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  1. Is rejuvelac easy to make? I have a delicious looking recipe for raw cashew cheese that calls for it as an ingredient.
  2. I'm going to attempt to make fresh pasta in the not too distant future and some recipes call for soy flour plus whole wheat flour, whilst others call for semolina flour. What would the VBB experts recommend?
  3. I feel your pain lauren, I still have a gut after over 3 years of training and dieting. Still, you just have to keep positive and try not to get overwhelmed with all the information out there. People usually say the key to weight loss is to burn more calories than you take in, so calculating how many calories you eat in a day or posting a break down of your typical diet on here might do the trick. Don't ask for meal plans though, you may get yelled at
  4. Great looking pizza, but I think it could benefit from being topped by some gooey, cashew based cheese
  5. Faulty glutamate neurotransmitter regulation in the brain has been linked to bipolar disorder also.
  6. A good buddy of mine wants me to start going to the gym with him, but the one he has in mind is a 'tough guy' gym in every sense of the word, filled with bouncers, thugs and steroid users. My friend saw some guy jacking up right in the changing room I have seen some pretty good deals on second hand weights, so I think I could get a good setup for not that much money. Plus, I can train when I want to, rather than basing it around going to the gym.
  7. No, the guy didn't give any references but claimed to be a scientist. Well, I'm going to buy an Iron Gym pull up bar and Rob's book, as well as some free weights and follow the meal plans and hopefully I will build a killer, ripped body.
  8. I found this article online, what does the panel think?: The cells burn (use) glucose. Glucose triggers insulin release to uptake the glucose for storage in muscle and liver, as glycogen. After glycogen stores are topped up, any excess is converted to fat via the cells` Krebs cycle. Calories are an energy unit to raise water temp. in a lab, and dont belong in in any scientific human physiology discussion. The body has several homeostasis mechanisms that vary metabolic rate, this to conserve fat and protein stores, and mainly will neutralize whatever one may try do do with calories, outside of starvation. On a Dr R. Atkins high-fat diet, it has been shown that consuming over 5000 calories a day led to body-fat loss. Mainstreams dieticians dont like this idea, and are NOT allowed to advise on it, but these are physiological facts that cannot be disputed, even if dieticians hint at hisgh sat. fat diet side effects. I have been on the low carb, high sat. fat diet since the mid 70s. The omissions are the main known causes of obesity. These are carbohydrates especially sugars. Grains contain lectin plant phenols, chemicals, that desensitize cell membranes to insulin, creating a too high insulin release. Grains also contain leptin plant hormones that interfere with signalling between pancreas and liver, playing havoc with insulin production. Maybe the reason this is not discussed by dieticians is that it makes a mockery of the nonsensical food pyramids, that advise carb. gorging through the day, and of course necassarily causing obesity. Then, unfermented soy has phyto-oestrogens, plant hormones, that massively disrupt thyroid function. Obesity. Msg and Asprtame, 2 commonly consumed neurotoxins, have had their pathways to obesity identified. One must also be very aware that artery-narrowing blood tri-glycerides are raised by carbs., espesially sugars, and alcohol. If one follows the science route, you avoid obesity, and, one of the 3 main causes of heart disease and stroke, and you reduce diabetes risk.
  9. Cashews are great for dairy alternatives, especially cheese and ice cream. I bet the cream is great too!
  10. I think people are just playing with her name, she isn't too bad but is quite annoying. Having said that, most chat show hosts are.
  11. More angry, aggressive rants it would seem! Vegans charging big bucks to make 'personal meal plans' for other vegans quite frankly stinks and is not how I feel vegans should treat other vegans, especially those struggling to build their body. Imagine how good it would be to have a page on this site comprising a six week vegan menu plan for bodybuilding? Can any of you understand how frustrating it is to open a men's fitness magazine and see an extensive meal plan and training routine yet not be able to fine the same information for vegans even on a website that purports to be a supportive community dedicated to vegan bodybuilding and fitness? This is a very sad state of affairs and discredits the vegan lifestlye in so many ways. Why do people not want to promote this lifestyle by making vegan fitness more accessible to the masses instead of hiding behind smart alec message board comments and vague advice? Think of the omni books such as 'The Abs Diet' and 'Body for Life', they seemingly present a winning formula yet don't harp on about calorie calculators and suchlike. They present comprehensive guides to building a great physique with extensive meal plans, with no need to 'personalize' diet plans. A vegan version of such books is what is needed and will hopefully be provided once Rob's book is released.
  12. Can't stand that whinging woman! In the UK people call her Ellen DEGENERATE
  13. Lots of protein. Lots of calories bust your ass in the gym. there's your guide. Oh yeah, great. Thanks for telling me exactly what to eat, what not to eat and other vitally important pieces of info. You are a shining example of why I am so glad someone has finally written a comprehensive guide to vegan bodybuilding.
  14. Good luck with that I (and lot's of other people) have tried to help you in several threads. You're obviously a lost cause and most likely this book won't help you at all. Get off my case, nobody has ever given me detailed advice, specifically meal plans. Saying 'eat lots of protein and calories' is about as helpful as a chocolate fireguard. There are a zillion books out there that can show me what exercises to do too. What I need is a compact, comprehensive guide to building my body on a vegan diet. There are so many omni books that could tell me exactly what to do by eating animal products that Rob's book is like a breath of fresh air.
