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  1. Can you say ... Great idea for a makeover/raw vegan/slumber party VV2008!!!! Oh yes... that sounds wonderful....
  2. I agree. When you hear about things of this nature.. they really only exist in the SAD world. Not the raw food/whole foods world. It shouldn't be an issue.. the body will heal itself once given the proper nourishment. I know I was hypoglycemic before going raw.. it got pretty bad. But after being raw for only a few months, the problem completely reversed itself, and I haven't had any problems since. I CAN consume lots of high sugar fruits if I desire, but unless I am training/being very physically active, it doesn't make me feel very good. Also, lets not forget that.. things like, bell peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers are fruits
  3. Could you precise what you mean by this metaphor? I agree that a car pollutes more than a bike, and takes non-renewable energy from Earth, but it goes faster. I don't think you meant cooked food could make us run faster than raw food. I was leaving it open to personal interpretation ;P Just like the term "natural", really is different for everyone. But I suppose...I was more or less meaning the functionality of it all. Think of a world where everyone road bikes.. and no one drove. Think of the community that would be built, the humility that would unfold. Not saying these things cannot happen with cooked foods, but when I say cooked foods, I mean convenience processed foods; not whole foods. I could right a novel on my opinion on this, and what the metaphor means, but I won't.. It's open to interpretation, to me.. the raw food & bicycle analogy makes sense... once you learn, you never forget how to do it. It's programmed into your dna what foods are good for you, and what ones are not.
  4. Eating cooked food(processed) is like driving a car. Eating raw food is like riding a bicycle. Either can be as "natural" as your definition of "natural" is... It's all about what works best for you, in your environment.... since regional eating is important.
  5. lol! SO true, you don't even know... hahahah... Thank you sir..
  6. haha..ok, I really want to see this mangosuma! Google says it does not exist!
  7. Smoothies definitely. I LOVE the way spirulina makes my smoothies look. And also the other day... I accidently spilled the last of my spirulina on the kitchen counter, ...and I just licked it up. haha It's ok, I'm weird. Oh yah! I also loooooove green powders in fresh orange juice! That is heavenly.
  8. You could totally get to Portland for free or under $100 if you wanted... And do it with ease and comfort. Post on Craigslist, there are truckers(not trashy!), movers, people traveling willing to give you a ride from all over the country! Seriously...I've traveled for FREE to several states like this, and have met some AMAZING people, who I am now all friends with.. traveling this way. I far prefer it to almost any other form of travel, except road tripping by myself, which I like the most. You just need to be creative I am getting more and more serious about "free travel experimentation" .. if you want me to hitchhike and come and get you I will
  9. I'll be around for the Portland days (or..would LIKE to be, I might be on the east coast again this summer...) And I can drive out to Mt.Hood to go hiking or something with you guys!
  10. It doesn't matter if you are a "hypocrite" or not... What truly matters is the intention behind the deed. The fact that you are doing what you know is RIGHT. That is what matters.. we are all hypocrites in our own right, what matters is realizing this, accepting it, and doing the best you can do, to live the most harmonious vibrant life possible.
  11. Because they are the most divine thing I have tasted this year thus far! Typically I would be an apple.. a very sweet water rich apple... Or a berry variety, maybe a blackberry. But ..mangos "feel right" to me right now.. What would you be dear?
  12. It is absolutely a great idea to eat primarily raw foods during the day, and a cooked dinner. It is a good transitional approach. "-i am often at school for hours on end with no access to refrigeration. any one have ideas for me in terms of snacks or meals to bring with me?" ----- I find almost all fruit is EXTREMELY portable. Apples, bananas, pears, oranges, mangoes, coconuts if you wanna get serious about it.. haha ;P Typically when I go on long road trips, I bring very water rich fruits, and not all sweet... things like celery, cucumbers, etc. Also you can find "raw" trail mixes at places like Whole Foods/Wild Oats. They do sell "raw" nutritional bars at natural food stores as well that could be of benefit to you while transitioning. "-why do most raw dessert recipes that i've find favor carob over chocolate. any particular reason?" ----- Many reasons for this one. A few being, there are a number of people who are allergic to chocolate(especially if it's processed with nuts, which it typically is), it is harder(in my opinion) to get raw chocolate over raw carob, carob is naturally sweeter.. cacao is naturally bitter. Cacao contains addictive properties as where carob does not. (but some of this information will be bias and different, depending on who you ask). Overall.. especially in the beginning, I would advise away from cacao. And lean towards carob. "-i'm hypoglycemic FYI--anything to worry about there?" ------ I was hypoglycemic before I went raw. I'm not anymore, haven't been in many years. So, you won't have to worry about hypoglycemia anymore However I do keep my hybrid fruit(bananas, grapes, fruits without seeds..etc.) consumption to a minimum because they are grown to be MUCH sweeter than originally designed by nature. So, I would just watch the high sugar intake unless you are very physically active, and even then.. I get far more energy from a cucumber than a banana could ever give me. "-any one have any book ideas for me? i have the book "RAW" by juliano so far and i'm excited by some of the recipes--other suggestions would be appreciated!" ------ Julianos recipes scare me. His book "The Uncook Book" made me so afraid to go raw! hah.. but, to each their own. The book that finally made me feel I could do it.. was Jeremy A. Safron's "The Raw Truth", he also has published "The Raw Resource Guide" which is brilliant. "The Raw Food Detox Diet" by Natalia Rose might work very well for you, as well. Also, anything by Dr.Douglas Graham (80/10/10), Matt Monarch, and "The Rainbow Live-Food Cuisine" (I think it's called, it's been so long since I've read it!) by Dr.Gabriel Cousens is very good. Check out Anthony's site for lots of great blog updates, and info: www.rawmodelcom.blogspot.com Good luck with your journey! Hopefully this information will help you...
