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  1. I saw the new simpsons. I was very pleased it was super funny. I was worried that it would be a let down but it was definately worth the 650 to see it in the theaters.


    6.50 your movie theater only costs 6.50!!!! ours costs 10!!! but yeah i agree that the move was very good..

  2. Hi Jenny Penny.


    If you run at least three times a week, for at least twenty minutes a time you'll lose the extra layer. You will probably have to break up the running into two minute segments with a rest period of about a minute if you haven't run before, but you can gradually build up to running twenty minutes at a time.


    If you run more than that I would seriously suggest doing some upper body work or you may lose muscle in your arms and chest. I was doing body building at one point, and went from 69 kilograms to 84 (which is what I was after) but when I started running seriously and the weights tapered off I lost a lot of the upper body strength I had built up. Not to worry, I am still fairly sturdy, and my lower half is just as I wanted it, plus I finally have some abs (despite my belly never being flat after having had a baby.) But I'd ask here for good body weight and free weights excercises, and work out your own regime.


    Probably the best thing, if you have a busy life style is running, and on non running days weights. It won't have to take up too much of your time, and you'll feel great.


    I agree.. running is definitely a great workout to lose the weight... check out http://www.findyourdetour.com/ for some really great tips on getting the best out of your workout

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