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  1. I've never seen that happen. Mostly the veg*n events in my area don't have alcohol or very little. It just seems to be an unspoken rule with veg*n events in my area. Being a life long non-drinker I never thought about it until that fantastic vegan happy hour event I attended and wrote about on my blog. When I asked other people there why the turnout was so good, they all said alchohol and that stimulated my thinking. A number of vegans who attend some potlucks have been very open concerning their former alcoholism/current sobriety, thoughts that alcohol is poison, being straight-edge, etc. I've also never seen coffee/caffeine at potlucks. What is interesting is that these same people will serve you conventionally grown, GMO products from chain grocery stores because they "can't afford organic or the coop prices." AND, the vegetarians bring dishes made with eggs and cheese from these same chain stores. IMO, priorities are a bit screwed up here.
  2. No, Soilent Green is made of tofu and lentils. However,
  3. Interesting blog post. As someone who enjoys wine often, especially with dinner, it is a bit off-putting to have someone tell me I cannot drink because THEY have a problem with alcohol. As for the level of uncleanliness, I'm talking about cat urine and feces on carpets, moldy food in the fridge, a toilet that looks as if it hasn't been cleaned in months, a car that has rotting food in it - you get the picture. Many times these are the same people who claim that they can't have you over for dinner because "my place isn't big enough, nice enough, etc." My new rule is that if you've never had me to your home and I've had you to mine for dinner, well you can just bring the wine and I'll make the food.
  4. LOL, I knew someone would say something like this!
  5. I've gone to a few vegan potlucks since moving to Portland but was never impressed with the quality of the food so we stopped going (we still see those people socially, just not with a potluck as the focus). More importantly, I am a bit skeeved by the living conditions of some people and wouldn't want to eat food that came out of their kitchens. I may be a bit compulsive about cleanliness but some kitchens and bathrooms I've seen are seriously filthy - yet the people who live there are intelligent and always appear clean. Does anyone else avoid potlucks for this reason?
  6. Unless you are eating peanut butter from a school, nursing home or prison you should be okay. Products containing peanut butter are a different story, however. Now might be a good time to only eat the organic peanuts you can grind into butter at coops and other stores.
  7. It's too late for this post if you were visiting this weekend, but I would certainly try Portobello after seeing their menu. viewtopic.php?f=63&t=15907
  8. Joe, those are indeed some mighty bad vibrations!
  9. I don't have a tasty one for you but I do know of the WORST tasting non-soy powder. It's Vitamin Shoppe brand Soy Free Vegetable Protein. It was cheaper than the Naturade brand and had a similar profile so I got a container. Bad move.
  10. Olbermann gets to me sometimes. It's probably not what he says but how he says it. However, I have a huge girl crush on Rachel Maddow. I could watch her every day and I don't even like television.
  11. The China Study was a study of a large group of people followed over many years with generalized results. I don't believe they studied any sub-groups that ate a very high animal protein/low carb diet so it's not really possible to extrapolate any of the results to bodybuilders, IMO. Even if you could do so, you would have to account for those bodybuilders who've used supplements that might increase the incidence of cancer or heart disease. As mentioned above, cancer and heart disease are related to more than just nutrition.
  12. They're finally open! I got the following email yesterday and noticed that they have a sign up on the building. Keep in mind that it's a coffee shop by day so I'm not sure how comfortable or intimate the seating will be. The menu sent to me looked fabulous. Hello All... Portobello is Alive! Finally, after goofin' off for a few months, we got out little trattoria open! Come on down and eat some of our made-from-scratch vittles. Here's the details: Location: 2001 SE 11th Ave, on the corner of SE 11th and SE Harrison Phone: 503-754-5993...reservations only for parties larger than four. Hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 5:30 to 11:30pm I attached a menu from Saturday night. The menu changes from day to day, but everything is vegan, and there are many wheat-free, soy-free, and gluten-free dishes available. Also, come try our great desserts...made from scratch apple tart...vegan tira misu...panna cotta...etc... Thanks all...please pass the e-mail to a friend! Aaron, Dinae, Emily, and Diego
  13. Quantum Physicists. I think the word vibration refers to the energy everything has. Quantum Physics has really expanded. You all should catch up. I really can't believe this arguing continues(with insults and bad language). This is what drives people away. This place will become more un-appealing unless some policing is done. "I'm your man" - Thanks for the support. I don't usually stick around for sense-less arguments. And you shouldn't either. At this point, they're not un-educated, they have 'issues'. Ok, well, hang on. I'M A PHYSICS MAJOR. Please, quantum mechanics has NOTHING to do with 'food vibrations'. The problem is not the concept of 'vibrations' of food, because yes, food does vibrate. Like EVERY other thing in this universe vibrates. Now the vibration hippies try and say that some foods vibrate more in line with our bodies than other foods. And naturally, they pick a random arbitrary definition of what 'good' and 'bad' vibrations are, using tests which have absolutely nothing to do with the scientific method. Why do bananas have good vibrations in the morning, and red meat never has good vibrations? Fsck if they know, because they are just making it up as they go. I'll be sure to let you know if I find any physicists who believe in the power of food vibrations... Thanks for that Fallen_Horse. I didn't know that you were a Physics major - thanks for clarifying the "issue" you have with this misuse of quantum physics.
