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  1. Even brown rice and quinoa? I have never been convinced that bread is in any way good for the body and it makes me put on weight like crazy.
  2. Tofu, Tempeh and Seitan as well as veggie protein shakes. Beans to me are carbs, even though they do contain quite a bit of protein.
  3. Pasta is an avoid food for me, the only time I eat it is when I make a lasagne, which isn't very often. It gives me heartburn, settles on my stomach and generally doesn't do me any good.
  4. I am really looking forward to seeing this! I hope there is plenty of stuff about vegan nutrition with regards to bodybuilding, such as typical meals that the competitors eat.
  5. Thought some of you might be interested in watching this: http://suprememastertv.com/bbs/board.php?bo_table=featured&wr_id=211&goto_url=&url=link2_0
  6. I'd never heard of Roy Hilligen so I looked him up. It seems to me that he was vegetarian rather than vegan but I could be mistaken.
  7. Sie Deutsche sind unstoppable. Ich wette, dass Sie Nüsse mit Ihrem Bizeps knacken können!
  8. All these complicated methods of determining protein quality seem to be subject to quite a bit of criticism, e.g. The PDCAAS method may also still be considered incomplete, since human diets, except in times of famine, almost never contain only one kind of protein—however, calculating the PDCAAS of a diet solely based on the PDCAAS of the individual constituents is impossible. This is because one food may provide an abundance of an amino acid that the other is missing, which means that in this case the PDCAAS of the diet is higher than that of any one of the constituents. To arrive at the final result, all individual amino acids would have to be taken into account, though, so the PDCAAS of each constituent is largely useless. For example, grain protein has a PDCAAS of about 0.4 to 0.5, limited by lysine. On the other hand, it contains more than enough methionine. White bean protein (and that of many other pulses) has a PDCAAS of 0.6 to 0.7, limited by methionine, and contains more than enough lysine. When both are eaten in roughly equal quantities in a diet, the PDCAAS of the combined constituent is 1.0, because each constituent's protein is complemented by the other. Still, it would seem soy isolate is still the best vegan protein out there, using these 'PDCAAS' and 'Biological Value' scales. Soy and rice both seemingly having a higher 'Biological Value' than beef and fish!! However the BV scale is still subject to criticism: The BV method uses nitrogen absorption as a basis. However, it does not take into account certain factors influencing the digestion of the protein and is of limited use for application to human protein requirements because what is measured is maximal potential of quality and not a true estimate of quality at requirement level.
  9. He says he shoots for up to 300g of protein a day when in competition. His daily meal plan includes six soy protein shakes too. Beans and legumes aren't part of his menu at all. His E Book makes for interesting reading though and his killer physique makes me think he really knows what he's talking about. I wonder why he isn't vegan now?
  10. Makes for interesting reading. What exactly are the 'Meta-Greens' supplements he suggests?
  11. I don't believe comprehensive books on vegan bodybuilding exist, but I really wish someone would write one. This site may be able to help in terms of a resource for raw vegan muscle building: http://www.charliesgym.info/page2.html
  12. You're welcome, always happy to help others. Another link that might interest you, check out this vegan's physique: http://www.liftforlife.com/joedemarco.htm
  13. Great stuff, I may invest in a copy. Is there anything dedicated to specifically building muscle on a vegan diet?
  14. Maybe this site could be of interest to you BiologyBabe23: http://www.marcuspatrickhotbody.com/
  15. This is very interesting. If hemp is as a good a protein as people say, what properties does whey possess that enables such better gains?
  16. Maybe get your protein from low carb sources such as tofu, tempeh, seitan and shakes and make up the rest of your food intake from fruits, veggies and some nuts and flax for good fats? Bread, potatoes and pasta are terrible for preventing me from lose weight and pasta especially I try to avoid.
  17. He says he was vegan for 6 years, strange that he would go back to eating meat. He is selling an E-Book, the 'Vegan Mass Gain System': http://www.ericcarlsonfitness.com/VeganMassGain.html
  18. He says he was vegan for 6 years, strange that he would go back to eating meat. He is selling an E-Book, the 'Vegan Mass Gain System': http://www.ericcarlsonfitness.com/VeganMassGain.html
  19. He says he was vegan for 6 years, strange that he would go back to eating meat. He is selling an E-Book, the 'Vegan Mass Gain System': http://www.ericcarlsonfitness.com/VeganMassGain.html
  20. I'd kill for a physique like yours Robert! Great pictures
  21. Try these for size, they are said to contain the highest level of 'life force', being high in minerals and mostly eaten raw: Wheat Grass Phytoplankton Raw chocolate Seaweed Almonds Raw Cacao Spirulina Lemons Goji Berries Mangosteen Limes 2nd highest 'life force' foods, from the trees: Apples Blueberries Coconut Avocado Melons Raspberries Pineapple Mango Strawberries Bananas Peaches Lychees Grapes Cherries Oranges 'Raw' nuts Dates
  22. I recently purchased Marcus Patrick's DVD and Food Pyramid and right at the top is listed phytoplankton, wheatgrass and chlorophyll, described as 'chemical sunlight' and the most nutrient dense foods available. This has left me a little confused, as I know chlorophyll is in green plants but never thought of it as a food in itself?
  23. I was going to say crackersnack should have won, but now I learn he isn't vegan? What gives? Mik also has a great physique as does tuc.
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