  13. When you go raw, or.. even THINK about going raw... the first, and most important question you should ask yourself, is this... If you could be a fruit, what fruit would you be?? I think... this year, I'm a mango.
  14. Ok, so... deep in my heart, I've ALWAYS wanted to cycle across the nation. Or just down the pacific coast! Anyhow... This blog is fantastic! http://sprocketsandwanderlust.blogspot.com/2007_02_01_archive.html Reading that blog got me thinking, why don't we organize... one day, a big vegan cycling trip?? We could have the east coast cyclers meet up with the west coast cyclers in Missouri or something! Then we could have a big VBBF meet up! Ok, sounds good to me! Any one else in? hah
  15. Thank you Robert for the reply, and Thank you everyone else as well! Just fyi, I haven't felt "attacked" per say, or ridiculed at all; I just started to feel more and more like the raw section was turning into this Ormus/David Wolfe/ridiculousness... I just don't want to see that happen. I want the information to be fluid here. I want everyone to have a level head on their shoulders, and be able to say their peace in a respectable(not sarcastic) manner. I do have a lot I feel I can contribute to this section. Because I am always trying new things when it comes to my raw food self-experimentation I'll just take a break for awhile... I'll be around. <3
  16. That is YOUR interpretation of what I wrote. Not the reality. That is also a complete exaggeration. I did not "tell everyone", as I remember my reply was TO ONE PERSON , who was NEW to the forum, and did NOT know my background/vegan history. THAT is why I mentioned it, and felt it was necessary for me to. And you can re-read my last reply, since it already stated what you've said, because I do agree. That'll be my last reply.
  17. To me, it is obvious, nearly all of the previously insightful wonderful raw foodists have LEFT the forum for a reason... (ie. Bigbwii, BigHead, saen I think his name was... ) The other raw foodists(in which there are only two others that I know of besides myself that still post), that actually have a real, profound, life truth and EXPERIENCE (which frankly means more to me than anything any scientist says) in which they can back their claims up with! Being a raw foodist for a number of years, in conjunction with proper colon hydrotherapy; is a COMPLETELY different world than eating raw food for a summer, or increasing your raw intake a bit. The things that I have PERSONALLY EXPERIENCED in my life, are of the highest importance. That is what buys some of the wonderful raw food guru's, genuine credibility. (ie. www.rawreform.com , as well as www.treeoflife.nu ) ______ And, Josh, I just want to ask how I am not suppose to take something 'personally', when in a previous thread.. I was replying to someone about how they shouldn't feel pressured and just listen to their bodies with any kind of transition. I was basically being very nice with my reply, and happen to mention the length of time in which I have been vegan, again, to show my life experience and knowledge within that world. I wasn't even commenting to YOU or anything... and you reply to me with "oooh..wow, I wish I could be as cool as you!! :rolling eyes:" .......... ????????????????????????????????? I'm sorry if the fact that I actually just might know what I am talking about bruises your ego alittle bit. But frankly, yes, I took that as a small personal attack! How could I not?? I found it very immature of you. ~~~~ When all of this nonsense is said and done, really I think both you and Zack are wonderful human beings! Really Zack is one of the sweetest guys I know!! He was the ONLY one that opening just came up and gave me a hug when we met! I thought that was so profound. So, really, I think nothing but positives of both of you. I just think the egos need to fizzle out a bit, and sometimes you both need to accept the fact that you might not know what you are talking about. Not to say that I ALWAYS do, I certainly don't. I admit ALL of this is an experiment on myself, but I do give genuine advice from the heart, and from my own truth. ~~~~ And , Flanders! thank you so much for being so sweet. You are such a beautiful soul. Thank you.
