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  1. Hi! I understand how you feel completely! I have always had gluten/wheat sensitivities, so it was always very minimal in my diet.. a lot of people have these and just aren't area of it, so at least you are aware! Also, a bit more recently, since I've cut soymilk and soy yogurt(organic Wildwood kind) out of my diet, I've developed a weird allergy to them. They make me feel awful now! Tempeh is still ok though.. but I rarely consume it these days.. Perhaps focus on fresh (bulk if you can) organic tofu, and edamame. Other sources, could be lentils, garbanzo beans etc.. And no one has mentioned chlorella or hemp protein yet... they are by far the best choices in my opinion. Check out: www.brendanbrazier.com His book "Thrive" is probably one of the best books you could read for information on maintaining good health with an active lifestyle. good luck!
  2. loveliberate -- Yes! yes I will be there! robert -- thanks! and yes I will be making plans to go to the Vegan Vacation in August, it sounds great! _raVen_ -- aw..well I think all of my years of dance made Pilates come incredibly natural to me... but there are SO many forms and levels you can work at, you really have an amazing variety... if you have any questions at all, just let me know... : ) thanks everyone for being so welcoming!
  3. Greetings! I am new to the forum(per recommendation from Robert), and wanted to introduce myself.. This seems like a very open and informative place, so hopefully we can all gain something from one another. : ) My name is Courteney, and I am vegetarian since birth(raised), vegan since the age of 11(going on 11 years now), and mostly raw for almost 3 years(I tend to fall in the 80-90% raw range).. Still improving myself and my diet however I can. As far as fitness goes... I grew up a dancer(12 yrs->ballet, modern and jazz), and a swimmer, I practice yoga, and am a certified STOTT Pilates instructor. Have recently gotten into running and cycling as well... and would love to excel at those! I am very much in love with strength training, resistance training and building my endurance. I have many fitness goals, and am hoping this place can help me in that area of my life... nice to meet you all!
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