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  1. Yeah.. I shall make it one day, I'd love for you to make some though! I'm really bad with following instructions. I either have to: a. make up a way to do something myself (my default) or b. see someone do it/hands on. Slightly more of a visual learner... and teacher And yes, nutmeg! of course. My first raw thanksgiving I was the Queen of making Raw Nog Also, love ginger too (I use to really dislike it until I went raw..). But no garlic (which I loved until I went raw..hah)... that stuff is EVIL .
  2. You look FABULOUS Giacomo! Love the photos... and your frige looks exactly like mine right now.... weird. hah I've never made rejuvelac, though I've been meaning to. But for the past ... 6 months-1 yr. I've been suffering from 'lazy raw foodist syndrome' and just eat mono fruit meals, smoothies, etc. I can't wait until I get the Vita-Mix so I can make myself juice all of the time!!! I know it's very important for health. And Cubby, I totally agree!! I think celery is overwhelmingly salty..hahah, and tomatoes. I am best off without most spices too. Things like cinnamon though, my body loooooves.
  3. I thought that for about a year when I was consuming algaes like crazy for awhile..haha but it does block the body from absorbing B-12. As said by Dr.Gabriel Cousens... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoHIwrvAiLw As well as Victoria Boutenko and a variety of other raw food "gurus". I totally understand not feeling "100%" about any of it... that's why I merely caution. Merely a suggestion Something to think about. Also, Cubby! Me too!! (with the naturally occuring sodium thing) I try and only consume himalayan salts or kelp for sodium.. but celery is pretty amazing. I haven't found many other people like that...
  4. Great job! this is magick. I would caution about consuming that much spirulina though just because of the B-12 analogs that they contain, which block the bodies absorbtion of B-12. I know excess can feel amazing sometimes, but... too much of a good thing.... & so it goes.
  5. Lovely to see you Richard! Providing any positives is always a great thing
  6. http://www.wildmanstevebrill.com/ BRILLIANT!! also, check out... www.harmonyhikes.com
  7. Probably would have come out of you if you waited to poop it out.. jus' sayin.. I've researched it...seems pointless. High fiber diet and a lot of water will achieve the same thing. I disagree I would rather experience a profound truth, I would rather have a well formed opinion based upon personal experience; than an assumed opinion. Not saying high fiber/hydration won't do anything, it absolutely is the next best thing!
  8. http://www.naturalnews.com/023339.html
  9. I've always wanted to write something, or see how Humankind would have evolved if the inception of Modern Medicine hadn't of happened... It has SO many pros and cons, I wonder if we would have become wiser...sooner, and not gone down this path. And thanks! Spock = God
  10. lol Years of rotting waste DOES kill people. haha It causes disease. It causes cancer. Colon Cancer IS one of this nations leading causes of death!! Why do you think this is?? The effect is showing me, blatantly, that pooping is NOT enough. We have overloaded our systems with crap for too long. And of course it would make sense that the small intestine & colon would shed skin for renewal purposes... you don't get colonics every day (unless cleansing), but when first going raw.. I would highly recommend it. If nothing else, at least learn how to give yourself daily/weekly enemas to assist the body with cleansing. They have instructional videos on YouTube The first time I went to get my first colonic.. after being 70-90% raw for about a year or so... over 6 lbs. of waste came out of me. (I have NEVER been constipated and was having "normal" bowl movements) I've had this happen multiple times. And each time I am a different, better, cleaner being. (check out: www.chakra17.com) And I was not referring to colonics as being physically pleasurable, they are rejuvenating for my entire being. They feel amazing if you are eating very clean & raw. Physically they can be uncomfortable, especially if you have a lot of mucous built up in your system, or a lot of gas. All I can really say is, do your research, read about colon hydrotherapy from as many sources as possible, and try it for yourself.