  18. Here is a link to a post that describes alittle bit about my history.. viewtopic.php?t=6106 If you read thru it, I mention a few of the things I've overcome because of raw food/change of mindset. Currently, I eat primarily fruitarian. It is what my body wants right now, tho I don't juice as much as I would like. I blend a lot of my foods, and focus on proper food combining... I can of course go much more into detail about all of this, I've been raw for 4 1/2 years (consistently) now. Vegan for 13 years before that, and Vegetarian since birth. Hope that info helps.
  19. Not necessarily. If I remember correctly, Miss Tonya Kay suffered from acne/skin problems up until she went raw. It's about removing the cause. Acne is caused by excess acidity and waste within the human body, not dairy, not greasy food, etc. Acne happens when the body has no other means for detoxing excess waste(did you know just your skin pumps out 2-5 lbs. of waste per day! pretty crazy...) If you'd like "proof" of this.. just go and get a colonic, your skin will become incredibly soft --- Also, my hair grows INSANELY fast... (nearly an inch per month!), and this has only been happening since I've been eating raw foods
  20. That's the thing... Aside from the fact that "more raw food in your diet = a very good thing" there ARE no facts within the raw realm or this community. It is all opinion It is MY opinion that eating raw food is the sole contributing factor in why I am, WHO I am today. It is so much more than a dietary choice. And I could never site "facts" for the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual changes that have occured in my life, strictly because of me changing from eating whole foods vegan, to exclusively raw foods. There are SO many very personal things, that I do not share on this forum, that have happened in my life.. so many positive things. And I do site my diet as a major contributing factor in this change. Being vegan was not enough for me. The thing that I find amusing is that there is NO raw food dogma going on in this forum. The only ridiculousness and dogmatic approaches have been from vegans bashing/joking around about raw foods in the raw food section. Which is fine... but it has become overwhelming and it proves and shows NOTHING, but immaturity AND inexperience. I do not disagree with controversy. I absolutely feel it is necessary for everyone to challenge and question everything, I've even posted a number of times OPINIONS and facts AGAINST raw foods/eating 100% raw!!! (how raw dogmatic of me...) If there is anyone that likes a challenge, it is me I would not be where I am today, in every aspect of my life, if I had not questioned the things around me. Controversy is good. But the constant posts about David Wolfe and all the raw nonsense that he talks about, is just pointless! No one in this forum "worships" or follows David Wolfe (which I find relieving!!), so, why bring it into constant debate?? I would rather post about studies that prove how good greens are for you. I would rather actually lift everyone else up, instead of pointing out all of the negative... That is one reason I feel I should leave.. , this kind of thing has been going on in this section since it's birth. It's a cycle. And the fact that it is dietary based and opinion based, means it will not be ending anytime soon... There are three things you can never argue about with someone and "win": Religion Politics & Diet. Even if it's between vegans.... Also, I would like to just point out the FACT that many of the 'successful' endurance athletes(Brendan Brazier, Scott Jurek, etc.) in this world, eat almost all raw food! (80% +) So, I think having a raw food section on this forum is very suitable to it's intent.
  21. Thank you so much for that sweet and honest reply! It is very true... that is ALWAYS how I have felt as well. I'd also like to point out that NONE of the negativity or negative/ridiculous topics have been started by ANY raw foodists(me actually being one of the ONLY ones left..) . I think that says something. Some people know when to bow out... I've always felt like I could really help people on this forum, not only thru knowledge but thru wisdom and my own personal experience as well. Some people just don't want to take advice though. They would rather act like 10 yr. old little boys with their egos shoved up their asses. (sorry, it's true.) Anyhow, I won't feed into the negativity. I just don't like the way the raw food section is turning out...it's just getting worse. And the fact that it's a CYCLE, it just keeps on going, is what leads to this decision.
  22. Je m'ennuierai de vous ! voyez-vous sur le myspace !
  23. I won't be posting on this forum any more, because of its continued ridiculousness. It seems hardly anyone wants to help or encourage anyone else, Especially when it comes to raw foods. I find it disappointing and extremely juvenile. If anyone has any questions regarding a vegan diet, raw foods, book recommendations, etc. Please feel free to contact me. I will still be accessible via Myspace, but I won't be on this forum any longer. Thanks
  24. So, I just wanted to share an experience with you all... A few days ago I was heating up some water in a kettle, for some tea. And when I was pouring the water into my cup I got a pretty bad steam burn on my right index knuckle. About the size of a quarter. I ran some cold water over it for awhile because it HURT. It was a 2nd degree burn/the kind that creates a boil. Anyhow, that night, I watched it become a water blister very quickly.. then it went white, then red, and by the evening of the next day; the burn was completely gone!! Insane! I wish I would have taken a picture.... Has anyone else experienced this sort of thing??
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