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  1. What is a salt water flush? Also, I've had severe hormonal acne for the majority of my teenage years and the one thing that's helped, other than going on a birth control pill, was taking Zinc supplements AND watching the amount of sugar (including fructose *Watch Gum too*) that I was taking. It's obviously also important for this person to know that if they've just started eating this way...it leads to detoxification, meaning the body is releasing toxins = pimples etc. Also, if this person consumes any salad dressings, I too found that the MSG content in some of them (if not organic) could give me breakouts AND headaches/upset stomach. Hopefully she's feeling better!
  2. Personally I use the word Hemp...not emp lol, but I'm from Canada..
  3. The only thing I can say in reply to that vegan potter, is that the past is the past. Old eating habbits are that of it. old. From what I can tell your dedicated to fuelling and nourishing your body and that's what counts when it comes down to it.
  4. Wow thank you all for posting I had never heard of hemp butter before, I'll have to try it. I bought some hemp seeds the other day and they taste quite like sunflower seeds and a weird form of pepper...it's interesting!
  5. I'm not sure if this has already been asked for in this forumn...but I was wondering what the healthy diet of a vegan looks like. Preferably not a body building vegan (sorry mates! I'm not that hard core in to fitness) Any responses would be appreciated
  6. I found this article on www.voiceyourself.com (a website started by Woody Harrelson and his wife Let me know what you all think! Highs and lows of a hemp diet The Guardian Unlimited | UK, Tuesday, December 5, 2006 You would have to have been on another planer for the past couple of years to have not noticed the intensive campaign to put Omega 3 in everything we eat at the moment - it's even in eggs. Nutritionists, however, say that the amount of Omega 3 in these foods is usually minute, compared with the quantities you can get by eating oily fish. The trouble is, environmentalists, along with vegetarians are more than a little concerned by reports suggesting that at least 75% of the world's fish stocks are either exploited or significantly depleted. So where do we go for an Omega 3 fix? Those that go to health food shops or visit the specialist food section at their supermarket, will have noticed the invasion of hemp-based foods in recent months. Hemp oil, hemp seeds, hemp bars, hemp sauce and even hemp bread are among the foodstuffs now available. It is perfect timing really, as according to nutritionists, the hemp seed contains the perfectly balanced 3:1 ratio of both the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6. On top of that hemp grows plentifully on almost any type of ground and doesn't really require any pesticides. Convinced that hemp could be "the future", and assured that I couldn't get high or overdose on it, I decided to see how many different ways I could fit this new green superfood into my diet during a normal working week. It wasn't as difficult as it might sound. Monday Breakfast: Organic apple & cranberry hemp bar from Mother Hemp. Lunch: Veggie burger and salad with plenty of hemp oil from Yaoh and balsamic vinegar. Dinner: Hemp spaghetti from Yorkshire Hemp and sundried tomato pesto from Mother Hemp. I drizzle some hemp oil on too - as long as you don't actually heat it up you'll get all the benefits. Tuesday Breakfast: Natural yoghurt with dried fruit, honey and a good handful of hulled hemp seeds stirred in. Lunch: Busy, so have two Yaoh hemp bars - one with pineapple and coconut and the other with apple and cinnamon. Dinner: Noodle stir-fry with some very tasty hemp sauce (like soy sauce). Wednesday Brunch: Working from home so have a late brunch of hemp seed and rye toast loaded with grilled tomato, tofu and mushrooms. Dinner: A cheese and tomato topping with pancakes made from Yorkshire Hemp's pancake mix. Thursday Breakfast: I've been very organised and soaked a pack of shelled hemp seeds overnight so I can make some milk using my Yaoh milk maker. After a minute or so the machine delivers a couple of pints of the stuff. It tastes mostly of water, but is drinkable and feels very healthy. The machine can also make milk from almonds and other nuts. Lunch: Gillian McKeith hemp bar and later in the afternoon some flavoured hemp seeds from the Good company - a decent alternative to crisps and nuts. Dinner: I make a warming winter stew with lots of root veg and thicken it up with some hemp flour. Has a bit of a grainy, spicy taste and texture, not overly keen. Friday Breakfast: Make a hemp milk smoothie with bananas and strawberries Lunch: Rye/hemp bread with soup Dinner: A big salad with roast vegetables and cous cous with hemp seeds stirred in. The verdict The oil and hemp sauce are probably the most hemp popular products available at the moment. Hemp oil is quite strong, a bit like walnut oil or how you'd imagine brazil nut oil would taste. You can mix it with other oils or a bit of balsamic or white wine vinegar if you find it a bit intense on its own. I think the bars will become a