It has naturally occuring MSG, as substance that's as toxic as aspartame found in diet sodas. It has enzyme inhibitors, cancer causing substances, and more. About grainsm they are quite unhealthy to humans as they contain 80% sugar and have the same effect and cause the same diseases as white refined sugar (diabetes, cancer, obesity, accelerated aging, crohn's disease, heart disease, etc.). Of course if you workout you'll burn part of that sugar and render it less toxic, but eating grains without working out is a recipe for disease and early death. OH MY GOSH!! I just saw the replies on the 2nd page, is this a forum of nutritionally ignorant people? Is this some sort of april's fools joke? If you people think youre so healthy and know NOITHING about nutrition I'm in the wrong place here. I thought this was for nutritionally informed people. Anyone who doesn't know by instinct that cooked grain bread is poison has serious nutritional problems. Bread causes many types of cancer (just about any cooked food becomes cancer causing, especially grains which are already cancer causing when raw), it also causes diabetes, crohn's disease, and many other diseases. The reason is grains are incompatible with the human body, and cooking them makes them even more toxic. I'm finding another BB forum, where people actually know what their own body is made to eat. Here's the final proof bread isn't natural: Has any of you ever seen a bread tree or plant? No. Bread is made by humans, anything made by humans is toxic. Find me a single person that regularly eats bread that made it to 100? By the way, people eating a raw food diet live between 100-120 (there is a country called Hunza where that is their main diet and the lifespan is between 100 and 120, with many reaching 140).
  3. Bigbwii, can you explain what you mean by: "building muscle on the raw lifestyle is not the same as it is on cooked food, therefore expectations need to be changed accordingly"
  4. I've seen Bigbwii's/TheFruitarian's posts on other forums since at least a year and I highly doubt he'd be lying about anything. To say he's definately lying when you yourself have no proof either is quite disrespectful.
  5. Whatch out about vegan cheese, most of it is pure hydrogenated oil. I don't know about you, but I'm mostly vegan (I do eat a few raw animal products) for health reasons, I'm not vegan for animal respect or stuff like that, so if you're eating vegan to be healthy, vegan pizza makes no sense, not to mention bread is extremely unhealthy, even if it's whole grain and organic (because grains are for birds, not humans, grains cause all sorts of diseases in humans). I know one vegan who is vegan only for health reasons, and his diet is more toxic than his old SAD diet. He eats soy, a neurotoxic cancer causing poison to humans, by the ton! I think it's pathetic to kill/shorten your own life to respect animals, but it seems that many vegans do it to respect animals while accelerating their own death with soy, sugar, grains, etc.
  6. I had made this javascript (only works in Internet Explorer) web page a few years ago to help me calculate which plates to put to make the weight I wanted because I was almost doing more maths than working out, now I instantly know what plates to put. There's a barbell and dumbbell version, they are set for my bar weights (45 pound barbell, 13 pound dumbbells) and plates but if you know javascript you can modify the values and code to match yours: Weight Calculator
  7. >1" bars will be far less cumbersome and therefore you'll be able to do more things with them I looked at a website with exercise animations and didn't see any dumbbell exercises where the extra dumbbell lenght would get in the way. Could you give me some examples? How long are 1 inch dumbbell handles? Mine are 20" which is quite long. OK I just found regular ones at 14". Does 6 inches more really make a difference? Especially when I can't find a single exercise where the extra lenght would be in the way. I did find another advantage for the olympic ones, they weigh 13 pounds by themselves, so less plates are needed. >Also for that price I can't imagine they'd last all that long. Price on eBay is irrelevant, you can get items worth $1000 for $30 and get the exact same quality as if you had paid $1000. Raw organic vanilla is one example that comes to mind, I get $1200 worth for about $50, and it's even better quality than the one sold at $1200 locally. So price is not an indicator of quality. Secondly, as I said I got heavy duty solid steel ones that weight 13 pounds each, the cheap hollow ones are 6 pounds each, I obviously didn't want those as they would have bent in no time. I think I wont regret my choice even though it was $60 more, at least it's still $800 less than the bowflex! I can also put more weight on these if I want to do bench press, squats or deadlifts with them.
