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  1. We are indeed stereotyped as preachers. Most of us aren`t, but like mrbear said, people attack us probably due to guilt. They must feel threatened by us in some weird way, so this fear is what starts everything(they trying to `convert` us, they trying to prove us wrong either by saying that veganism is unhealthy or by saying that animals never suffer or that one person won`t matter). That happens a lot to me also and I always have to be really rude in order to stop it. Personally I think this guy is angry(or frustrated) because he wanted to have some kind of relationship with you that he realized he is not going to have. Is that even remotely possible?
  2. Well precision, people always prefer to believe in their own world. Their meat will always come from cows that lived a happy perfect life. Quoting the article: "there are very good places where the animals live better lives than we do and are treated with the love and care they need" And that is from a guy that claims that he knows as much about his food as he can. By the way, did you really call him dumb and selfish?
  3. Congratulations! Nice progress, really liked your profile on the main site =)
  4. Really nice conversation. I really like this one:
  5. Thanks, I wish you all the best also =D
  6. It is completely normal to have a slight diarrhea when you start consuming more fibers than you are used to - that is generally what happens in a diet change. That lasts for about two weeks until the bacterial flora in your intestines adapt. Never heard of a case like yours, most probably you have some kind of allergy or autoimmune disease. Is there anything that you don't eat ( or eat in incredible small portions ) when you are eating a meat based diet and you eat in a good quantity while trying a vegan diet ? I would check that, perhaps someone here could help more. Good luck
  7. Just subscribed! Thanks for the *bump* forklift
  8. Mr. Big is always good =) Glad to know you enjoy it. I met Eric Martin once, after a gig he stayed during 3 hours with the audience just chatting. Best show ever =)
  9. Racer X - Technical Difficulties ( Just Paul Gilbert in this vid )
  10. Are you using a heart rate monitor to check? Some say that it really helps to have an accurate one, never tried myself though.
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