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  1. ping pong ROCKS!!! killer for hand eye coordination. i also like badmitten.
  2. try whole rye berries... cook them like rice, covered with twice the water. higher in fiber, minerals and protein and tastes awsome. also only like 50 cents a pound. boiled soy beans kick ass too. can replace other beans. just a 2 cent thought.
  3. lol at rubbing it in their face. i was actually thinkin about making a few t-shirts like.. "you just got knocked out by a vegan" and have a meat eater vs vegan animal and human... hard to explain, but on the meat eater side there's a fat dumpy bear and his human counterpart is a beer bellied bald guy. then on the vegan side there's a ripped up muscle headed bull and his human counterpart is a thick/solid vegan body builder. at the botom would say "which would you rather be?" what do you guys think? more for fun than anything...
  4. kollision... i am loving this site! how in the world did you come across it? i just got up the cajones to pull off the wall flip yesterday... whew! it took me about 5 tries and a few mouthfulls of dirt but i got it. thanks again. compassionate girl... thanks. the ruthless thing is more of a joke than anything, but u should see me in the ring. you might not think im so compassionate. and yeah... i am very glad that i no longer contribute to the horrors of the meat and dairy industry. i feel cleaner you know?
  5. I use to fight pro muay thai and did a few pro boxing fights. I also wrestled in school and did some jujitsu. I've never met a vegan fighter in any of those disciplines before and I'm currios how it effects performance. I've only been vegan for a few months, so my experiance is limited. I've never felt better health wise, but I'd like to know how it's effected anyone else over a longer time period... years.
  6. kollision... man that website is awsome! i just hit my goal on the backflip last weekend and didn't know what to do next. cheaked out the site.... man there's a ton of cool tricks to try out. thanks buddy... this will keep me busy for a while.
  7. hi my name's donovan, iv been vegan for about 2 months now, never felt better. i was converted by my wife. i hate that i didn't figure this vegan thing out sooner, but on the bright side... beter late than never. im a recently retired pro muay thai fighter and occasional boxer. going back to school for a real job. my goals are to put on about 5 pounds of lean body mass, to increase my explosive endurance to a solid half hour and to do a backflip without touching my hands to the ground.
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