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  1. As much as it kills me to type, I can't see any team but the Lakers going to the finals from the west... No one will contend with them, I'd be shocked if anyone in the west is able to take them to a seventh game, I could see them doing it in 5 games in the western semi's and in the conference finals...


    As for the east... No doubt in my mind that the Cavs come out of there almost uncontested...


    So Lakers vs. Cavs...


    Now the diehard Suns fan in me picks the Cavs to win it all, but I'll be honest, I won't be shocked by any means if the Lakers win it.


    Anyone other than Cleveland and L.A and I will be completely and utterly amazed.

  2. Haha thanks for all the nice words guys, the comment about being a real fatso then changing made me laugh a lot.


    Well yeah I guess here is the story behind it all... It was August of 2006, first day of my junior year of High School and I was a real fat guy, I remember sitting in my chair and my gut touching my desk, and then comparing it to the guy next to me who had so much wiggle room in his seat... I was way too big, so I went to my school lunch and my vegan friends were sitting there talking and eating their food and I remember just being really concerned about my weight so I talked to them about vegetarianism. I figured I would try it out, I mean I had nothing to lose, except like 100 pounds ... From just turning vegetarian I lost about 20 pounds fairly quickly, before the switch I was eating big meals from Wendy's everyday, and junk food all the time. I started going to the gym after I started feeling better about my body and that added to the weight loss. I wasn't all that great at working out, but the weight kept coming off, until I hit about 200 pounds. When I weighed 200 I just sort of hit a plateau. This was summer time after that school year so May of 2007, I then went to the gym twice a day and would do cardio workouts to burn about 1,000 calories a day, in July of 2007 I turned to the vegan diet, these two steps helped me lose the last part of the unwanted weight. This last year I got out of my gym routine which saddens me, but this summer I am getting back into it, I'd really like to tone my body...


    I really do look back a lot and think about how much better of a life I live due to the steps of vegetarianism and veganism I took in my life, I had been trying for years to lose weight, but with this lifestyle change, and my motivation, I was able to accomplish something that I am so grateful for everyday. I also stand for something now, it's made my life so much better. I'm an all around happier person, I thought I was happy back then, but honestly I changed for the better all around after the transformation.


    You guys all rock, thanks so much for your support, I hope to be able to put some more progress pictures up in the coming months with some muscles on my now scrawny white body...


    P.S. Robert that article about you is awesome, Calvin is my work-out companion, I got the extra shirt you gave him, thanks a lot, the new design is so awesome.

  3. A senior picture of mine


    That's me in a green 2XL for some reason


    And here's just one more random one


    Well yeah, I went from 270 I believe, maybe even more, I didn't really keep track back then, to now 172. I am going to the gym to try to gain weight now to try to one day maybe in my wildest dreams be able to come close to being like Robert Cheeke... Thanks for checking this out guys!

  4. I have been checking out this forum for awhile without posting, I really enjoy lurking it. My friend who posts here has been encouraging me to post my progress pictures so I finally decided to.

    These pre-pictures are from a couple summers ago... Before I went vegan.


    Then this one, I look so pissed...


    And now since I went vegan

    With my license plate... I'm a huge Suns fan, sorry...


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