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  1. @my friend Thinthin: After reading your post and the answers of the other members I have to tell you this: There is no need to tell us and everyone else reading the forum what you think about people hating/disrespecting you. We all know what you achieved and that you are one of the nicest guys there is. We also know that no one is perfect and everyone has to deal with criticism because everyone makes mistakes and/or is misunderstood. So after reading you and I enjoyed reading the answers on your post this topic should be deleted. You just don't need it.
  2. Although the discussion can r.i.p. now I have to add my 10 cents: 1. As L&G said we have had issues with behavior again and again on this board. 2. Without Potter VBB&F has lost more than I can put into words. 3. I cannot accept these arguments: I believe that the main problem we have is not the posting style (VPs posting style did not change as far as I can see over the years). Saying other members have left because of VPs style to discuss is not concrete enough for me to understand the dismission of a 10.000+ poster and a friend of us. I would lkie to know names and dates and see citations. Additionally I am sure the list of members who used offensive language on the board every once in a while is quite long. 4. Robert, if you really want a change of culture you need transparent rules and not a vague mission statement. Every member needs to know what is not accepted and what the consequences are. This can also serve as a guideline for the mods IMO. If someone uses offensive language or has a posting style which is unacceptable he/she needs to be warned and if the behavior does not change, he/she should be deleted and an official statement on the dismission including reasons (citations would be useful) should be made. P.S. Here is a citation of VP from another board:
  3. Welcome aboard and to veganism! I love your avatar!
  4. Damn! I have to work out harder from now on!
  5. Happy belated Birthday! I am so glad I know you personally and hope you had a great first day of the rest of your life!
  6. Welcome aboard and all the best fro reaching your goals!
  7. This is a very wise attitude! Welcome aboard!
  8. Happy belated Birthday Nicole! I wish you all the best!
  9. They are all doing great! Marla will soon start going to the kindergarden and Milo is working on getting on his feet already (he is 7 month old ) I followed your "career" closely and you are still a great inspiration to me. Congrats on doing muscle ups and one arm chin ups! I am still far away from doing them but this is one more time you motivate me. I am sorry to hear that and hope the section will soon be a even better place to stay for you where we (raw foodists/fruitarians) do not need to defend us. Be sure I will do that!
  10. I am soooooo glad you are back! (you are back aren't you?) I tried to contact you several times but obviously you have been very busy and successful! All the best for you and I hope we stay in contact from now on!
  11. My calculation was wrong! 4,2 would be about 2 cents. Whatever: it is the same price in Germany...
  12. They taste great but unfortunately do not sprout very well. What does the price say? 4,20? That would be 12-13 cent!
  13. flanders77


    Welcome aboard!
  14. Ich habe trotz der harten Konkurrenz auch für Dich gestimmt! (I voted for you, too, despite the fierce competition!)
  15. Welcome aboard! There are lots of members doing MMA!
  16. Welcome aboard! Congrats on becoming a vegan!
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