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  1. Eat AT LEAST 80g of fat, I would eat more.

    try some peanut butter and avocado, lots of good saturated fats.


    The time to achieve hormonal balance again will depend on your body and lifestyle. Try to sleep more and AVOID stress. AVOID fights, AVOID anything that upsets you.

    I would wait at least one month.



    Bonne chance mon ami français

  2. Well, you have to consume more fat, probably the amount of fat you adjusted isn`t enough.

    Consume some avocados and nuts. If you can, try supplementing with some omega3 to see if you have any improvements (I just recommended this one in another forum post : http://opti3omega.com/ )


    Try eating less greens and more fruits and caloric dense foods. Perhaps even some cooked foods, like rice and potatoes, like `raw till 4` (never followed but some people do and say it is a good approach).



    If this doesn`t work you will have to go to a doctor and have your hormonal levels checked.

  3. Yes, I do use creatine.

    Allmax creatine is vegan and worked perfect for me: http://www.amazon.com/All-Creatine-Monohydrate-1000-Grams/dp/B001DYKCJQ

    In fact, all Creapure creatine supplements are vegan if you consume it in powder form.


    Protein I supplement with Soy Isolate in my post workout shakes. Some say that we don't actually need to take protein supplements, but I do just in case


    Vitamins and minerals come from my food, lots of fruits and vegetables.



    Hope I helped

  4. Heavier weights tend to burn more calories, so it burns more fat.

    Programs like the stronglifts ( http://stronglifts.com/5x5/ ) have a huge impact to burn calories.

    The downside of using heavier weights is that it is more dangerous for inexperienced lifters. If you are going to lift really heavy and ou are inexperienced you should ask for help from more experienced lifters, in order not to injure yourself.

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