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  1. I'm not all that worried about it, just curious. I guess at 18 my hormones are peaking and it's more common, all i know is i'm eating well so i am not worrying.
  2. Only been about a month or so since i've eliminated dairy....Gave up meat before summer. I don't drink carbonated drinks or anything either and my sugars mostly come from fruit.
  3. I keep my diet pretty clean, usually fresh fruits, veggies, sprouts, and nuts. Also cooked beans and rice, and some cooked grain, but I still seem to have skin problems. I know skin problems are usually a sign of detox, as is acne. I have problems with eczema on the insides of my elbows and at the inner base of my wrist. Also, a good bit of acne on and around my chin, mouth. Not sure if it's a food allergy or what. I eat very little processed foods... Don't think i'm deficient in anything either, I eat a wide range of foods and usually supplement. I drink probably 3 or so liters of water a day, plus what's in fruit, any ideas?
  4. Well I registered a while ago while I was still using dairy, but i've given that up for 1-2 months now, not really sure. I've started training again and am noticing more energy and gains since going vegan. Hope to become more active in the forums now...
  5. How is the Pure Advantage Natural Pea Protein processed? Would it be considered raw by raw foodist vegans? Anyone had good results with it? I'm really interested since they got the berry flavor at vegan essentials.
  6. I just got an email from them, within a few days they will have 2 new pea protein flavors including chocolate mint, and mixed berry! This is awesome for me, after I replace the protein powder i'll be a vegan!
  7. I'm a vegan by diet right now, my only problem is I have been using whey protein. I'd like to substitute it with pea protein or something like it. What i'm wondering is how does the pea protein mix with fruit smoothies, is the taste neutral or anything? I bought some rice protein but I absolutely could not get past the taste of it. Veganism is something i'd really like to do, but i'm only 18 and have to buy the powder myself so I need something cheap. I'm into weightlifting so I need the powder for sure. Any ideas? Thanks
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