  11. Isn't that what pooping is for? Raw vegan diet has enough fiber...no need to be hosed out. I strongly disagree. I am a completely different person because of colon hydrotherapy. It is severely underrated in the raw food community.. and it needs to be experienced more, so that people can actually provide some insightful, truthful, information If we were raised on whole foods, fresh foods, raw foods, pooping would absolutely be effective at ridding the body of most of it's waste .. but, most of us have consumed processed foods in our lifetime, and that on top of improper food combining stay in the small intestine and become impacted waste unless removed thru colon hydrotherapy. Especially since most people are going from omnivore, to vegan, to raw.. flushing the immense amounts of waste that is released from your system is a must. Not to mention colonics are AMAZING and the most rejuvenating experience on the planet. *I am purely sharing my own personal experience and self-experimentation here, if you'd like details of my experiences, just ask.. and I will share.
  12. Headaches are caused by over acidity and wastes being flushed out of the body/into the bloodstream. Engaging in colon hydrotherapy will get rid of it. Enemas can help... and colonics are advised.
  13. I love taking the train!! It's very affordable and I always meet interesting people. I'm at a point with travel now.. where I think I could maybe get there for free/or little cost (train/bus/roadtrip), but I still won't have the money for the actual event. I don't even own a juicer! hah, I think I should probably get that first. But, maybe someday, when going to something like this is a priority in my life. It's just not right now... I wonder if anyone else if going to go though...
  14. I love your brain! I always wanted to invent a time machine!! Maybe we should write up a synopsis?
  15. Thanks for posting this! Also, just wanted to mention greens are what will balance out hydrochloric acid levels in the stomach. so, don't forget to ADD GREENS to the smoothies... A lot of Victoria Boutenko's works describe this and how to reverse it.
  16. Solar dehydration is free (& full of nutrients you can only get from the sun) Also, if you're talking about something that needs to last you a few days... Excellent water rich portable produce include: apples oranges avocados bananas mangoes plums apricots coconuts nectarines peaches carrots broccoli cauliflower ALL greens (for about a day or two) tomatoes melons etc. etc. etc... dates & raisins are also very good for "preservation trips" seed & nuts are super-portable & dried out! You could always make a customized trail mix as well When it comes to anything dehydrated, I LOVE http://www.lydiasorganics.com/ They hand make everything, and use the sun for dehydration. Personally, I think dehydrators are a HUGE waste of money, time & energy(electricity), but that's just me. If you're going to invest that much money into something.. it should be a juicer, our bodies need hydration more than anything. You could always be creative with the produce pulp and dehydrate that into snacks
  17. This sounds SO familiar.... Though I got an infrared sauna session before hand.. But still, very "sterile". The last thing our healing needs is more sterility... I love Chakra 17 because... you lay on a bed. You are in this bedroom/bathroom, and it's just... perfect symbiosis. They do reiki on you, you really connect, you RELAX (which is the crucial thing to any colonic.. that determines if you really 'let go' of anything...your ability to relax). And yes, I do believe Matt is starting to take flight... because of his lady. His strong, beautiful, lovely significant other
  18. Amazing book Andesuma; i've read it several times. Might I add that is a very quick read yet you learn alot, so it's worth picking up. I'd also like to say that's it's the only book i've read in which you could learn about raw foodism and still read a cool story format type book. If you know any other books like that Andesuma, let me know. I get tired of hardcore knowledge study type books at times.... I agree! I love the metaphysical/"we don't know what we are talking about but it's our truth!" -- approach. haha It helps us all absorb one another. And really just learn from experience. Angela Stokes(www.rawreform.com) is coming out with lots of cool books.. I really love her Juice Feaster's Handbook.. I'd like to do one after I complete my running training. Her newest e-book is called "Raw Emotions" is right up my alley when it comes to raw food. I have experienced so many profound miracles because of raw foods.. especially in the emotions department ;P Oooh.. I don't know if you've read "The Body Ecology" or "Vibrational Medicine" but those are also good reads... And one of my Micro Biologist friends recommended I read "The Emotional Molecule" ... so I need to find that one still. (sorry, I'm bad with knowing all the books I've read as well as authors, you can just goggle the titles to find them.) & As far as Matt Monarch goes... I love him!! , he is probably one of the only raw food 'gurus' talking very openly about the importance of colon hydrotherapy, which most of them overlook. It is such a crucial crucial thing. I love his approach. Also, his colon hydrotherapists are my colon hydrotherapists (www.chakra17.com) so it's really interesting talking with everyone about their own personal truths... because that is really the most important thing. I have many many more book recommendations... but those are probably a good start
  19. Clarification, my body packs in carbonic acid. (it could also be the release of it... I'm not sure if it's called carbonic acid when it enters the system..) But, that is gas.. that is what is released from my system when I eat all fresh foods, I found this out when I got my first colonic. I would highly recommend reading some of Matt Monarch's books, as well as seeing him speak; he talks about this, as well as how to successfully remain raw for a prolonged period of time. Which almost none of the other "gurus" talk about. http://www.rawspirit.org/ Also, look into Dr.Fred Bisci, he talks about this as well...
