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  1. Never touched the weights before turning vegan. I can't say that my physique is truly impressive in bb terms, but I'm fit and strong.
  2. I don't get it... Do they have a fixed "endage" and then substract years based on your lifestyle thus giving you an estimate of how many years you have left? Is it a good thing if your "RealAge" is younger then your real age?
  3. You can't compare humans to cows in this manner. Grass gets cows huge? Come on...
  4. Good luck! I wonder how your strength will increase as you are doing this, so keep us posted!
  5. I'm between intermediate and advanced on most exercises... Seems about right.
  6. I do realize that natural bodybuilders are never gonna compare to the pro's... But nevertheless I'd like to know how vegan bb compare to nonvegan natural bb. For example, has anyone ever gotten over 100kg-mark?
  7. I know there are some great physiques on this site, but in terms of bodybuilding I've seen no vegans that could compete with the likes of cutler and coleman... yet! Do they exist? So what I like to know is... Who is the biggest vegan bb you know? Pics please...
  8. Yeah, I'm not really genetically gifted. I've also suffered from asthma and skin problems for most of my life. It's gotten a lot better since I turned vegan though. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out immediately.
  9. Thanks for the post. My allergies are quite serious, severe swelling of my face, lips and throat (which makes breathing impossible) have happened several times. I think I will try to cycle proteinsources from day to day, and see how that goes.
  10. Thanks, I've considered this. But I like to try and get my protein without shakes as it is very likely I'll just develop a hemp allergy.
  11. I just logged in to post this article, but you beat me to it!
  12. Which one are you? And "roid_rage", are you on roids or is the name just for fun?
  13. Welcome! 2000 calories is not nearly enough... When I started I was around 62kg @ 1m80 and I've found that in order to grow I need at least 3500 a day. My record is 8000 calories/day So.. eat and you will grow!
  14. Hey everyone, I have a problem and I hope someone will be able to give me some advice on this. Ever since I turned vegan I've been struggling to get enough protein in my diet. You see, I'm allergic to a lot of things and I develop food allergies pretty quick. I've always been allergic to nuts, but luckily there are enough other proteinsources. For some time I got my protein from various sources, but mainly rice, and then I developed an allergy to rice. Then I switched to soy, which worked well for the past two years. But now I've developed an allergy to soy as well and I'm kind of lost. Any thoughts?
  15. Not much progress, but what do you expect over a twee week period? Save these pictures and take some new ones over 6 months. Good luck!
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