  14. I agree, it's an excellent documentary.
  15. At least you weren't wearing those god-awful green pants.
  16. BW, resist the urge to respond!!! To quote Darth Vader, taken out of context of course, "The force is strong with this one!"
  17. I don't think it's right to post about others member's health without asking them first. I know a bit more about Lean & Green's health than you do and you are making untrue statements - which could lead others to mistakenly believe that algaes can supply humans with absorbably B12. If he supplements, he hasn't shared that with us.
  18. I believe we oversimplify when we group all cancers under one umbrella. Some cancers, such as basal cell carcinomas and early stage cervical cancers are very curable by conventional methods with little long term risk (much more risk if you don't remove them). Brain tumors and spinal cord tumors can kill or paralyze a patient while waiting for an alternative "cure" instead of partial or total removal (surgical, chemo, or radiation). Ovarian and pancreatic cancers are usually not discovered until they are late stage so only the very lucky survive them regardless of treatment. Childhood leukemia treatment has allowed many to live much longer than in past years. Some cancers will spontaneously go away. Therefore, ALL treatments will have a cure rate, regardless of how high or low. If we could identify those people who have spontaneous remission and remove them from studies then we might have a better idea of what treatments are truly curative. Additionally, doctors do not force patients to have chemotherapy, radiation therapy and/or surgery. Many patients refuse certain treatments based on risk/benefit ratios. Popular cancer treatments may reflect patient wishes more than doctors' wishes. In the popular HMO plans, a doctor is not rewarded for encouraging expensive treatment (especially when the patient is referred to a different doctor/department for treatment and the original doc cannot charge for that treatment). It's common to demonize the medical establishment and doctors but we should stop acting as though patients are all uneducated dunces and follow doctors' suggestions blindly.
  19. 1. Define a question that doesn't need to be asked. 2. Assume your personal experience constitutes sufficient background research. 3. Form an absurd hypothesis 4. Perform experimentation and data collection (NB: This step is optional.) 5. Analyze data or assume you already know the answers. 6. Draw conclusions based on what you already believe. 7. Publish results for peer review. (NB: This step is optional.) 8. Retest. (NB: DO NOT RETEST.) Blabbate, this is fabulous. I wanted to use it for my signature but unfortunately it's too long.
  20. Blabbate, Fallen Horse, BeforeWisdom, Zack and Hilary: Thank god for you defenders of rational thought! I was under the assumption that most of the magical raw food detox vibrational pink unicorn crap had disappeared from this forum. Thanks for calling it out when it happens.
  21. Removing cats to protect birds backfires on island Am I the only one who thinks eradicating some human populations might be a better idea?
  22. Thanks for sharing. He gives one of the best explanations for a general audience that I have heard.
  23. Welcome MarsAttacks! I agree with Zack that more information would be helpful. Also, knowing the country where you reside is helpful because not all food products are available everywhere. For basic information, you can look at some of the threads in the nutrition section since someone recently started a thread asking a similar question. Good luck!
  24. DV


    Welcome! If you're bingeing and have low energy you may very well be eating too little (difficult to say without knowing a lot more about you). If you are new to veganism than I highly suggest you read Becoming Vegan by Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina, RDs. The sections on omega 3 fatty acids and vit D need to be updated, IMO, but the rest of the book is still valid and should be mandatory reading for anyone who wants to be optimally healthy as a vegan. I know it's available in the Fairfield county library system (used to live in CT) but I'm not sure about your library. I assume you don't live in Fairfield County since you mentioned tons of wildlife - which has mostly been paved over the closer you get to Manhattan.
  25. There are some very nice goals here! My main goal is to maintain 12-13% body fat by the end of the summer - without dipping below 150 lbs. Which means I have about 8 months to lose 7 lbs of fat and gain 7 lbs of muscle. A bigger muscle gain would be even better, of course. I would also like to someday bench press my body weight. Since I can only do 110 lbs for a few reps, I don't know if 150 lbs is going to happen this year. We'll see.
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