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  1. What the heck are these things and are they really necessary? Sound like a highly manufactured, man made product to me.
  2. I just wish I was a US citizen so I could help vote him into office and put an end to the nightmare of the last 8 years. I will be popping a champagne cork when he gets elected, I can tell you!
  3. A lacto ovo veggie has expressed concerns over everyone choosing veganism, they state: I have as I have said no issues with veganism as a choice and as a life style but I remain vegetarian for in my opinion very good reasons and my goal for the group is to encourage more people to change to a vegetarian life style and if they choose a vegan one. If I can persuade (which I have done) family members for example to choose veggie mince instead of mince then that in my view is a victory and that is in my opinion is how we should proceed as a group when we hold public events. Little by little changing opinions and attitudes. I know many do this now. I would like to hear Vegans talk on this subject because it is an important one and one which we should have answers for both as veggies and vegans because it is one I am asked regularly and which I can answer in my own way as a veggie but what would the vegan answer be re what do we do with all the animals who are dependent on us if the human race went vegan tomorrow? So - what would happen if the world went vegan? What would happen to all of the animals bred purely fro human consumption? Who should be responsible for the animals =========================================== He goes on to say: Health wise a vegan diet is only one of many healthy diets and is not suitable for everyone. Re animals. There seems to be a peculiar acceptance with an almost shrug of the shoulders that potentially millions of animals would have to die /be slaughtered or disposed of some how (no one is sure quite how) but that that would be ok because in the long run it would be better for them. Hmmmm how many dictators have said that in the past I wonder. What seems to be missing is the very compassion that vegans one would presume claim to be their motivation for becoming vegan. What also seems to be missing is an appreciation of the importance of and understanding of our natural affinity with the earth and with our fellow creatures. For our spiritual and psychological well being a close proximity to animals and in particular the sharing of our lives with animals is in my view essential. I would find living in a vegan world empty and horrifying. The dispassionate and probably logical if cold reasoning given as explanation to the end of our millenia old relationship with our fellow animal companions sends a shudder down my spine. Much is made of a vegan world being an end to animal suffering as some new dispassionate utopia is born but at what costs to us as humans and at what costs to the environment and to the animals vegans say they care about so much? A satisfied smugness that suggests that somehow everything would be ok somehow/eventually made in the fairly safe knowledge that a vegan world will probably never happen negates real responsibility for the enormous upheavals that a vegan world would entail. The shipping of enormous amounts of vegan foods to places of the world where such foods cannot grow naturally and presumably the forced or at least coerced conversion of the inhabitants would be a mind boggling feat of both material ingenuity and colonial arrogance. The putting aside of vast tracts of land for animals to be released suggests that either we are going to have to somehow manage those areas which would inevitably involve cruelty or a complete segregation of animals and humans. Either way it would not be a utopia or at least not a utopia I would personally wish to subscribe to. Obviously everyone has to make their own minds up according to their own conscience but personally as a vegetarian I prefer to maintain my relationship with animals and with nature. It is a relationship that has evolved very successfully and to our mutual benefit (present factory farming and deforestation etc aside) Instead of looking to end our relationship with our fellow animals I would prefer to improve on what we have. An argument that makes people think positively but which would offer an understandable solution would perhaps attract more subscribers and would result hopefully in more positive welfare for all animals now. Our present selfish society would have to change but less drastically. It would mean that as humans we would have to re establish our relationship with nature and with the natural seasons which alone would immediately create a positive change in our everyday relationship with animals. I would argue that it is our modern and dysfunctional now society that results in even so called country people failing to understand animals as fellow sentient beings rather than cellophane wrapped cheap food in a supermarket. The changes I would like to see would still mean a dramatic change to how we as humans view ourselves, view animals and view the world. but I hope it would be a natural evolution or a return to a balanced world. It would mean that humans would have to be less selfish and learn that we have to live with nature and not try and control it. Smaller families or indeed a generation missed out would be the greenest possible strategy and an immediate and dramatic rise in the price of meat and dairy so that meat returned to its ancient role as something that was special would be a dramatic but sustainable adjustment. The problem is the likely hood of many people choosing my option is unlikely as is the world going vegan. The solution is more vegetarians and I fear that many people are turned off by some vegans politicising of their personal choices. How would you argue for a vegan world against them?
  4. I saw an advert for this on a veggie forum, it caught my eye with its 'no meat just muscle' slogan. I am seriously thinking of purchasing what he offers, does anyone know anything about either him or the program? Apparently he is an actor and celebrity personal trainer?
