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  1. I have a similar problem. I have run 18-25 miles per wk for the last 3 years & still fall into the obese BMI category (5'10" 215lbs). I went vegan in April 2012 & lost 15 lbs right away, but nothing since then. I switched to HIIT last week & it feels like I'm getting somewhere, but too soon to tell. I sent my doctor an email this morning (before I saw this thread) asking if hormones could be part of the problem. I'll report back if anything interesting comes of it!
  2. Hey Arvid, I'm new here too....my baby daughter (21) is leaving Texas & flying to Rammstein today. She's spending a month w/ our other daughter & son in law there. Greetings from Texas!
  3. Thanks for the welcomes. It's not as big of a deal to be vegan in TX as people probably think. Believe it or not, a lot of our streets are even paved now & not that many cattle roam the towns. But you do have a valid point - it is much more abnormal here than other places. I'm working my way back from a bout with the flu, so it will take a while to get into the swing of things here, but I look forward to getting to know everyone. Again, thanks for the welcomes!
  4. Hi yall! I am a 51 year old male in San Antonio, TX. After a bad EKG, I was lucky enough to find the movie Forks Over Knives & have been vegan ever since (April 19, 2012). Within a couple of months, my cholesterol went from 247 to 140 and my wife's went from 297 to 148. My wife & I are both active & are members of a run group. We just finished two half marathons & a 35 mile bike ride. I'm a member @ Gold's Gym & am 15 miles from finishing my 2012 goal of running 1,000 miles this year. Last years' goal was to run a marathon, which I was fortunate enough to complete in Nov '11. I'm taking a look at the 2013 goals now, and would like to focus more on weight training. Even with all the running, I've still got way too much body fat and so I've come here to learn, make new friends, & meet new goals. I'm looking forward to it!
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