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  1. Although its a little late for an intro: Welcome aboard!
  2. I eat bananas, peaches, melon, apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, carrots, and many other fruits and vegetables in season. No spices, no mixing, most of the time mono. I love to taste the magic of each piece of food.
  3. Welcome aboard! Do me a favour: kick Thinthins (Roberts) ass a little bit when he is posing too much and lifting "sweet-little-model-weights"!
  4. Welcome aboard! I am doing yoga and some meditation as well. I have a lot of respect for anybody devoting his life to being a better person and making the world a better place!
  5. Welcome aboard! Passions are great! I hope you will always have enough time to deal with all the passions you have!
  6. Welcome aboard! That is what I call a great intro!
  7. flanders77


    Welcome! Where are you from? Give us some details!
  8. Maybe brown rice also lacks some essential vitamins and minerals especially after being cooked. When the bodies needs for energy and nutrients are fullfilled the craving for food stopps. That is why individuals on a SAD diet tend to overeat on foods low in nutrients.
  9. Welcome aboard! I am sure this forum can help you!
  10. I had potatoes and lentils for lunch today (cooked of coarse), so no hanky-panky for flanders! I love your sense of cooked humor my sweet little model!
  11. Welcome! I love to see more rawfoodists here!
  12. Welcome aboard from me, too!
  13. Most of you know that I am with andesuma, Big and Tasha on this topic... I had to think of the "where-does-vbb-go-discussion" when I read the original post. The raw section is meant to support and help and not to make statements that do not help anybody. P.S. If you talk about good looking rawfoodists you should not forget to mention oregonissac! P.P.S. @Magnus: I know exactly what you mean and I would touch you permanently, too, if you went raw!
  14. As some have seen during VV2007 my fevorite pose is the scorpion. I love it and it feels perfectsly right when I do it. Flanders doing a scorpion
  15. that was what came into my mind too when i first saw the pics. Since both of you do not know Thinthin (Robert) personally I have to tell you that he always takes his shirt off whenever there is a reason (which is almost always...)! And he likes posing... as you can see.
  16. I'd love to join you! Have fun driving you german car... you knew the germans invented the modern automobils?
  17. Welcome back, buddy! How did the exams go?
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