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  1. Welcome aboard! There are some members from Germany (including myself) and I think we also have some Austrians here already! All the best for you!
  2. Can you give me a link to that study? In Germany you can buy B12 over the counter which is produced by bacterial fermentation of molasses. It is vegan and non-synthetic as far as I can see. This is how they explain the fact that that parts of the indian population is almost 100% vegan for many generations and have no b12-deficiency. I think C.T. Campbell is correct when saying b12-deficiency is not a problem of the vegan diet per se but a problem of civilisation and the resulting hygiene, depleted soils and lack of cobalt in the soils.
  3. Mmmmmmh... For the "rare" cases of longterm vegans or raw vegans whi did not supplement there are different explanations. For instance: 1st: they have bacterias in they ileum. 2nd: they live in areas of the world where the water or food is "contaminated" with b12-producing bacteria. 3rd: they eat their feces. 4th: they are miracles and do not develop symptoms of b12-deficiency
  4. Besides the medical and non-medical treatment (which is essential to get rid of the acute pain) you need to think about why this chronic injury developed. I know a lot of athletes with should problems and they all have the following in common: 1st: the rotator cuff is not strong enough in comparison to the other shoulder muscles. Especially the deltoideus is very strong and pulls the humerus upwards and against the acromion. 2nd: they usually do a lot of overhead/behind the head exercises like shoulder presses behind the head and pull ups behind the head. My advice is to strengthening your rotator cuff as soon as the acute pain is gone and stop doing the exercises mentioned above. My shoulder stopped hurting immediately after I stopped them and IMO there are a lot of alternative exercises! All the best and I hope your pain and the reasons for it are gone soon!
  5. flanders77


    I am kind of late on this one but I have to say: Welcome fellow German!
  6. Welcome to Austria! There are lots of vbb and fitness enthusiasts in Germany: Roid_rage (NRW) mannherz (Konstanz) Daywalker (NRW) Flare (Hannover) Devil's Plaything (NRW) xphilx slavetothegrind lelle (Frankfurt) amil brahmanya devi chr!s Sonne michellekdo and myself (NRW/Muenster)... Some of those members are kind of inactive concerning the forum but I am pretty sure they are training. Do not worry about your english! There are many members who are not native speakers!
  7. I am a certified sports scientist (comparable to a masters degree in sports science) with a focus on prevention and rehabilitation in and via sports. My studies included courses and tests in sports medicine, biomechanics, different sports (bb&f, rowing, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, team handball, swimming, tabletennis, scuba diving) both theoretically and practically, training theory, nutrition theory, excercise theory, sports sociology, sports didactics & educational science, sports psychology etc. My current work focusses on sports injuries (both chronic and acute). My self studies (no certification) included aspects of raw lifestyle and life science.
  8. Welcome aboard! Be sure you will get lots of support here!
  9. To be honest no. I really do not care as long as I am fit and feeling as good as I do. Of course I could calculate macros but IMO as long as I eat enough calories and a varied diet I am pretty sure they are okay.
  10. Have you watched the movie Earthlings? One chapter is about leather...
  11. How long have you been eating like this? Right now I eat fewer dates and more fresh fruit like bananas, apples, peaches, apricots etc. and therefor fewer calories. I ate this way during the whole winter. I eat differently during summer since I try to "listen to my bodies needs" and I usually crave and like those fruit and vegetables most that are in saison.
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