  8. Why take them back? What would 1 inch bars offer more other than $60 savings? And no, I can't return either the dumbbells or weights.
  9. The ones I got weigh 13 pounds each (26 total), so I highly doubt they are hollow. That's why I avoided the cheap ones that said they had a 50 pound limit and got heavy duty ones. I just find it stupid now that I got olympic dumbbells for nothing, my reason was to use my existing olympic weights but now I saw the new weights they sell are completely different so I'll have to get a whole set of the new weights just for the dumbbells. The thing is, knowing I would have needed a whole new set of weights anyway, I wouldn't have gone with olympics and would have gotten regular dumbbells. So can anyone tell me if there are any advantages of olympic dumbbells over regulars so I least I feel like I didn't waste the $60 more I spent on the olympic ones? I assume they can hold much more weight than the small 1 inch dumbbells.
  10. Well I bought extra weight plates yesterday to fill 2 olympic dumbbells with up to 48 pounds each for now. I also got 2 olympic dumbbells on ebay for $30 for the pair plus $50 shipping to Canada. The weights are WAY cheaper than I thought, like 58 cents/pound I think! Also, the plates they sell now aren't like the ones I got several years ago when I bought the olympic barbell with 300 pounds. The old ones were solid, the new ones have 3 handles around each plate (even the 2.5 pounds!). So some are physically bigger in diameter than full plates to make up for the holes. Now I'm thinking I'll get a whole set of weights for the dumbbells so both dumbells have the same weights/sizes. But then I realized it goes against my point of getting olympic dumbbells which was to keep my existing weight plates. Anyway I figured it's not a bad buy because I'm sure these olympic ones can hold much more than the small 1 inch bars, plus they match my barbell as they are both olympic! So it will have ended up costing me: $80 ($30+50) for the 2 dumbbells $15 for the weights I bought already Optional: $26 to replace all weight plates to the new type for the dumbbells I'll wait a bit before spending that $26, after all the only problem will be different plates on each dumbbell. These are the ones I got: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260164577826 They are 13 pounds each without weights so I'll be able to choose between 13 pounds and 48 pounds in 5 pound increments (until I buy more weights). I think this is a good cheaper alternative to the $900 Bowflex ones. I'm not so sure I needed olympic dumbbells anymore now that I'll eventually get a plate set dedicated to them (the point was to use most of my existing weights). What advantages would an olympic dumbbell have? I assume it can hold more weight? One cheaper model had a 50 pound limit but per dumbbell but I spent a bit more for heavy duty models. Thanks
  11. I'm still taking a lot of protein because I'm not sure if I need more when working out. The reason I suppose you need more protein is that you DO need more calories if you workout right? Does that mean increasing calories without increasing protein? Or increasing both relatively? I'm not using raw food as a diet, I have no intention on stopping raw food until I die. My other 10% can be: -Pasta -Baked/boiled potatoes -Sometimes, but very, very, very rarely (as in maybe 4-6 times a year) because I know how toxic it is, whole wheat organic bread I'm from Canada.
  12. As I said, excess protein, raw or not, causes cancer and heart disease (which kill over 1.2 million americains a year). I'm eating raw to be healthy, if I have excess protein I need to know so I lower my protein intake. Is my high protein intake ok considering I workout or do I need to stay around 35g/day in any case to prevent cancer/heart disease? By the way I've been 90% raw for over a year. Thanks
  13. Excess protein leads to cancer and heart disease, so I want to know if I need to go down to the recommended 35g/day. Thanks
  14. I know we need 35 grams of raw protein per day, but do we need more when working out? If so, how much more? I already have excess protein in my diet (maybe 60-70g/day) but is this also too much considering I workout? Thanks
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