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  1. Hi Guys, I am thinking about training outdoors (in the garden) with a program of low rep high weight (sets of 3 / 4 reps) deadlifts and presses. I am just wondering what your views are on this at this time of year in the UK. Its pretty cold, do you think it would be safe with plenty warm up and maybe a layer of running compression tights and thermal top under my usual gear? Any tips? Thanks in advance All the best RS
  2. Hey folks. I posted a request a month or so ago requesting individuals whom would like to take part in a short questionnaire as part of my end of year research paper for my health and fitness college course. Have been busy working on the planning paper etc, and have now created the online survey. Its completely anonymous and only 8 questions long (5 depending on whether you supplement or not) and would be a massive help if you could take a few minutes to complete. The title of my research paper is "An investigation into the protein intakes of individuals training on variations of the standard western diet compared to those training on a plant based diet". My aim is to compare the amounts and discuss accordingly in my paper. Its pretty basic as I only look at total protein intake, though i aim to comment on the sources of protein for each group, and any health implications of said sources in the long run (if any). Here is the link to the survey: http://tolu.na/Xbzpy2 Thanks in advance guys All the best Mark
  3. Hi folks, I am HCRV currently studying an HNC in Health, fitness and exercise at Edinburgh College in Scotland with a view to progress on to a degree course on nutrition at university after the summer. For my final graded paper I am conducting an investigation into the pre / post workout preferences of individuals training on variations of both the standard western diet and plant based diets. I am looking for as many volunteers as possible to fill out a short questionnaire on what they feel works for them pre / post workout. Questionnaires will be anonymous and quick to complete. As I am only studying the trends in foods which are popular between two groups I will require no personally identifiable information. Let me know if you are interested in filling one out and I will drop you a pm when I move onto the information gathering and development stage. Thanks for your time, all the best! Mark Note: I can obtain a letter from Edinburgh College and upload for legitimacy if required.
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