  20. If you follow a raw food diet properly.. as in eating natural FRESH produce, you will not gain weight(which is what Tim was saying). It's when "raw food" tries to replicate "cooked food" that you come into problems... like high sugar, high fat contents. Also you need to consider the fact that your body packs in carbonic acid when you eat cooked foods.. causing weight gain, as far as my body is concerned, calorie count makes no difference. I do feel as though I can eat whatever I want as long as it is fresh and raw, and I am very physically active, I know I will not gain weight; even if I'm eating more calories than I am burning. I see no (positive)point to this post.
  21. It is processed, denatured, UNnatural. >>> How does that make it acidic? The same way breathing polluted air, causes acidity. The same way stress causes acidity. Anger and negative emotions, cause acidity.(http://www.naturalnews.com/023304.html) I don't have the "scientific" calculations or methods memorized.. and you know that So I would recommend reading that book as well as the bibliography. I'm also not saying acidity is BAD per say... you know about 80/20. You know what you need to do to heal... you're doing it.
  22. But you just said you wanted creativity!! Here's your chance. Be creative. I LOVE when that happens (at least once/twice per week) & I have to come up with a meal out of it..
  23. It is processed, denatured, UNnatural. >>>
  24. Also, experiment with tempeh.. it is delicious! less processed, and fermented.. so it is easier on your system. I use to LOVE marinating tempeh in tamari sauce and sauteeing it and putting it on my salads and such... it's really fabulous. And SO underrated. Also.... avocado sauce! OMG!! That is the most amazing idea I've ever heard of! I am going to experiment with this one... Thank you! ~~~ And Zack, as far as soy being acidic. SOY isn't acidic.. it's processed soy that is acidic. Tofu is a completely different world than edamame. Anything processed or dare I say.. heavily processed, is acidic to the human body. A good read is "Alkalize or Die" by Dr.Theodore A. Baroody It breaks down everything that is acidic and alkaline to the body. And also, my version of "acidic".. is not that of the general populus... I'm much more strict/picky, but again, it's just what I have learned, both intellectually and through personal experimentation. I never knew I had such dramatic, awful, reactions to soy and wheat.. until I took it out of my diet.
  25. What kind of spinach pasta are you using? Typically spinach pasta is just regular white pasta with spinach powder added for coloring and a slight flavor change and no lack of gluten. Such as this pasta http://www.buythecase.net/product/8961/ronzoni_spinach_fettuccini_pasta/?engine=googlebase I have no idea of the brand.. it is organic, it was genuine spinach and spelt I believe? It contained no gluten, and it was not corporately owned (which is when you encounter artificial coloring issues, etc..) This was over 5 years ago, when I ate cooked foods... ... Also, Marcina.. You can always just purchase a mandoline(they are $10), and make your own pasta out of squash and zuccini... make the sauce how you normally would or make it "as raw as possible".. it's VERY satisfying.
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