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  1. Another Austinite. A great city for vegans.
  2. well, i thought he switched up. if not, my mistake. jonathan - 220 lbs - congrats. very nice.
  3. i started lifting heavy again a couple of weeks ago. this week, got 5 reps with 90 lb dumbells. bigbwii - how did you put on that much solid weight so quickly, just leaving the fruitarian thing behind? very nice, vegan essentials.
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    these ARE fast replies. i do a lot of weight training. and unfortunately i guess i'm now at that age (31) where i have to do cardio. i do some martial arts - philipino and mixed stuff when i can. i work 16 hour days at a treatment center and now i'm back in school so training of any sort has gotten tough. but hopefully this will halp keep me focussed.
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    i've been reading the forums for a while now and have finally decided to join. i'm not a true vegan - still have a little dairy and eggs but i guess i'm moving that way (a friend showed me a book that's made me realize even though i don't eat meat, i could still eat much better.) i've been into fitness for about ten years, since catching a glimpse of my 6'1 128 lb body in a window. i'm now about 195 give or take a couple. i suppose that's about it. i look forward to participating in the forums. ian b
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