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  1. Okay boys and girls: I had one watermelon (a small one though) and decided to stay with the galia melons (which are super sweet right now) because the water melon was not sweet and juicy enough for a melon-gourmet like me Marla and Milo are also enjoying the little galias
  2. I will be taking a vacation with my family from Monday for 2 weeks. I will do yoga and bodyweight exercises (maybe even at the beach as a VV2007-revival!). I will enjoy the time with my kids and Anke and will be back soon and even more laid back then before!
  3. @Robert Ping, DV, Flare, Lena and Clark (and of course anyone else reading): Thank you very much for your compliments. I am really happy having my family and watching my kids growing up. As some of you said they are fantastic and I love them more than words could ever express. You can be sure I will post pics every now and then to keep everone updated who is interested.
  4. I feel flattered by your words! I really do not see myself in the first (or even second row) of the movement. To me fitness, training and diet are more personal things. But now that you suggest it, I have to think about it (and of course bulk up a little bit). I figured out a lifestyle that works quite well for me and you are so right that modesty and honesty are very important priciples for me. I try to keep moving in the right direction. There are still many issues I have to improve in but I feel that I am on the right way. Right now I am struggling with helping persons that are really close to me (relatives and friends) and sometimes it is discouraging to see that even those who you feel most linked to do not listen to what you have to say. Sometimes I think: How could anybody you do not know at all listen to you when even you partner, your parents etc. don't? I really reflected over myself trying to use the things I know and have to give to help others to improve their lives. Therefor I would really have to get out there! I will definitely use this as a source of motivation from now on!
  5. I know a boy (8 years) who was diagnosed adhs some years ago. As you most likely know diet (especially refined carbs but also other things) may play a role in this. What made the biggest difference for this boy was stop watching TV. He used to sit about 2-3 hours pay day in front of the box since he was 2 or 3. A while ago his parents noticed that his symptoms minimized when they did not let him watch TV.
  6. flanders77


    Welcome aboard!
  7. Thanks for the interview andesuma! One can be an expert for gaining whatever (even muscle) without making gains/progress himself. Though I agree to you that weighing >250 pounds makes it a lot easier believe for others to believe in your concepts.
  8. As many of you know am pretty raw, too. I believe that a raw vegan diet can provide the body with all necessary nutrients. After reading this article and the China Study I realized some interesting aspects raw foodists and also most other vegans and vegetarians usually do not take into account: The plants we eat nowadays are not the same they were in former times. They are cultured and many of them are hybrids. The soil (even if it is organic farming) has a lower quality concerning nutrients (especially cabalt which is the center element of B12). Usually our food is quite clean (if you do not cultivate it yourself) and therefor we do not even have the chance to get B12 by "unclean" foods. Even our water is so clean it does not usually provide any B12 whereas in countries like India bacteria in water are said to be a source for B12. As Campbell wrote B12 deficiency is also caused by our modern civilisation and methods of production. Therefor it is not only a problem of being raw, vegan or rawvegan.
  9. Welcome to the forums Samantha! Great to have another european member here! Congrats on becomimg vegan! Almost every vegan I know says that it was the best decision he/she ever made in his/her life! Be proud of it!
  10. Welcome to the boards!
  11. I tried the yoga ball as well but as an office "chair" I chose this: http://www.swopper.com/~swopper/admin/ktmlpro/images/uploads/home%20page/home_swopper_hero.gif It's a swopper and it simulates a ball without the disadvantages like rolling away, exploding etc.
  12. Welcome aboard Endy! Why do you want to be a vegan? IMO if you fell/are addicted to cheese or other non-vegan products you need a strong will. Having a good reason (e.g. ethical considerations) for your veganism is a good basis. All the best for you!
  13. Yeah this is my daughter Marla! My other child is 6 Month old and I have posted some up-to-date pics here!
  14. Welcome fellow German! Great to have both of you here! We have a growing number of german members and you will find a board member in almost every bigger city!
  15. Welcome to the club, Josh! Yesterday I had to think of you and Defense when he said somethnig like: Do you want to be a Bodybuilder or a sweet little model? EAT!
  16. Welcome from Germany! Herzlich willkommen! We have members in many parts of Germany. Daywalker, roid_rage and me are in NRW (Kleve, Dortmund and Muenster). Others are in München, Frankfurt, Nürnberg, Hannover, Berlin. Konstanz, Bremen etc. Were are you located exactly? All the best for your goals and maybe we will meet someday!
  17. Thanks everyone involved! I am member if phpbb3 boards and it rocks! Maybe you can delete the spambot called veganpotter from the forum? He posts so much, he must be non-human...
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