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  1. You go girl! Your body will adjust to the green/veggie juice, it just might be a shock to the system for now. I've been nauseaous from wheatgrass juice before, primarily when I haven't consumed it in a while. Great job though!!
  2. Well.. that depends upon how you define benefits.. Is fully cleansing more important, or building muscle/strength? Because they both need to happen at seperate times... You can absolutely cleanse your body while remaining physically active and drinking green smoothies/eating fresh foods. But to me.. at least from my experience. Smoothies and juice are similar, but very different worlds from one another, as far as cleansing goes. I feel that now... smoothies are feeling way to heavy for me, so I'll be remaining on juice for awhile. I really wanted to continue running while doing this.. but it will have to turn to jogging for awhile.... I can feel, right now, that my body WANTS to cleanse... But, you can absolutely reap benefits from green smoothies, maybe start with that.
  3. I personally, eat as instinctively as possible. I go to the CO-OP/natural foods store..and just "feel" what foods my body needs at that time. I try and eat for nourishment purposes, really to me.. I've found this has nothing to do with calorie consumption. It has everything to do with if you're body is getting what it needs Proper nutrition is of ought most importance. Like I know that I can consume 700 ml. worth of juice right now... and feel completely FULL. Like, my body needs NOTHING else. That isn't enough calories at all... but my body is being nourished. And proper nutrition I feel, is slightly different for everyone. ~~~ Giacomo, thank you darling! I am so glad you are following my little journey... and you know it had to be slightly hidden and artsy right?? I am slowly revealing myself.... I do feel one day I will start giving talks about raw foods, but I'd like to do a full juice feast first... I have experienced SO many profound miracles because of it ... how could I not fully bloom one day, and spread the word... I look forward to your feedback and such on my blog, I finally opened up comments to everyone.
  4. Aw.. thank you everyone! And Harley, definitely doing blended foods would help out. You don't lose much weight at all.. especially if you're training on top of it. So, you could always do juices & blended foods. Check out www.juicefeasting.com and google "Global Juice Feast" for other blogs. And thank you William !! I always want to do cleanses..haha sometimes it really hard for me to "accept" the fact that my diet might just be enough... but, we'll see how clean I can get.
  5. Ok, so.. with the inspiration of the lovely lovely Giacomo, and plenty of other wonderful, brilliant, beautiful juice feasters over this past year. I'm finally doing it. Not sure if I'll do the full 92 days right now...I want to wait until the winter for that. But my goal is at least 53 days. I am currently on day 6 now... http://andesuma.blogspot.com/ also, check out... www.myspace.com/andesuma
  6. Congratulations on sticking with everything even though you haven't been feeling well! Perhaps doing the juice fast is a bit ambitious for your move? I remember the last time I moved, I planned the same thing, and ended up faultering because it was all just too much. And I have INSANE willpower..so..haha So, just warning you; remember to forgive yourself, if things do not "go as planned". Also, (I believe) you are experiencing detox for cleaning up your diet! That is a wonderful sign, your body is cleaning house. Your periods will get better the more you improve your diet... or at least, I have found that to be the case for myself while I have improved mine. I use to get PMS/cramps, etc. when I would get my period.. and now I hardly even get it! I've gotten my period maybe once in the past 2 years. Though I still ovulate. What I have found very interesting about 'doing the raw food experiment' on myself, is ... a lot of what society or, our culture pass off as "normal" (like periods, cramps, headaches, etc.), really are not normal at all. I suppose it's like the saying... 'just because something is considered 'normal', does not make it any less bizarre'. Also, I use to suffer from MASSIVE migraines, I had to stay in a completely dark room...with no light, and no sound. I would also experience headaches regularly. The more I improved my diet, and finally after colon hydrotherapy and raw foods.. I have not had a headache in about 5 years. I also haven't been sick/ill/nothing in over 6 years. Raw foods + colon hydrotherapy = magick! Great job sweetie!
  7. mmmmmmmmmm... broccoli sprouts are SUPER good for you. They contain over 1,000 the nutrient content of broccoli itself (I believe) Sprouts are definitely powerhouses. But it's probably better to just grow your own.. than buy them, because of bacterial content and traveling long distances. Great job girl! I hope you've had time to rummage thru Angela Stokes website a bit. Also, where in Washington are you moving to??? I am primarily in Oregon these days, but am usually in Washington at least once per month, we could have raw vegan potlucks! I know a number of raw vegans in Washington, and they have a great networking community in the Seattle area
  8. goin dancin' goin dancin' goin dancin'! Tomorrow, I hope. And more often after that, Robert you bet I will be taking you!! <3
  9. You go girl!! *snap snap* *snap snap* More Greens! hahah But I was thrilled to see a salad!
  10. OMG!!! these are so awesome... But that photo.... the one with Potter jumping roping!! holy moly!! That is the best one so far. I <3 Potter! haha I <3 sillyness.
