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  1. I have now come to the conclusion that the health benefits of a mainly raw vegan diet make it the optimum diet for human beings. The amount of processed crap in the average vegan diet, such as meat analogues, not to mention the consumption of large amounts of soy and refined carbs are detrimental to human health. Sprouted quinoa and quinoa have excellent amino acid profiles and are highly conducive to training. Check out powerlifting champion Pat Reeves: http://www.veganbodybuilding.org/pat.htm#diet
  2. It seems some vegans simply eat a plant based diet and don't dispense with animal derived cosmetics/household items etc. Do you think you can truly call yourself vegan if you simply eat a vegan or plant based diet?
  3. Question is, can a man be a feminist?
  4. Congratulations Ed! You look great in those pics! Just goes to show what can be achieved on a vegan diet
  5. That gnocchi recipe looks great! Not something I've made before but I'm sure it tastes wonderful.
  6. I would heartily recommend making your own almond milk, sweetening it with agave nectar. It is perfect chilled as a drink in it own right, or used on cereal such as muesli. Just take care to strain it through a fine mesh, to ensure the milk has no almond meal in it.
  7. My life has been in chaos for the past month, but come May 1st I intend to seriously train my ass off with the intention of gaining a killer body by the end of the year. Is it easy to order the book from the UK Robert?
  8. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Congratulations SeaSiren
  9. Excellent, sounds like you really played a blinder!
  10. Just read the article now Melissa, great stuff and so good to see veganism being promoted in a respected fitness magazine.
  11. Maybe try these forearms exercises? They surely must hit the wrists too:
  12. This is so exciting, I can't wait to finally buy and read it either! Will it be OK getting a copy shipped to the UK?
  13. It is expensive, but so is hemp. At least compared to something like pea protein. I suppose you could always just eat raw pumpkin seeds, I like them on muesli personally.
  14. http://www.nutrisport.co.uk/products/lrg/90PV.jpg This is supposed to be good. And this: http://www.livingiseasy.co.uk/images/OMEGA_NUTRITION_WHEY_FREE_ORGANIC_VEGAN_PUMPKIN_SEED_HIGH_PROTEIN_POWDER_OVER_63_per_cent_PREMIUM_PROTEIN_BY_WEIGHT_CONTAINS_ALL_20_AMINO_ACIDS_Naturally_concentrated_Great_taste_750g_o.jpg
  15. Maybe we should compile a list of tried and tested seitan recipes? Anyone have a good recipe for seitan 'roast beef'?
  16. I mainly buy seitan 'mock duck' in cans, as wheat gluten powder is extremely hard to track down in the UK. I did recently obtain 2 big bags of it from an online company but have yet to make any seitan from scratch. As far as I am aware it is high in protein, but poor quality protein in terms of PDCAAS. Having said that, it shouldn't present a problem if combines with other foods that balance the amino acids. Seitan and quinoa is apparently a great combination, better still if combined with soy or other beans.
  17. These guys are natural bodybuilders and are pretty huge: http://www.bnbf.co.uk/pro_nigel.html I wonder what it is about animal protein that enables such growth compared with vegetable protein?
  18. That's good, I can't wait to have my copy!
  19. I would try it if it tasted good, but only if it came from a vegan woman lol.
  20. You have an amazing physique Gorilla! Did you build it on a vegan diet?
  21. Is there a definite release date yet?
  22. 30 bananas a day dot com! I look forward to xjohanx's comments on this one
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