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  1. I'm so bad at updating!


    11 Apr 2015 - Sat - Highland Games in the Park


    Weight Over Bar: 13 feet (with 28 lbs)

    Sheaf Toss: 14 feet (10 lbs bag)

    Heavy Hammer Toss: 39 feet 9.75 inches (16 lbs)

    Light Hammer Toss: 50 feet 7.75 inches (12 lbs)

    Caber: flipped "qualifier" caber and then the light one.

    Braemer Stone Put: 25 feet 9.5 inches (13 lbs)

    Open Stone Put: 29 feet 7.75 inches (8 lbs)

    Heavy Weight for Distance: 12 feet 8 inches (28 lbs)

    Light Weight for Distance: 34 feet 6 inches (14 lbs)


    First Highland Games event EVER for me, went in the novice womens class. There were 6 of us and I got 2nd place. It was super fun, gonna have to do more of these!



  2. Thanks EdensDemise, but no, not my first comp. Certainly one of the more laid-back and fun ones I've done in awhile


    22 March 2015 - Sunday


    Bench: warm ups

    10 x 95 lbs

    8 x 115 lbs

    8 x 125 lbs

    3 x 135 lbs

    f x 145 lbs


    Axle DL: warm ups

    10 x 110 lbs

    10 x 160 lbs

    10 x 180 lbs


    Shoulder Press:

    DB 3 x 55 lbs one arm at a time

    Log 3 x 100 lbs


    Took this week off lifting, that comp plus training right after (knew I shouldn't but couldn't help myself!) really knocked me out so I took some time off the gym. Next comp is a Strongman one in April, then I have powerlifting in Austin as a Plantbuilt team member

  3. 31 Jan 2015 - Sat

    Well, I've messed up and didn't update all January . D'oh!! The rundown:


    First three weeks of the month: Bronchitis and sinus infection . These hit me hard and long because the all the immune suppressant meds I take for my autoimmune disease . Missed work and the gym quite a bit.


    Last week: feeling better after a good round of antibiotics only to be hit with a huge "flare up", I often get these after being sick because I cut back on said immune suppressants when I'm really sick (yes, doctor recommends this). Haven't been able to lift all week, can barely walk . Tried to take the dogs hiking today but only made it about 50 feet before being in too much pain to continue!


    Jan. 16, 17: Strongman comp! Went to it despite being in the throws of illness at the time, was probably a bad idea but did it anyway.


    Farmers Carry: 155 lbs per hand, distance in one minute. I went 215 feet.


    One-arm Shoulder Press: 55 lbs dumbbell reps in one minute and I got 14! That is huge for me and I've really been working on this one lift in particular.


    Tire Flips: 350 lbs, flips in one minute. I got 12.


    Stone Carry: 160 pound rock carried 40 feet. I did it in 9 seconds (that time includes the pick)


    Yoke: 365 lbs over 40 feet, did it in 10.2 seconds.


    Deadlift for reps: scratched it, was supposed to be 275 lbs for reps and I couldn't budge it from the ground even once.


    Atlas Stone, 145 lbs over 54-inch bar in a minute. I got 4, almost 5 but I didn't get one over the bar and dropped it.


    Overall was pretty happy with what I was able to do being unable to breath the whole time, kinda bummed I was the only "lightweight" woman though so got first place by default yet again. I wish they had combined all the women into one class. I'd rather be third place behind the two "heavyweight" women that winning by default!

  4. Thank you CO for being an awesome mod!


    2 Jan 2015 - Fri


    Sqt: 10 x bar, 95, 135, 145, 155 lbs


    Frontiers: a few sad pathetic ones


    Good Mornings: 10 x 65, 85, 95


    Then some climbing. I've been bad this week and not going to the gym because I discovered hike sledding. You hike up a snowy trail and sled down. It's epically fun and I have been going every day this week instead of working out

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