  5. Some great physiques there, but I always thought lifting weights fast was not the correct way?!?
  6. My weight was 9 stones 11 1/2, although different conversions place the weight in pounds as slighter higher than 126. Still, I still have a 'bit of a belly' and would like to lose that. I suppose not being that heavy means I don't need to consume as much protein as heavier people to pack on muscle.
  7. I weigh 126 lbs. My BMI is 20. My height is 5'6". Would you say this is healthy?
  8. I am not aware that wheat is disease causing, meat and dairy yes, but I don't see what the problem is with wheat, other than some people having an allergy to it.
  9. I might scare you all and post a picture of the stomach I am trying to tone.
  10. People seem to think that the vegan bodybuilders (Robbie Hazeley in particular) aren't big enough to call themselves bodybuilders at all. How would you react to this? Unless you have a serious physique I reckon wearing a VBB shirt in the gym could attract a lot of negative attention.
  11. I jog or have a long, brisk walk most days and do lots and lots of press ups, abs work and bodyweight exercises such as pull ups and dips. I usually start the day with muesli or oatmeal with soy milk and a banana as well as a cup of nettle tea. Somedays I may have wholemeal toast and on a Saturday I may have a vegan cooked breakfast. Lunch is usally some type of salad with fake meat, often incorporating beans. Dinner can be anything, but I try to eat plenty pulses and lentils as well as fruit and green veg. I often eat veggie burgers too. I have definitely lost weight since I first started going to the gym/exercising seriously about 2 years ago and was even told by a PT before I ever set foot in the gym, after taking all my measurements etc. that I was slightly *underweight*. I am 5'6" and wear 28" waist jeans. Edited to add: The 'Body For Life' book didn't help at all, what a waste of time! I cannot believe that those before and after pictures are real either.
  12. I have been trying for nearly two years now to get a tight, flat stomach.....with no success. I have lost weight but I still can't get rid of my 'muffin tope' that spills over my jeans. This really gets me down so I have been considering liposuction. Can anyone thing of a way I could achieve my goals without expensive surgery?
  13. The question is, how much is too much protein? Would it depend on the sources it came from? I struggle to get more than about 80g a day, so theoretically I should be OK?
  14. Steroid abusing freaks!! Yuck, those guys look horrible. Sorry.
  15. I would never wear a VBB shirt at a gym, as I am not big enough to be a good advert for veganism and my experiences of gyms/trainers and opinions of veganism have been negative. A PT I worked with told me that it would be practically impossible to consume enough protein without consuming too many carbs on a vegan diet and stressed 'protein....that's what muscles are'. He said things like 'Just imagine how big your gains could be if you ate meat'.
  16. Thank DV, although I'm amazed that meal plan provides that much protein. Are there not even any protein shakes included?
  17. DV, would you mind posting a sample menu of what you eat to gain your large protein intake? I did read that seitan has a low PDCAAS or whatever it is.
  18. Thanks guys, he does have some strong anti-soy opinions but never realised he wasn't vegan anymore. The last article I read in favour of eating seitan was written by a qualified nutritionist, who I don't think was even veggie.
  19. I was reading an article by Mike Mahler who said that seitan was 'garbage' and to avoided, adding that gluten was also the worst part of wheat. Mac Danzig has also stated he stays away from seitan most of the time. I do like seiatn a lot, although don't eat it that often partly due to the fact that the only type I can find is the canned asian mock duck and vital wheat gluten is impossible to find where I live. Other resources have listed seitan as an excellent source of protein, low in carbs and fat, written by qualified nutritionists. I am a little confused!
  20. Great thread! I have been wondering about sprouting quinoa for a while. Apparently the amino acid profile is brilliant.
  21. I saw a book called the 'six pack abs diet' but it was very omni centric. Any idea of what a vegan 'abs diet' would look like? If one was cutting carbs, would fruit and green veg been included?
  22. I have to diagree about the benefits of high carbohydrate diets, this is one way I tend to put on weight, no matter whether I exercise or not. I also have difficultly putting on muscle, although I don't use protein shakes and am wary of eating too much in the way or beans, lentils and peas as they are carb sources, so maybe I need to eat more tempeh, tofu and include protein shakes.
  23. Melissa, would you mind posting your typical meal plan for a week? I think I suffer from 'carb sensitivity' like you mentioned, bread especially seems to cause me to put on weight. I try to eat pasta and rice very much in moderation too. What are your main lean protein sources besides hemp protein shakes? Do you find seitan is a good enough protein source to enable muscle gains? I adore the stuff, but have read it is poor quality protein.
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