  11. Amino acids are in everything! And I'm excited for Tasha to join me tooo!! We will have to make some special Durian drinks for each other. I have two people joining me now! exciting!
  12. Oh, oh! I really like July 18th!! oh oh!! You go girl
  13. I figured you might have liked Sex & the City (in a good way ) I watched it when it was first coming on HBO.. long ago... then when I bought the Seasons, I got my ex SO into it..hahah Though now I don't feel as deep of a connection to it as I use too.. but I still enjoy some of the fashion and story lines.. Also, yes I'd love to explore cemetaries! there are plenty in Portland. There are a lot of really beautiful spots here...
  14. Ok, what Vegan Vacationers/whoever, want to go dancing?! Saturday night, @ the Holocene? This is what's going on... ROCKBOX is a dance party. Pure and Simple. The triumvirate of DJ KEZ (KBOO, THE FIX), Matt Nelkin (KPSU), and Dundiggy (THE FIX) play a masterfully blended mix of fun, dance oriented Hiphop, R&B, and Old School Electro with a dash of Bmore, Dancehall, 80s, and House thrown in for good measure. As die-hard record collectors all three Dj's play exclusively vinyl. Every set and every ROCKBOX dance party is a custom experience with these cats digging into their seemingly bottomless crates to pull out the beats that make you want to sweat out the work week. More than just another gig for these talented three, ROCKBOX dance party represents their long held vision of merging the classics alongside the progressive. http://www.holocene.org/calendar/ I am a complete sucker for good music and good dj's, and the Holocene has never disappointed. (Though I've only been on gay nights) But, I think it sounds fun, and really need to get out more/go out dancing more. So, I figured I'd suggest it...
  15. Women can be masculine too I wasn't meaning gender specific. Not to say I am not androgynous, I am. Definitely. That is what I love about vegans, they are predominantly androgynous by nature. Because they are more intune with nature, both male/female. But most of the girls seem to be more on the masculine side of things... sometimes, which is why I vote chick flicks, sleep overs and make-up nights! k? haha That's all I mean about balance. And I do still secretly want to see Sex & the City, it's kind of like an obligation...
  16. Disgusting.. Well... since I have no one to walk around Portland with, explore cemetaries and converse with this year... Sex & the City it is!!! Do you see my options here?? But seriously.. no, my friend said it was really bad....
  17. Oh maaaan... I totally wanted to see the Sex and the City movie.. but my friend Sarah talked me out of it last night. Bummer. I think all movie outings should be chic flicks to feminize the predominately masculine nature of VV.
  18. Great job with grocery shopping!! I look forward to seeing more variety in your daily intake! hah July 15th was a good consumption day, definitely adding one or two big salads to a day like that would be an ideal place to start! But you're doing well, and improving beautifully, so great job! Your body needs hydration above all else (not just water, but REAL hydration from fruits and vegetables), so that will help with your 'elimination' issues.. and is more needed for your body than the laxie tea Just a thought. But awesome job !!!
  19. Thank you so much. I feel as though you see me on a bit of a more real level than most.. and I appreciate it more than words. You are amazing as well, and your vibes are very pure(emotionally/energetically), I dig it And I'm sure you'll be seeing me at Proper Eats later tonight, so you can have some veggies with your fruit..
  20. Just wanted to tell you, you're a total hottie!! It was a pleasure meeting you last night... I wanted to speak with you more, but I have a difficult time..because I just want to engage in intimate conversation with everyone.. hah
  21. aw...this is brilliant, I am so glad you were able to get out of it as much as you have! It is a very special experience. When we fast, cleanse, etc. we must always realize that that is truly when we gain something, not lose something. We gain more insight and vision into our inner selves than would have been previously dreamt of I really do feel as though.. raw foods, fresh foods, and cleansing is what makes our dreams into reality in this life. It is what gives us the strength to go deep enough, inside, to realize our passion. I am proud of you..and inspired.. and...and, yes, Congratulations. Your photos are stellar.. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but your photographic nature has become intensely clear while you've been cleansing... I notice the same things happen with my photography when I am eating and feeling very fluid.
  22. aww.. you're so sweet Tasha! thank you Same to you girl! And yes, in my eyes, this posting felt very negative. Because it's only seeing one side of a topic.. rather than viewing the whole. And understanding that there are 2 sides to everything. Also, I have found that some raw foodists... just look better in person!! I could list several, but the first two that come to mind are... Ani Phyo and Tonya Kay. Photographically.. they look stellar; but in person they look even more phenomenal!!! PURE RADIANCE. So sometimes people aren't as photogenic as their energy is.. So, while Gabriel Cousens might not look in his 20's when he's in his 60's (I believe?), his energy in person might feel extremely youthful... you never really know. Especially thru a photo, to make those kinds of judgment calls. Oh and here's Anthony.... http://www.rawmodelcom.blogspot.com/ http://www.rawmodel.com/images/model4.jpg Also, Angela Stokes is an insanely impressive raw foodist... http://www.rawreform.com
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