regular habit, they had a good flavour and were very satisfying. Most are raw and don't contain any sugar, butter or salt, unlike most other supposed "health" bars. The pancakes made a good meal, as did the pasta and pesto, although it would be hard to drag me away from wholewheat pasta permanently. The milk wasn't exactly to my taste, but neither was soya milk when I first tried it, so I'll preserver and probably stick to mixing it with something sweeter. The recommended amount of hemp to get all your omegas is 100 grams of seeds or 30 grams of oil each day. I've easily managed this and think I could keep it up. You can just have a spoonful of oil if you think you haven't had your quota. I could be imagining it, but after a few weeks of keeping going with some of the foods, I'm sure I feel more alert and my nails definitely look healthier. Note: A full version of this feature appears in the January issue of Lifescape magazine
  7. While reading along about eating more protien I was curious as to what all of you consume to meet your daily protien amounts. I'm 5'4, 120 pounds, don't consume any meat (no fish etc) barely eat cheese and don't drink milk (it really messes with my skin) I went to a nutritionist who told me to drink Whey Protein drinks, but basically I felt like I had to completely cut back on eating carbs to fit the protien drinks in to my diet..so what do y'all do? Any advice will be appreciated
  8. Thank you all for your replies I think that personally my food choices at first had very much to do with my past eating disorder..it's a food control thing, but in no way did I feel that that happened with everyone, which is why I was asking in general. I actually got the chance to read the autobiography of vegan_lucky_3 and was really taken aback with the very end line explaning how a vegan lifestyle had in fact given them the ability to take control of their eating "eating to live, not living to eat" and honestly, that made me look at what I had done in a completely different light because right around the time I had decided to become a vegetarian was the exact time that I started getting healthier. Interesting... As for the things that veganpotter posted lol, they're quite interesting. I read what you eat on a daily basis in one of the other enteries and yes, you do love your food! lol but it's a passion and it doesn't seem like it's taking over your life (from what I've read anyways) so I don't think it's quite an eating disorder at all, more so a great love of food
  9. From what I've learned, attempting to stay out of the sun is a good thing because the sun's ultraviolet rays depelete moisture in the skin and the fact that they can burn the top layer of epidermis. The vitamin D aspect is why I'd think it would be okay to not wear it each and every day..the sun is natural, but like everything..moderation is key.
  10. Does performing power pilates harm the body more than help it? I was thinking about getting a "power yoga" video, but was unsure if it would end in me straining my back and/or other body parts, let me know what your views are
  11. Has anyone else here experienced an eating disorder and is also now a vegan?
  12. Heyyy! I was wondering if anyone knew any easy changeover recipe's from the regular run of the mill pudding and mayonaise to vegan ones. I've seen a few tofu mayoniase recipe's, but I was wondering if there were any others. Thank you ALL for any help offered
  13. Thanks for all the information, it was really great to have someone around who's from the area to ask things. The weather there sounds amazingly unlike home, here we have hot summer months, then the fall where it's kinda drizzly, then cold cold winters..I hate the cold! It'd be nice to see what living in a different climate would be like. The whole "highest minimum wage rate" thing is definitely a perk, I had no idea it was lower elsewhere. Where I am minumum wage is $7.75 and it's going up to $8.00 in February of 2007! I would also like to thank you for the job search link, I'm surely going to put it to good use in the next year! I don't seem to have anymore questions about things but thank you for all the time you put in to replying to me
  14. oooohhh that's awesome that you replied! thanks a lot! I definitely have a billion questions because I'm seriously thinking about moving there in the not so distant future. What's the weather generally like? Are there jobs available? What's the general cost of living that you know of? Is it safe? Clean? It looks like it would be amazing, right between kinda B.C. and California..if we rule out Washington and what not lol..
  15. Most people I've talked to wished they had the determination to rid a part of their own diet to become healthier for it so I'm thinking sometimes people are taken aback at others being so committed and generally don't know what to say so they just say anything...even if it's ridiculous. What you're doing is great! Also, trying to inform them in such a polite way was really good of you. Who knows in a few months time, someone who you never thought you would've impacted through your lifestyle change could follow your example!
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