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  1. Thanks i will tell my brother he is cool with animals but he is not vegetarian and about that kind of people i dont know if there is a hell but sooner or later they will fall AND A I WILL BE WAITING
  2. lots of families like dogs , but there are tons of stray dogs and cats on the streets that you cant imagine its terrible to see this , and nobody has the culture of pick up stray dogs , they prefer to buy fancy dogs in pet stores , that is a shame also our animal rights laws are not that good , somebody found a video of three drunk bastards burning a dog alive and while he was dying they were laughing the government did nothing about it, that is why my brother that is a lawyer is trying to work with government and animal rights here to improve laws and punich animal abuse i dont know who are those sick guys but if i found them i will kill them for sure anyway is sad to see so many poor thiny dogs on the street and nobody cares
  3. http://img522.imageshack.us/img522/2112/besote9ie.jpg
  4. this pictures are from caifas i found this little guy on the streets while two bastards were kicking him so i had to kick their ass and now he is my best friend there is also my wife and two of my tatoos animal liberation human liberation and animal muppet http://img503.imageshack.us/img503/4508/caifas4ax.jpg http://img126.imageshack.us/img126/7291/familiatarello3zl.jpg http://img126.imageshack.us/img126/6522/tatuscaifasyyo6pi.jpg
  5. no that one was taken in michoacan and yes its a nice place i like the desert but just when i go to do some huichol rituals
  6. that sucks sick people i also watched yesterday a undercover video of some fur farm , and in that video you can see how they unskin the poor animals when they are alive that is for j(bitch) lo fur collections i sent several letters to her web page but they keep answering that they will try to review that situation poor animals
  7. i dont see a problem im that my callouses are the same way as you in both hands so maybe we are ok or maybe both are doing something wrong
  8. Hi, i have been vegan for 5 years and in that period of time i never been sick , maybe i had flu like 5 times and i remember that is just one day feeling weak and then next day i am perfect besides that just injuries playing basketball its anybody else like that??
  9. HEY Bronco i just saw last december here in queretaro mexico the band pungent stench , i think they ar efrom austria isnt? they are a cool band but the drumer even if he is vegetarian its a dork he was complaing about everything and they didnt play the song why can boddies fly cheers one of my favorites band when i was younger
  10. OK dude i get the poin and is "chido " when i was 10 i had this ball rifle and i was pretty good at shooting i loved birds and once just by instict shooted to a little bird far away in the sky i dont know why i did that i never thought that i will hit him but i did and that day it was the last day i hold a rifle and i will never do it again
  11. i have the same problem i cant turn left i am always doing "THE MAGNUM" to my wife i know i conquer her because of that
  12. (notld)THE ONE IN BLACK AND WHITE? i just watched again last week its awsome
  13. pulp fiction, bad taste, dead alive, doberman "one of my favorite french movie), altough i read that peter jackson used some chicken blood for his movies so i hate that fact anyway cloock work orange one of my all time favorites
  14. COOL I have been through that , 1 hour ago in the company lunch room some fat mannager told me, " you should eat meat you will need protein " poor bastard , i am stronger that almost all the people working here
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