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  1. I stumbled across a great post on another board with tons of ideas for getting your protein, as well as a pretty complete list of the protien content of a number of foods. It is: http://www.vegsource.com/talk/beginner/messages/145301.html I think the author is Bryanna Clark Grogan, who writes vegan cookbooks. She also lives in BC and happens to host her website through the company I work for...small world! Best of luck, AM
  2. Hello! 22 yo guy in Vancouver, BC here. First-year Kinesiology student as of September (nerves shot, completely). Just getting back into veganism after about a year break (was vegan for about 6 months before that). Can be hard without a supportive group of friends, but I'm working on that, too. Been lifting for around two years now, recently (2 months ago) started a new program that I worked with a trainer on, and have been happy with the results thus far. I focused before that just on losing weight, as I was quite a bit heavier, and lost about 110 lbs, all said and done. Now it's time to fine-tune things a bit - bring on the visible abs!! Anyway, looks like a friendly board. Glad to be here AM
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