  15. I'm sure you're probably the only one that has a total inability to research for themselves... Once again, roberts book is not going to be the miracle you seek, and nobody is going to do things for you. I'm really not interested in your nasty, unhelpful comments at all and I'm just glad there are people like Robert out there to lead the way. One of the problems I have had 'researching for myself' is the amount of contradictory, innane rubbish out there as well as the bitchiness. All I have ever wanted is a guide to building a good physique on a vegan diet, with all the correct information in one place. Finally a leading authority in the field has done it and I applaud Rob for his hard work and dedication. I really like his positivity too, which sadly seems to be rarity in the vegan bodybuilding and fitness world. I just wish there were more people like Rob out there, especially in the UK.
  16. I think both johan and marcina can be rude and overly harsh on people. Most striking statement so far on this thread: The vegan and bodybuilding scene is flooded with faulty information about nutrition and training Don't we know it!
  17. I'm sad to see the bitchy and negative comments directed towards Rob on this thread. He is the only guy to have bothered to write a book on vegan bodybuilding and share his obviously detailed knowledge of the subject. I wish more people would share their closely guarded secrets and maybe there would be more fit vegans out there to positively promote the lifestyle.
  18. Rob, if your book really does show someone like me how to build a great body on a vegan diet, especially giving me a nutritional plan to follow and explaining things clearly then I will buy 10 copies when it is finally released. I don't want to pre-order it yet, but this is the type of book I have been longing for for several years now. If your plan works then I reckon you will be a millionaire within 12 months as I know there muct be literally thousands of frustrated vegans out there drowning in a cyber world of message board debate and lack of concrete information. I do feel 'vegan bodybuilding' is still pretty mysterious and not very accessible to the novices out there who want a decent guuide to building their body, especially regarding nutrition and meal plans. There is so much conflicting information out there too, which makes it all the more frustrating. I'd love for all the big vegan guys to write a typical weekly meal plan and workout schedule on their profiles on the main site too, I know it would help a lot of people. There are a zillion omni books out there but no vegan ones too. I really can't wait to read the book Rob and start training. I really hope it will give me the body I have been longing for for 3 years now.
  19. How about the claim that soy isn't in fact a complete protein as it has limited amounts of a couple essential amino acids? This tends to be written quite often.
  20. Thing is, I'm sure I could pick up any omni guide to building the body that would have extensive diet plans and training routines. I have in fact read several such books. The problem I always have is working out a vegan version of the diet. The only information I get is lists of food, or general advice. In two years of being on this forum and searching the internet , I've never been able to find this information. I did purchase Eric Carlson's vegan bodybuilding ebook and he listed the top 5 vegan protein sources as peanut butter, wheat germ, sunflower seeds and sasame seeds. His daily meal plan included 8 small meals, including SIX soy protein shakes, containing 30g of soy protein and oatmeal several times a day. That diet does not work for me in the slightest. I would imagine Robert's book is my only chance and I am looking forward to when it is finally released.
  21. No offense to Robert but I highly doubt it. The reason you're not "loosing your gut" is because you eat too much and/or move too little. We've been over this in other threads haven't we? Don't blame soy for your lack of discipline, it's lame. Well if Robert's book tells me exactly what to eat, by including actual meal plans, not just listing food stuffs and if it also gives me specific workouts to follow, then maybe it can help me. I have been longing for this specific type of information for years to no avail and am always met with anger, aggression and negativity when I ask for help.
  22. Don't knock flaxseeds, they are an ideal source of vegan O3s.
  23. About two years ago I lost 48 lbs I put on while being sedentary for a number of years due to multiple injuries. Two surgeries and a few years of cardio later I only lost a few of those pounds. I chalked it up to being older and always having a "slow metabolism". Then I started counting calories in a food diary via The Hacker's Diet. I lost about a pound a week for a year until all of the excess weight came off, with the exact same amount of exercise I was doing when the weight wasn't coming off. I have had exercise physiologists who do research tell me that people habitually underestimate how much they eat -- even people who are experienced with counting calories. There is always the possibility you are taking in more energy than you think you are taking in. Unless I write my calories down and add them up on a daily basis I slide into that and weight gain. Most people who are beyond being beginners with weight lifting will gain fat with muscle. It is just how most human bodies work. Most professional bodybuilders go through "bulking" cycles where they intentionally eat more, put on fat, put on muscle and walk around covered up. Then when a contest nears they start dieting down, losing *some* muscle with the fat ( also natural for most human bodies ) until they get ripped. This state is unnatural so they can only hold it for a few days. The professionals time this to coincide with their contest dates......AND....their photo shoots for the year. Then they start the cycle again, putting on fat again. There is always the possibility you are pretty fit, but are being unrealistically perfectionist with your looks. Well, I have a noticeably 'flabby gut', despite trying all manner of dietary tweaking and exercising. It really dampens my spirits at times, but it maybe could be down to metabolism or me having a body type that wasn't meant to be ripped. Possibly Robert's upcoming book will be the solution to me achieving a decent body?
  24. I would happily give up soy, but would really struggle to get protein and it would be a hassle to replace in cooking also.
  25. Maybe these xenoestrogens are why after 3 years of training I still can't lose my gut?
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